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  1. Townhomes coming near Tompkins Hall.
  2. The neighborhood association doesn't have a full board at the moment but there are several motivated people trying to get it better organized. I would try their Facebook group for any questions:
  3. I'm no expert on the business but as you can see in the attached picture, the Hunter wrecker zone extends all the way up to Huntersville. It seems to me they could sell their Optimist Park property for millions and then buy up some cheap land farther north without it causing a big problem. Eventually I believe a combination of rising property value on that site, traffic from nearby development, and neighbor complaints (e.g. stop blocking the sidewalk with tow trucks) will provide a good enough argument for Hunter to sell the property. Just a guess though.
  4. I don't think there was one. That whole block is zoned R-22MF. I think it was part of master planning for that neighborhood.
  5. Just out of curiosity, where do you get details like that? I'd love to track those sort of things myself. I'm assuming you're talking about the block situated between Davidson, Caldwell, 13th, and Belmont. I've been watching that block for a while. Real Estate Investment Corp LLC has been scooping up the remaining pieces to own the full block and it already has TOD-M zoning. White Point Paces owns the entire block just north of that one, next to the Tompkins Hall development, and that will likely become apartments too. If Hunter ever sells his property Optimist Park will be unrecognizable with new development.
  6. I'm dying for more information about this too. I know they're in the process of finding tenants but not much seems to be happening on the ground (at least from the exterior). Their Facebook page is ramping up the marketing though, so that's encouraging.
  7. Are there any article out there about this? I follow this neighborhood pretty closely and I haven't seen anything about that. You're talking about on the north side of 10th right next to Piedmont Open Middle School? There's been several acres for sale right there for a while now.
  8. According to the articles, the Charlotte Lab School signed a 6-year lease. However, I remember reading that the site was purchased by RKM Development back in November and that the "site will eventually be redeveloped." Will they really wait 6 years to do that? Does the lessor usually have a way of terminating the agreement early in these type of situations or are they now stuck with waiting 6 years?
  9. 21st or 24th? Are you referring to this project? Also just curious, where did you get this image?