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  1. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Is this that project that's across the street from DPCPA?
  2. orange87

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    UCF officially listed among national champions in 2018 NCAA record book:
  3. Construction resumes on $192M Protogroup Daytona project:
  4. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I grew up in Connecticut and now live near Orlando. I'd be interested to hear how you guys think downtown Orlando compares to downtown Hartford, CT.
  5. orange87

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Are they still planning on building that training center or whatever next to the stadium?
  6. orange87

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    Anything new on this?
  7. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Google Maps has finally updated it's aerial satellite view for downtown Orlando. The highlights are Citi Tower, Modera Central, and Orlando City Soccer Stadium.
  8. Big business news for central Florida. Harris, a Melbourne, Florida-based defense company and L3, a defense company based in New York will merge to form L3 Harris Technologies to create the sixth largest defense contractor in the U.S. L3 Harris Technologies will be headquarted in Melbourne, Florida.
  9. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What's the Sentinel Project? What towers are you talking about? I've never heard about those before.
  10. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I looked at the link, but I still don't get it. What are all of these buildings? Especially the ones on the east side of I-4?
  11. I like how the blue makes 55W look more like it's made of glass and steel.
  12. orange87

    Other Metro Area Projects

  13. Some of you need to lose the attitude. What the heck is so hard to believe about me going to a day Orlando City game? It was March 31st at 1PM. Orlando won 4-3. It was their first home win of the season. What the heck is so hard to believe about that?
  14. I think the game was around 1PM and we had Wahlburgers about 3:30. The discussion was after we ate.
  15. orange87

    Downtown Orlando Tallest Buildings (Meters/Feet)

    I've never understood why condos have HOAs. There's basically no exterior of condos to be maintained, and the common areas are just basically gyms. So $400/month to make sure people wipe down the gym equipment when they're done or make sure people don't hang towels on their balconies? I don't get it.