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  1. What's the story on this lot(s)? This looks like it's just begging to have something built there.
  2. Are they gonna demo that one-story building on the corner with the columns?
  3. You're right that both teams have poor attendance. I don't think that's the complete picture though. Unlike the Rays, the Marlins owners have lots of money. They just don't spend it. Derek Jeter is part of the Marlins ownership now and he's made some positive changes to the team across the board. Hopefully he can get things going for the team again. The previous Marlins owner bought a whole team of expensive All-Star players to try to convince the city of Miami to spend tax dollars on a new stadium for the Marlins. As soon as he got the new stadium, he gutted the payroll and traded away all his high paid stars for prospects. It was a really slimy thing to do.
  4. The Marlins are fine. They have a new stadium, they're in a world class city and have won two World Series. The Rays on the other hand, have several issues to iron out. They have a former minor league hockey stadium as their MLB stadium. To make matters worse, it's in a horrible location. It's not even in Tampa, and it's a ways away from the busy area of St. Pete. They're perennial contenders in the most important MLB division (AL East) despite having very little money. They have some of the smartest minds in baseball running that team. They're similar to the Oakland Athletics in that respect. You just have to wonder how well they'd do if they had more money and a REAL stadium in a better location.
  5. A slight improvement over the Travel Lodge.
  6. How many feet tall is this building? I wanted to compare it to the Fairwinds Credit Union Tower which is 12-stories and 153 feet.
  7. So I'm guessing at this point, the Devos's scammed Orlando out of some cheap land and this will never get built? Am I about right on that one?
  8. What transit options are you suggesting? We have a commuter rail, even though the schedule is inadequate. We have buses, uber, taxis and an improving bicycle infrastructure. The only other thing I can think of that we don't have is a subway and I don't think Florida can have those. What else is there? I'm not trying to be a wise-guy, I'm genuinely curious because I can't think of anything else.
  9. I think New Haven, CT recently banned the construction of new parking garages. They want to force people to ditch their cars and use public transportation.
  10. Someone should edit the title to say 11 stories. It's not 10 stories.
  11. How big is the crown on this thing? What does it look like?
  12. Both renderings are good IMO. The newer one has a little bit more character to it and looks less generic than the first one. I'm glad it appears they'll keep it at 33-stories.
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