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  1. The destruction of the Supreme Court building is the most depressing. Wasn’t this building the first federal a reserve bank of Richmond? I like the Pocahontas building too. The area around the Capitol will look horrible when they demolish all of these buildings in 2022.
  2. That actually looks pretty great.
  3. I think I saw it on the channel 8 or 6 site. The worst of humanity is on full display.
  4. Just today there was an article about new parking meters in Shockoe Bottom. You wouldn’t believe (ok, we’d all believe) how toxic the reader comments are.
  5. Well said coupe! It worked! Sorry to wind y’all up and sorry to leave you hanging all day lol. I typed out a response this morning while waiting on a tile contractor. I typed it up in notes then tried to paste it here. It looked crazy and when I tried to edit the format, UP wasn’t having it. Other people have already clarified my points and I think y’all get where I’m coming from. Of course I don’t think any of you are racist. I wouldn’t spend so much time on a site with bad people lol. A section form this morning… I’m accusing no one here
  6. I’ll try this later, the format of my text is all crazy
  7. Thanks for the class on NC’s growth. It is really impressive. The take away should be that the residents of NC rally around the state. Here in VA we hate on NOVA, which is just about the dumbest thing to do, and continue to claim that the city of Richmond is inept at growing its business and population even while it is doing just that. Suburban Richmond roots for the city to fail and it’s so ingrained in the public that even Richmond enthusiasts here on urban planet repeat the same dispelled myths about failed government. Once again, the root cause is the racism of generations ag
  8. I’m sorry but there is zero appeal to Charlotte or Raleigh and quite frankly I’m offended that Richmond gets mentioned in the same sentences with those places. There’s nothing south of Richmond worthy of aspiration. Richmond should look to cities like Boston, Seattle, Providence, Baltimore and Milwaukee. Only on paper has Raleigh passed Richmond. The reality on the ground is that it is still very small and provincial. I’ve felt nothing but underwhelmed visiting Charlotte and Raleigh. Those cities are nothing like Richmond and have completely different assets and challenges.
  9. Some rooms of the Virginia Historical Society have that dusty feel but the areas that have been renovated are very nicely done, the Story of Virginia (or whatever it is called)in particular is world class. If you haven’t been in the last 5 years or so, go check it out.
  10. It’s the lot at the corner of Semmes and 7th. Thurston Spring is the lot just east of here (I’m parked on the street between the two lots in this photo). Maybe this lot was an extension of Thurston? On Sunday I noticed the bulldozer and those orange and white plastic construction barriers on site (piled at the back of the lot, not yet installed) so I stopped by yesterday to see what was up.
  11. So this happened yesterday…
  12. Is this renovation starting?
  13. I agree about South Falls. It’s attractive and simple. I did expect a pop of colour or something on the large balcony side. But overall, it’s a good-looking building and it looks like a place where people stay for 10 years or so (seems like condos). It doesn’t have that transient look of some of the newer places in town. Maybe I’m just enthralled with the lobby. The bare and soaring concrete walls give it a really cosmopolitan feel.
  14. That “ugly” building by the flood wall has the nicest lobby in all of Richmond. I’m really impressed that they spent money on real art to adorn it.
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