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  1. This looks like a troll. I can tell by the trolling and from trolling a few threads in my time. For future reference, please turn your font blue and/or end your post with an /s, otherwise your trolling will be reasonably construed as bad faith trolling and you will be marked as a troll given that this is your FP. Have ya been to Toronto/Cologne/London/La Defense?
  2. BB&T has historically designed the ugliest towers in banking and we're suddenly surprised they have no sense of taste or aesthetics. I am shocked, SHOCKED! Be careful what you wish for UP; last thing Charlotte needs is a 40 story soviet block monstrosity in brown and blue.
  3. Well, even though I missed your reply deadline, I very clearly owe you a meal involving Hite and Bulgogi. On my Mount Rushmore of bad takes, this one is now carved in. Very clearly Independents didn't break nearly as hard for Biden as the polls indicated, and more Dems went for Trump than reported. On a positive note, Bulgogi!
  4. Even though UP occasionally exasperates me, it is a fun place for me to - usually - be silly, look at cool photos, and and get the pulse of the 704. As such, make you a deal: if I am wrong - as in, Biden wins by less than 3% or outright loses - I'll buy a drink on the roof of that bar all the cool kids take pics from Uptown when C19 is over for any UPer who shows up (valid handles only). And if you're wrong, you do the same? Using that filthy lucre in the coffers of UP? I'm good for it....
  5. Shenanigans = Trump going to court to prevent legally cast ballots from being counted. Which, his surrogates have said he will do and which certain state GOPs are doing. And RCP? Why don't you just say "my crazy uncle says Biden ate a baby"? The Washington Times and Spectator are about as intellectually equal to The New Yorker and The Atlantic as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite is to Luke Kuechly physically, yet RCP has no problem putting crazy psychopath wingnut up against Ta-Nehisi Coates for "balance." All that said, I'm just some rando on the intrawebs, so if we're gonna go all BSAB l
  6. All of this is related to NC ONLY: I'm getting a kick out of the national coverage of North Carolina in this election: on balance, it's awful. Trump won in 2016 for two reasons: 1) unaffiliated voters broke hard for him, wiping out the dem's numerical advantage, and; 2) dems defected en masse such that the 300k advantage in registered voters only translated to a 100k advantage in the actual results. "Republicans will swamp democrats on election day." That's weird, given that Rs outnumbered Ds by only ~4k votes on election day in 2016. Will it happen this year? Could but her
  7. My ghostwriting credits include "The Big Short," "The Smartest Guys in the Room," "Liars Poker," and "Three Years an Elevator Shaft: the Belk Theater Hotel Boondoggle." /s
  8. Let me disabuse you (and a bunch of other posters of that notion) of that. Say we need to build a high 8/low 9 figure project. First, the C-suite needs to all get on the same page as to why and what our vision is. Then, we take the idea - JUST THE IDEA - before the board to begin nothing but selecting architectural firms and to get permission on a budget for said firms just to get back to us with plans, on top of getting approval on a budgeted range for the project. Once we've got the schematics in place, the architectural firms come back before the C-Suite and pitch us, and
  9. Don't you dare say I told you so in these forums!!! There are many many people who know many many things who KNEW this hotel was getting built despite it taking three years to build a six story elevator shaft who just KNEW this project was a done deal, it was just complicated because reasons, and it's STILL complicated because EVEN MOAR reasons! This website is fun for pics as an expat from the 704; otherwise, it's... just... reckless speculation.
  10. Ya'll are cute. A-Rod AND J-Lo can't get a team, but JT can? And Nashville can? Lulz. As I've said in the Charlotte speculation thread: MLB doesn't wanna be in half a dozen markets it's currently in; it sure as hell isn't gonna decamp from KC, Cleveland, Cincy, Oakland, Miami, or South Side for the 36th largest metro area in the country, which already has two major league franchises. Charlotte will have more than 3 million people in 2030 and STILL won't have MLB. Portland will have 2.7mm people in 2030 and STILL won't have MLB. Nashville might have 2.3mm people in 2030 and STI
  11. Yo, I've got wood flooring in my home too! I put drywall in my home, so Wrangler must put drywall in his home. I buy wood floors, so Wrangler buy wood floors. I buy an axminster carper; Wrangler cannot afford. GREAT SUCCESS!!! /King in the castle king in the castle....
  12. They could have torn down the theater, rebuilt it with modern materials honoring the original plans, tore that down, rebuilt it again, tore it down, and rebuilt it again in the time it's taken them to not build the hotel tower. This is the behavior of an outfit that is wildly under capitalized. It reeks of incompetence, at best, and I say that as somebody who's been involved in far more expensive projects (plural) than this that involved a hell of a lot more than preserving an old theater in a tight spot. Labor market tightness creates weeks to a couple months long delays not
  13. How dare you say a 400 foot pencil box tower that will never get built is boring? Do you have no decency good sir knight? fudge this project. In twenty years you wouldn’t know it was there from 277 anyway. But, reasons!
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