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  1. I most certainly am. I chose a very woke FB frame for the occasion. I believe it resulted in stopping several racisms. #progress
  2. I still absolutely follow what goes on in Florida. I might eventually buy a vacation home there in a few years. The last three months has been an ENORMOUS time of change for me and my family. Both for good and bad reasons, but overwhelming for good reasons. It almost feels surreal how much we've accomplished recently. I am so happy. I don't have any plans to leave this forum. Truth be told, Orlando development (as you know) has been a bit slow(er) recently so there hasn't been as much to say. I am very excited about that 28 story tower that's currently under construction. Hopefully something e
  3. Any new pics of the progress of the AdventHealth Orlando Magic Training Center?
  4. Also in the news from CT, our state just passed it's two year budget. It's been widely known that despite being the wealthiest state, CT has had massive financial problems, mostly in the form of enormous pension obligations. For the first time in... well... ever... CT has passed a bipartisan bill that doesn't raise a single tax. Not raising taxes is (sadly) a rare thing in CT. For the first time, the budget makes a massive payment towards pension debt instead of continuing to kick the can down the road, and has a budget surplus of $2.3 billion. Also, the rainy day fund is also nearing $3.5 bil
  5. Downtown DeLand is historic and somewhat trendy/hip, but I have a hard time with the public defecation, homeless bums and meth heads wandering around. Last time I went to Downtown DeLand, I legit almost stepped on an enormous log of human crap on the sidewalk. But the best pizza joint in all of Florida, Positano Trattoria Pizzeria, is in Downtown DeLand. And I don't say that lightly. As someone who was born and raised in the tri-state area, we have very high standards for pizza.
  6. I had to look that up to know what you're talking about. Man they're awful. lol
  7. This is a great example of putting ideology before reason. There is absolutely no sensible reason to turn down federal funds to give low income people in your state better access to healthcare. It's sickening. The refusal to expand Medicaid in Florida, along with attempts to suppress ballot initiatives and backwards views of marijuana really highlight the dangers of one-party rule in a state.
  8. This is the most exciting project we've had on this forum in at least a year. Come on guys! It's been over a week since someone posted new pics of this. I know this project is still very early in construction, but someone's dropping the ball. I live in Connecticut now so I depend on ya'll for updates.
  9. One instance of one company choosing one low tax state over another low tax state isn't proof that businesses aren't attracted to low tax states.
  10. Thanks Spenser. I grew up in CT and lived there for 20 years. The next 14 years I lived in Central Florida. Now I'm back in CT. I always felt like a Northerner at heart. My parents and two siblings still live in CT. My parents have been seriously considering retiring to VA in a year or two from now.
  11. Well, I made the move out of DeBary. I now live in an affluent picturesque suburb in Central Connecticut called Simsbury. It's just outside of the capitol city of Hartford. BLM and Pride flags on every other corner here. Trumpers are definitely in the minority in this town. @spenser1058would love it here.
  12. It's been a while since this forum had a good tall project to watch go up.
  13. A Publix is slated to be built near the DeBary Sunrail Station.
  14. I think it's controversial because the census determines how much representation each state gets in the House of Representatives. I don't think it's fair for illegal immigrants to influence representation in one of the chambers of our country's legislature. I think only U.S. citizens should be represented. I didn't think that was controversial to be honest.
  15. "Mess." AKA not wanting to include people who aren't even supposed to be in this country (illegal immigrants) in the census.
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