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  1. Detroit was the closest, which was able to support the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB when its MSA had less than 3 million people. That said, unlike Nashville, Detroit was home to 3 of the largest and fastest growing corporations in the world at the time too. A good corporate presence is also critical for sponsorship purposes and having a fan base with enough disposable income to support so many teams. With that being said, an argument could be made that Charlotte would be a more likely candidate for a MLB team than Nashville.
  2. So based on the picture above, I guess they ultimately didn't get that parking lot after all.
  3. A high rise on the opposite corner of 5th Avenue should help to balance things out.
  4. Unpopular opinion: I know it was trashed quite a bit at first, but dare I say it actually turned out looking better than all of the non-Omni and non-The Joseph hotels south of Broadway. (yes, I know it's an extremely low bar to achieve and thus doesn't mean much)
  5. Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn *USED* to be Accor hotels. Red Roof Inn was sold to Citigroup in 2007 and Motel 6 was sold to The Blackstone Group in 2012.
  6. Definitely an awesome looking project. A nice gateway and much-need infill for KVB/SoBro. Nashvillle is still sizzling hot!
  7. The State of Michigan did do a number of things to add insult to Detroit's injury. One of those things was severely limiting Detroit's ability to anex more annd when it was booming during the early/mid 20th century. As Nashville was able to merge with Davidson County with little pushback, it's virtually impossible for Detroit to do the same with Wayne County. If it did so today, it would become the country's 5th largest city (again) Moving the main public research university to the boonies (University of Michigan) in the 1800s didn't help either. Detroit could be more like Pittsburgh
  8. Seems to be unofficially official according to the below link. https://murfreesboro.com/getting-costco/
  9. Birmingham is definitely a sleeper. It's only a matter of time before it takes off IMO. Its main drawback now is that it lacks an "IT" factor. It's ot a tourist destination like Nashville and it's not a corporate hub like Charlotte or Atlanta. I've only been to LA, but the people there are surprisngly courteous for it to be such a big, crowded city. Not sure what it vouod be (maybe the weather?).
  10. Nissan, Ford and CHS combined add up to 6,000 high-paying jobs, and that's just in Franklin. Is that not enough?
  11. This along with the Embassy were probably the more highly anticipated projects for me. Definitely good to see they've both broken ground.
  12. Uber gets pretty expensive if you're going to be traveling between multiple destinations across town.
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