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  1. urbanplanet17

    805 Lea, 35 stories, 375 residential units, retail

    The Embassy-Curio also increased in height. But in all fairness, only one of these projects have actually come to fruition.
  2. If the cloth lined barrier is in place, I suspect that means groundbreaking is "imminent."
  3. I know you are joking, but Chris Brown really is technically a developer, as he does own a Burger King franchise.
  4. Well today, for the first time, I discovered thete's a down vote button. So I decided to try it out.
  5. The latest articles from a few days (or a week) ago suggest it may not be for a couple more months before a decision is made, and there will be another shortlist of 3 or 5 cities.
  6. urbanplanet17

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    And no better way for a jail to look. Can't have those convicts think they're going to some luxurious 27 story Westin hotel.
  7. Not to get political, but Trump and the FED is to blame for a lot of it. The tariffs on aluminum/steel have significantly increased the cost of building material, the hard line on illegal immigration has further restricted the pool of cheap workers (thus significantly increasing labor costs) and borrowing costs are starting to skyrockets due to the FED's intention to normalize interest rates after several years of keeping them near zero. Most of this was unexpected and unaccounted for when developers established a budget and timeline for their projects. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the main hold up behind a lot of projects that previously seemed promising.
  8. I think the two tower plan is dead with or without the parking lot. If you recall, they had previously gotten approval to build the two towers without the parking lot.
  9. Pee the title of the thread, 26 stories.
  10. urbanplanet17

    Marriott Tri-Brand, 21 Stories, 486 Rooms, $137 million

    The Joseph and Drury will hide it almost completely.
  11. urbanplanet17

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    The Encore was there and the Pinnacle was just completed. But other than that, yep.
  12. urbanplanet17

    Marriott Tri-Brand, 21 Stories, 486 Rooms, $137 million

    Crazy to think that 10 years ago, almost none of these buildings existed (The Pinnacle was still under construction and The Encore was just finishing up). And that is impressive massing / density (which will only get better with the Drury, The Joseph and SAP).