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  1. I hadn't heard anything new about Topgolf since the article from 2 years ago...until this past weekend. An acquaintance seemed to be quite confident that Topgolf is going in near the Amp. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  2. Does anyone know what's coming up at 24th and Walnut, just west of Popeyes?
  3. Neighbor's Mill is coming to the Pleasant Grove area. The original in Harrison is superb; I hope they can duplicate it here. Like Stone Mill, Panera, Atlanta.... but twice as good.
  4. Have they pulled back? I'm so disappointed, if so. We've been looking forward to that center for years. So..no big Broadway shows?
  5. Stone Mill opened in Bentonville. Snack Lab is coming soon right behind it. Fiamma opening soon on the square. Einstein Bros , Jimmy John's and Tropical Smoothie signage is up on the building just south of the Home Office.
  6. Does anyone know what's going in next door to Abuelo's, just to the west?
  7. The Buttered Biscuit opened yesterday in the old Boneheads location. The menu looks amazing, and I am hearing really great things from friends who have visited.
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