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  1. A lot of quality development going on in DeBary right now. - DeBary Industrial Park - Duke Energy is evaluating a 255-acre parcel it owns north of W. Highbanks Road and west of the CSX train tracks for a possible project tentatively dubbed DeBary Industrial Park. Duke Energy said the land, which is near its DeBary power plant, will be examined for these possible uses: Manufacturing, both light and “advanced” Information technology/communications Biomedical/biotechnology Food and beverage manufacturing - DeBary Town Center - Construction on the phase one luxury apartments near the DeBary Sunrail Station is expected to start any day now.
  2. I don't know much about NASCAR, but he's been the CEO of NASCAR since 2003, which seems to me to be right about the time NASCAR's problems started. If he resigns, do you think a new NASCAR CEO could save NASCAR?
  3. If only cars had the ability to move...
  4. What's that area with all the cars parked on the unmowed grass? Is it like that because of I-4 Ultimate construction or just neglect? Doesn't seem like the kind of first impression that should be made when people get off the exit to downtown Orlando.
  5. orange87

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Orlando should make a giant sign of this.
  6. orange87

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Anything new on this?
  7. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Enormous difference over what's there currently. An eight-story modern hotel instead of a dumpy old two-story motel? Yes please!Also remember, the 13-story Radius building being built right next to it. This section of downtown Orlando is going to look completely different with these two projects.
  8. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Looks better now, and slightly taller now too. Good.
  9. orange87


    I think before the southern expansion of Sunrail, the DeBary station was the busiest. Am I right about that? And do you think one of these new stations will be more busy than the DeBary station?
  10. orange87

    Creative Village

    No. Orlando isn't going to be a giant junkie tent city that nobody can afford to live in.
  11. This might be a dumb question, but why is it taking longer for a third of a theater to get built than it does for a 20+ story building to get built? Doesn't make sense to me.
  12. orange87

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    Do you think this will have any decent impact on our skyline from any angle?
  13. orange87


    So what do you guys think? Will this help Sunrail stay afloat? Also, what's going on with the northern expansion?
  14. orange87

    Creative Village

    I did a little math and it looks like it would be another 7-8 stories which would put it at 21-22 stories. Anything at least 20 stories and I'm happy.
  15. orange87

    Other Metro Area Projects

    I forgot what it's called, but I believe it's another project. It was discussed on here a little while back, but I don't remember what it is. I think maybe an office building. Does anyone remember?