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  1. It's also going to add nicely to KVB's streetwall (along with The Joseph).
  2. The Gulch Projects

    Yeah, that was my thought as well reading through the posts. As credit lines were still extremely tight and there was a ton of uncertainty surrounding future demand with how slowly things were recovering, developers were hesitant to go too boldly with projects.
  3. The Gulch Projects

    And that doesn't even include: *The several boutique hotels (Bobby, Dream, Graduate, Holston House, etc.) *The proposed Endeavor (3-tower) hotel *The propsed Towneplace Suites *The proposed SoBro Hyatt House *The other proposed SoBro Hyatt (Ragland) *The proposed House of Blues hotel *The new hotels in Midtown (Hyatt Place, Virgin, etc.). *The proposed W Hotel in The Gulch
  4. Has Nashville gone up in city tiers?

    Born and raised on the east side of the city. I'm young, so I wasn't around when Detroit proper had nearly 2 million people. That said, even despite Detroit proper's decline, the metro area is still home to at least 4 .2 million people, and as many as 5.7 million people by the broadest measure (source). It's the busiest (or 2nd busiest) international border crossing in North America, has the 2nd largest theater district in the country, is home to 4 professional sports teams and still has the 2nd largest economy in the midwest (outside of Chicago) . So to say it's on the same level as cities with a metro population of only, say, 1-2 million people just seemed odd to me. Detroit's more akin to Atlanta and Miami (places that also have small city proper populations but a large metro population) than Memphis or Louisville.
  5. Has Nashville gone up in city tiers?

    But the thing is, you also ranked Atlanta and Miami in the first tier (both of which have even smaller city proper populations than Detroit). Not trying to give you a hard time about it. I was just curious to know how you came up with those rankings. I'm a Detroit native too BTW.
  6. Has Nashville gone up in city tiers?

    How did you come up with these tiers? I don't see how Seattle can be first tier and Minneapolis / Denver can be second tier, but Detroit (a city larger than all 3 of them) is 3rd tier.
  7. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I will admit, the Hampton Inn now seems somewhat less horrible with the addition.
  8. Actually, Delta's been a relatively good corporate steward for Atlanta and Georgia (they're not like Amazon in Seattle). I think the impact any move would have on their hometown would go under some consideration.
  9. In theory, Delta could maintain their hub operations at ATL while just moving the HQ, on paper, to some place like Minneapolis or Detroit. But it's unlikely. Plus, it would be devastating for the southern Atlanta suburbs that are Delta commuter towns.
  10. It doesn't help, but I'm not sure it will be a deal breaker. Another way to look at this is Bezos could be targeting a place like Atlanta specifically because of BS like that, in order to tip the political scale with more transplants. Besides, I'm sure they already know what they'll be getting with a blue city in a red state (thus, these antics don't surprise them).
  11. Just MHO, but I prefer it that way. Maximize the scale.
  12. Will American Airlines return to Nashville as a Hub?

    With Charlotte being AA's hub for the SE region, I doubt it. United is the only major airline that doesn't have a SE hub. So I would think they'd be most likely to consider a place like Nashville for expansion.
  13. Right. It's similar to Atlanta, where most of the metro area lives outside the city proper.