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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What's the point of the Orlando Biz Journals website anymore? Literally almost every single article is subscriber content now. Who TF is going to spend $100 to read that s***?
  2. As I said before, once Citi, Modera and Tremont are built our density will start to be where it's supposed to be. Only thing that is left is that 500 foot plateau.
  3. Once Citi Tower, Modera Central and Tremont Tower are completed I think we'll be able to begin to say that downtown Orlando's density is beginning to get somewhat respectable.
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What is this? Developer seeks contractor for $1.8B Magic Place's 1st phase:
  5. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Orange county officials are studying the possibility of adding streetcars to I-Drive, similar to the ones in Seattle and Portland.
  6. I lived in Connecticut until I was 20, then I moved to Florida. I'd be delighted if Amazon put their second headquarters in either Hartford or Orlando. Could you imagine how crazy this forum would go if they built a 600 foot Amazon HQ Tower in downtown Orlando?
  7. Unfortunately the link to view the progress of Dr. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center phase 2 has stopped working.
  8. Unfortunately the webcam to view the progress of Modera has stopped working.
  9. Still waiting for an answer from someone. Is Modera visible from I-4 yet?
  10. Two questions: - Is Modera visible from I-4 yet? - This building is going to be 22 stories. Does that include the parking garage floors?
  11. Is Modera visible from I-4 yet?
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Personally, I liked the old OPD building more than the new one. Then again, I tend to like older architecture more than newer architecture.
  13. I think the people at Solaire who are selling their apartments might not necessarily want to move, but perhaps they're doing it because they'd rather sell high than possibly than potentially make less money or even sell at a loss if they want to sell later. Everybody must have come to the same conclusion if so many people from Solaire are selling their apartments now. Also, I heard the HOA is really bad there.
  14. That's an old picture because Modera is much farther along than that now. Also, I hate to state the obvious, but once Modera is completed, it will almost completely block Lake Eola from that view. That's why so many people in Solaire are trying to sell their apartments now. Losing that view of Lake Eola is likely going to reduce the value of their units.