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  1. Peep this info on VA's Final Transportation Budget by Gov. Warner!! http://wwbtads.com/news/transportation_list.htm
  2. Locos

    Norfolk Development 2

    Does Anyone know when the Kotardies is suppose to break ground on their new 20 story project and are there any models of the project!
  3. Well, rusthebuss and wrldcoupe4 Richmond wins again! Richmond has the 9th costliest commute in the nation compared to VA Beach's 42nd costliest commute. I guess there goes the other half of the money that was slated to ease congestion in Hampton Roads!
  4. The city is cleaning up OV but where have the people gone, next door could it be!
  5. Well, i guess jet noise probably will have to take some getting used to. Noise of all sorts is just part of city living, whether good or bad. I can remeber just last year all the noise that i heard in NY, NY was not to bad, but when i spent the night over some friends of mine houses i really experienced noise from the city limits at its finest. No, it was not emergency sirens or even horns from traffic jams, but of the subway traveling right over the house that i was sleeping in and i was sleeping in the basement. Man, everytime i heard a train roaring above me i woke up and was like man what was that, but as the night progressed i guess i got more accustomed to it and it did not bother me as much. Although i had a noisy night it did not dampen my visit to NY,NY. (beep, beep and vroom, vroom, and clickity crank )
  6. I think that it should run down VA beach Blvd to military circle also b/c the #20 always have too many people on it and at peak times it runs every 15 min so this should give a clue to how the VA beach blvd corridor would fit light rail!
  7. 1. The port of the 7 cities 2. 7th wonder 7 cities 3. or the House that Fraim Built and the Councils that helped construct 4. City Gates man i'm through i got to tied up in this
  8. You guys i share those same exact dreams as you all and the time shall come when we will beable to do those things. when we tried to lure the baseball team it seemed so close but so far away. i think the the norfolk council especially the mayor Fraim (i love this guy) is doing everything in his powers to help this city to grow. Light rail has to come and i think we are progressing more and more with all of the development. and if vdot stop throwing away so much money maybe we will be able to generate a rail system (40 million for a access ramp through pat robertson's neighbor hood come on)!
  9. Wow I am back, what a relief, I finally seen at 1st hand what you guys been talking about traffic and developments in HR especially DT Norfolk Area. I've been working since i got back home in mid may and i ve had to catch the bus from DT norfolk to caviler industrial park on the ches, and ptown border and yes majority of blacks rode the bus. i caught the #45 to get me on ptown side of the waters and most of the people that were on the bus were working at the ship yard. i guess levels of income (finances) play a part in who ride the bus or not b/c i know all i kept saying is that i need to take it serious and buy me a car b/c i got tired of being stuck in traffic and the buses being over crowded but at times i did enjoy my self just buy listening to the hilarious conversations of the people on the bus i guess its all about having fun after going and coming from hard physical work at the ship yard. and yes many of the bus drivers do have attitudes and some do not b/c when i get on the bus most of the times i say good morning and the drivers who act like they do not want to speak they do not have to worry about me speaking to them again and sometimes when the bus drivers beging to see your face more frequently they begin to act more friendlier with you. For instance it was this white guy who use to ride the 630-700am bus with me and it appeared that many of the drivers and customers enjoyed him. he was loud and crazy in a good and joyous way that made people laugh and shake their heads like this dude is really crazy and he talked to almost everyone on the bus non-stop until he reached his stop. just a couple of weeks ago he told be he was going to sell me his bike for $20 and he kept emphasizing that it was a beach cruizer. this thing was old and dusty with a basket on the front i told him to talk to me next pay day. This dude was really exicited about his back and how good it rode. so lammius dont be offended if you are about people's reactons about you about you b/c i used to feel sort of but not really (lol) the same way even though iam not white. so just think of it as u being the black guy in a country club with jeans and sneakers riding that little bull or horse that goes crazy. b/c no matter who we are we experience some type of judgement with other people b/c i believe that i have grown use to it and eventhough i may not recognize it iam pretty sure that its all around me but i tell you one thing i still love everybody. words of thought and encourage man i dont know why this was so long maybe that i have not been up here in so long peace out!
  10. Locos

    Norfolk Pictures

    Excellent and very impressive pictures Mr. Willy
  11. First of all JPNO371 thanks for letting general rusthebuss know that he was stepping beyond his jurisdiction with his statement of telling someone to go to another forum and that was not very polite of him, but on the other hand gernerals are not suppose to be very polite are they I also attended BTW just as you did rusthebuss so why must you be up here saying that i am up here trying to start something. You heard what Mr. Willy said that he checked my background (police record) and he noticed that i did not say anything negative about any area. And for your info i am not enlisted in any branch of the military and before you start to assume things just ask me its ok to do so. Ok, let me clear something up for you people out there who want to play that psychic lady that come on Montel on Wednesdays and try to assume or draw your negative conclusions on what i am talking about. My statement on me recieving more conversation from people by saying that i am from Richmond than Norfolk may have to do with a cultural difference. I am pretty sure that i dont party with the same people you party with and you dont party with the same people i party with but regardless who party with who whether its with ones family, friends or alone i am speaking from my experiences and you are speaking from your experiences. Now back to explaining myself, when i talk to different people abroad i guess my actions or maybe they just like my style they ask me where i am from and i tell them VA and their next response maybe Richmond and i say Norfolk and they say oh you from over their by BAD NEWZ or VA BEACH and i say yea. I guess my actions may lead them to believe that iam from Richmond first b/c Richmond is considered to be the wildest part in the state of VA and i will admit i do act a little strange when i visit NYC but its all in fun and games and i would not put it pass them that some may probably think that iam straight from NYC. On another note Richmond may be easier to explain to some than Norfolk b/c as lammius said you have to say close to the navy base and those who are not familiar with any navy base say no, then you say the beach, and some may reply are you close to DC and you say close but not that close, and when you are explaining Richmond you just say the capital of VA and they say ok, so i guess when i say iam from richmond sometimes i am being lazy or sometimes i just say anything that come to mind Richmond Just joking, i do have a lot more to say but man iam tiered of typing and i have something to do but i shall return B) PS i had so many emotions up here that a message popped up saying that i could not post until i narrow down my emotions :-)
  12. All I have to say is that when i visit NYC each summer I get more conversation from people (random from the streets, clubs, bars, neighborhoods, etc.) when i say that i am from Richmond than I do when i say that i am from Norfolk.
  13. If and when are they going to consolidate the Grey Hound Bus Terminal into downtown's newly renovated Main Street Station, b/c I heard some time ago that they were going to do so but as of lately i heard nothing about it!
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