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  1. The crane gives and the crane takes away…. the one in Manchester, at the foot of the Manchester Bridge, came down today
  2. This kinda looks like the newish one on Monument Ave (just west of 195).
  3. The rulings over the last two days are a pretty good excuse, IMO.
  4. Maybe 5 mansions in the DC area will be reduced to ash tonight (fingers crossed!) but I think Richmond will be fine.
  5. Saw this sign across form Lowes just now (photo taken from my truck, so far away lol). I’ve been waiting years for these red lanes. One more thing distancing the city from it’s small town past! Wonder if they really will plant cherry trees?
  6. I picked up a friend (and drove them back for their departing flight) at BWI that flew in from St Louis (the engine on my truck blew up in Woodbridge on the drive back to Richmond). I’ve also flown to Denver from there. It’s seems crazy now but RIC used to be so expensive (and I was so young) that driving up 95 was a no brainer lol.
  7. Raleigh isn’t becoming more urban very quickly though. I was recently there. It’s very underwhelming. I hadn’t been in about ten years and have been reading about all of the development there over that time period. I was expecting a transformation . The suburbs looked way bigger. Downtown looked pretty much the same as it did in 2005. There were more buildings, of course, but it was still disconnected from the rest of the city. I expected the Warehouse District to be twice the size that it is (I used to spend a lot of time down there until about 2007, at that time the Warehouse District seemed to be blowing up). Can you even walk more than blocks in any direction? Downtown Richmond is pulling even farther away from Raleigh. Development is happening in contiguous neighborhoods. Some of those neighborhoods have only recently become residential. So our walkable area has expanded and filled in from Rockets Landing to I195 (over six miles) and it isn’t along just one street either.
  8. Correct. It’s weird. Both cities can be successful and very different. I’m happy that Raleigh is growing quickly. It’s one of the closest cities to Richmond and the more interesting it gets, the more day trip options I have
  9. I was thinking the same. Their branding is usually so fresh. I like the idea of seeing their name on the wings of museums and athletic fields around town.
  10. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting this dorm any time soon (there’s no reason to think that the much larger building on the corner is being demolished any time soon). I did get excited thinking that they may be clearing the lot now so that it can be used for the new (7?) story building on Broad that backs up to this site.
  11. Love it. It isn't as sexy as Apple but I love that such a well known international brand is making this huge investment here.
  12. This is fun news and $1 billion is a huge investment!
  13. The building across from Main Street Center is being converted to housing, it’s pretty close to finishing up actually. As for what I’m missing….it’s nothing. Have you been to Raleigh in the last 20 years? I don’t think you have. And from what I gather from your posts, you haven’t been to Richmond in 20+ years either. No shade. You don’t live in this part of the country, so why would you have been to either? On paper Raleigh is doing something special. In reality the experience of being there hasn’t changed much at all in 20 years. Richmond is building real urban energy. Raleigh is building suburban energy. The influx of people there hasn’t made city life any better (because the city isn’t attracting urbanites). I have ZERO interest in Richmond becoming a big suburban city. That said, the thing that the region needs to do to make that happen is expanded (and reliable) air service to the West Coast (with more Midwest destinations). We also need to grow the local colleges and universities. Apple couldn’t choose Richmond because there aren’t 10k people here (I know, people can move for the jobs) ready to fill those jobs and there aren’t flights to CA (we’ll see if the SF flight remains). Our local colleges aren’t great at churning out STEM graduates (if you want to be competitive for companies like Apple). UR is a small liberal arts college. VCU is mostly medical and art (the engineering school is taking off though). Rural high schools have a larger student body than Randolph Macon. Virginia State could grow into an employment pipeline but it’s mostly out of sight, out of mind. VUU is also as small as a rural high school and is a liberal arts college. As for dreaming bigger, that’s rich coming on the heels of a discussion about a single 20 story building in one of America’s least interesting cities. I’m over people comparing Richmond to Raleigh because there are dozens of other metros (including two here in VA) that are building the same things (and again even Richmond is building projects on this scale right now today).
  14. I’m aware that Raleigh is putting up taller residential buildings, which is why this one setting off an afternoon of mourning makes no sense to me. It’s awesome that Raleigh is getting Apple. All that makes Raleigh though is Raleigh with Apple. Hard pass.
  15. Y’all are getting awfully flustered over an unremarkable apartment building.
  16. Meh. The scale of the two cities is so different. The Warehouse District is Raleigh’s one basket. All of the proverbial eggs are in it. Richmond still has many, many more eggs spread out across a much, much larger area. The Warehouse District is about the size of Manchester (just the old industrial part of Manchester too, not the classic neighborhood uphill from the James). There’s no Scott’s Addition, no Shockoe, no Monroe or Jackson Ward. Their downtown is about the size of the VCU medical center (basically their downtown is the size of downtown Richmond north of Broad between 1st and 14th). The Warehouse District has been “rapidly” developing since 2005 but you’d never know visiting the place. It’s pretty unremarkable (not that Manchester or Scott’s Addition is remarkable either). I will say that I’m extremely jealous of their Weaver Street Market grocery store there though (it might not technically be in the Warehouse District but it is adjacent, think Aldi’s relationship with SA here in Richmond). Where Raleigh is pulling away is in suburban development. Their urban core is still very much in its infancy and still has a Mayberry feel to it. The suburbs look like the suburbs of a much larger city. I’m happy for their success but not one thing about the area (apart from that grocery store-the original one is in Carrboro ) makes me jealous or envious. Let us enjoy our own success for a minute. We are actually winning for the first time in a very long time. And once again, pretty much this same project (scale) is talked about for the lot across from Dominio (in addition to the hundreds of apartments under construction in the CFD) which is two blocks from CoStar which should be breaking ground soon.
  17. I was annoyed by the trees because it was hard to get a photo of the two blocks, thought about how I have to wait until winter to get a good photo lol. I like trees but Richmond seems to plant terrible varieties. The crepe myrtles get too bushy and the pin oaks are wayyyyyyy too big for city sidewalks. I’ve been thinking that everything seems a bit extra right now (overly succulent leave). It has been a wet spring I guess? Branches are weighted down and my neck is tired from dodging all of the low hanging branches all over town. Richmond (well Broad Street) looks a lot bigger, prettier and more urban in the winter when you can actually see all of the handsome buildings lining the streets. The buildings look so small compared to the towering trees when they leaf out. I wish a Parisian would come replant the entire city. Then I wish for a team of Parisians to come take care of/prune them
  18. When I went to Siewers earlier today they were putting up flashy renderings at the Novel site.
  19. The old Sally Belle location is being demolished today. I suspect it will be a parking lot for a while but hopefully it signals movement on the new dorm that is slated to replace it. Perhaps they demo’d it early so that they can have a place to store construction equipment while building the new (office?) building across the alley on Broad? And oh yeah, I see that the old Noddle and Company has a new tenant….and it’s Noodle and Company (there back!) . A “now hiring” sign is on the building (the old Biograph).
  20. Just a photo of what Broad Street is look g like these days
  21. And wasn’t something this scale (actually more units in RVA, so probably taller) just announced for the block across from Dominion just a few days ago? I know that was probably just a “testing the waters “ announcement, but the interest is here. We’ve arrived. It is just hard to see it from so close up
  22. I was wondering what was going here. Thanks!
  23. You know we’re getting spoiled when an announcement this morning* of a new 7 floor building in Scott’s Addition doesn’t even get mentioned lol. *or maybe we already knew about it and I forgot, which also means I’m spoiled:)
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