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  1. Did you know Roger Stone has a huge Richard Nixon tattoo that covers his entire back? He is one creepy dude.
  2. Something's bound to stick. If they can at least prevent him from running in 2024 then that's all they need. Trump will be way too old to run in 2028 as he'll be 82. BREAKING: Fulton County DA requests special grand jury to probe Trump's election interference https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/20/politics/georgia-trump-grand-jury/index.html
  3. BREAKING: Supreme Court clears the way for House to get Trump White House documents Article: https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/19/politics/supreme-court-trump-white-house-docs/index.html
  4. You're supposed to get a latte and gluten-free breakfast panini at the local coffee shop. Then you're supposed to walk over to the Performing Arts Center to wallow in guilt as you view an exhibit on racial justice.
  5. DeBary made national news again. A Florida woman attacked by bear escapes with non-life threatening injuries Article: https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/18/us/bear-attack-florida-trnd/index.html
  6. It's a lose-lose situation. If Trump becomes President again (which there's a good chance he will if he runs against Biden again), that will obviously be a nightmare. And if he goes to prison, I can't even begin to imagine what the MAGA terrorists will do. Bernie Sanders was right when he said "Donald Trump is the most dangerous man in America."
  7. I'm gonna make a bold prediction. If Trump runs again, he will choose Elise Stefanik as his VP. Trump just predicted that she'll be President "in six years." Add that to Trump saying he wants to choose a woman for his VP next time. Stefanik has opposed Trump quite often during her tenure as a U.S. Representative and I would say she's very moderate. I think the thing that Trump likes is that she supported his election conspiracies.
  8. The Matt Gaetz trial appears to be wrapping up. Looks like he might go to jail.
  9. DeBary is slowly but surely pushing out all the country bumpkins and the businesses that cater to them. There's at least two rinky-dink used car dealerships on the main road that goes through DeBary (S Charles Richard Beall Blvd). They're going to be grandfathered in and allowed to stay open, but no other ones will be allowed to open. DeBary moves to limit car dealers Article: https://beacononlinenews.com/2022/01/11/debary-moves-to-limit-car-dealers/
  10. Hopefully everyone can unite behind just one initiative this time and we're able to get some big financial backers like John Morgan and hopefully others too.
  11. Florida Marijuana Activists Pivot To 2024 For Legalization Ballot Initiative Article: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/florida-marijuana-activists-pivot-to-2024-for-legalization-ballot-initiative/
  12. It got Orlando'd at the last second. Unfortunate but not surprising.
  13. I don't know a lot about basketball, but it seems like they have some very promising young players on their team.
  14. The bottom comparison is confusing me.
  15. Change name of Division Ave. to Unity Ave.
  16. New laws going into effect in 2022 in Connecticut: - Eligible workers can receive up to 12 weeks of paid family leave. - Families can no longer rely on religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations. - Automatic erasure of past marijuana possession convictions.
  17. All states are now at least 40% fully vaccinated. 47 states are at least 50% fully vaccinated. 23 states are at least 60% fully vaccinated. 8 states are at least 70% fully vaccinated. 61.9% of the United States population is fully vaccinated.
  18. This is going to fill quite a few gaps in our skyline from quite a few angles. This is a great project.
  19. I think Byron Leftwich is the logical choice to replace Urban Meyer.
  20. Urban Meyer? I don't know anything about the Jaguars situation, other than that they're a pitiful franchise. Was it really Urban Meyer's fault?
  21. I bet Trump didn't let O'Reilly get a word in edgewise and the "show" was just Trump nonsensically ranting for two hours.
  22. I don't follow the NBA very closely. What's the Magic's problem? Are they not spending enough money on good players or what?
  23. I don't think anyone with a shred of sense should want anything to do with the looney left coast.
  24. Hopefully this story will knock the Biden/DeBary Diner story out of the top Google search result for "DeBary."
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