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  1. Nothing is happening to the properties along AA Blvd. the east side of the boulevard looks as blighted as it ever has. Now even the Hardee’s is closed. That stretch has always been so ugly and it’s starting to feel like help isn’t coming. the church that was demo’d is along Marshall. It’s across the street from the Triangle Players theater.
  2. Novell has a mini one, those red ones that are tall but spindly.
  3. Yeah. I don’t get the opposition. Everyone is looking to have their choice of neighborhoods validated I guess. A Sheetz on the corner doesn’t scream “I’ve arrived” like a Louis Vuitton lol. Oh well, Sheetz is about as good as it’s going to get. Years ago a Walgreens was rumored to go on this site. I don’t think Sheetz is any tackier.
  4. I agree about SF. It feels really cosmopolitan and clean to me. Definitely has Scandinavian vibes.
  5. The Commodore is going to be a beast… Port Richmond takes shape (the Box is looking good behind it). And the old depot beside both continues to get upgraded. Even though this is just a parking lot, for what is being marketed as office space, cleaning up any block in Richmond is a great thing. This was crushed gravel over grass two weeks ago. BTW, the building along 2nd (I’ll learn the name soon, across from the old Caravati’s) is already above ground. There is no basement or underground parking so it’s going up fast. It’s just rebar forms at the moment so not much to look at…
  6. I think the Hourigan is the worst of the bunch. It looks like a dated suburban office park to me. I think it was stolen from the opening credits of Dallas. Of course it is leaps and bounds better than the silos that are there now and I’d be thrilled to see it actually get built.
  7. It’s crazy. With everything else going on I forgot all about the ballpark development lol I don’t love it but can’t wait to see it actually get built. Fun times!
  8. CoStar is too fancy for chainlink…
  9. 707 west Broad has a base installed for a tower crane. It’s red so probably one of the mini tower cranes…but it counts!
  10. This thing is going up so fast. I think they’re on the 6th or 7th floor already (maybe 8th on the alley side).
  11. Speaking of drive throughs, site work started yesterday at the development across from WaWa.
  12. Without any fanfare, the Moxy has opened.
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