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  1. Buddy would be a huge improvement over DeSantis for Governor at least.
  2. Considering it wasn't certain they'd even win a game this season, this is a nice accomplishment. I wish Randy Edsall didn't leave. I know next to nothing about college football, and even I have heard of him and know he goes way back with UConn.
  3. I meant these reforms should happen at the federal level. As for Florida, it's about in the middle for strictness of gun laws. Some liberal states actually have looser gun laws than Florida. Still, Florida has room for improvement.
  4. The United States has a death by firearm rate that is nearly double that of Mexico, and six times higher than Canada. Here are some federal gun law reforms that truly would be common sense: - Ban lead ammunition on environmental grounds. - Close gunshow loophole and require all firearm purchases or transfers to go through a licensed gun dealer. - Raise the age to purchase or possess any firearm to 21. (Even Donald Trump and the majority of Republicans support this) - Require background checks to purchase ammo. I personally think these are very reasonable reforms.
  5. He was born and raised in Georgia and went to school at the University of Georgia.
  6. President Joe Biden will be visiting UConn this Friday. Article: https://www.theuconnblog.com/2021/10/12/22722326/president-joe-biden-to-visit-uconn-this-week
  7. I know they had a TV show and made music in the 60s. I only know that because my dad made us watch "old stuff" when I was growing up. I grew up in a very strict and sheltered Catholic household. It was enough to turn anyone into an atheist. lol The '87 in my name is the year I was born FWIW.
  8. He'll drive halfway there. It's the moderate thing to do.
  9. Radical centrist definitely makes sense. Like radical ideologues who believe the truth ALWAYS lies on the left or right; a radical centrist believes the truth ALWAYS lies in the center. Radical centrists think they're "above it all" and obstruct both the left and right and only support incomplete or half measures that don't accomplish much. Manchin in particular loves the new found attention he's getting and it really strokes his ego. And once people come to a compromise on his half measures, he just moves the goal post again because he doesn't actually want anything to get done. Manchin just
  10. Cogent Bank Moves HQ to Downtown Orlando Here's an article nobody can read: https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2021/10/08/exclusive-cogent-bank-to-move-hq.html
  11. Welp. This is the final straw with me for Trump. Trump says Haitian migrants "probably have AIDS" and letting them in "is a death wish." I'm done with Don the Con. #LockHimUp
  12. Bernie Sanders is an Independent and he ran for the Democrat Presidential nomination multiple times.
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