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  1. I'm just excited that the Centurion Lounge is coming to CLT next year, and not only that, it's going to be one of the largest. Given where the others are located, that's a huge get for CLT. IMHO the AA lounges have been packed since forever; standing up at ORD to have a beer was SOP even ten years ago depending on day and time, so.....
  2. I'm genuinely interested in this thread from the perspective of why Nashville thinks it's a better fit for MLB than Portland or Charlotte; Davidson County's per capita is 15% lower than Mecklenburg County's, in a significantly smaller tv market that already has three "professional" teams (MLS is about as professional as EFL League Two, but whatever), and Charlotte is smaller than Portland. Butts in seats no longer drive margins for a significant majority of MLB teams; it's all about the TV contract, and though Tampa just got a massive upgrade to its deal, it's still a crap deal comparatively in a market nearly 70% larger than Nashville's. So what gives? Is it the guy who knows other famous people but doesn't appear to have any money but makes lots of loud noises? Sincerely confused.
  3. Hey did you guys see this? https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/08/16/carvana-proposes-35m-facility-300-plus-jobs-at.html
  4. Wow. I say this in the Charlotte thread but it bears repeating here (I only wandered in when I saw it was trending on the landing page): In the majority of major tv markets nobody gives a rat's ass about MLS: eight of the top ten TV markets in the country are in the bottom half of MLS attendance; in Chicago, a lot of us were surprised by The Fire moving back to Soldier Field, not because it was important news, but because we forgot we even have an MLS team. And, I'm not caping up for baseball; that's been a regional sport for over a decade that is facing nothing but headwinds, but baseball dominates in its markets with its local tv partners, on top of averaging over three times as many viewers for a run-of-the-mill national broadcast. MLS attendance is tanking this year, with only six of twenty-two markets showing flat or improved attendance (The Fire is down over 20%). If your business model is convincing billionaires to pony up hundreds of millions of dollars for pub soccer that sports fans in NYC, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Philly, etc. couldn't care less about, you have a Ponzi Scheme, not a product,
  5. Attendance for the first half of the season is down almost double digits. TV ratings are down. The league appears to be a Ponzi scheme. But, yeah, MLS; that's the ticket!
  6. Michael Jackson would be a better NBA owner than Michael Jordan. In 2019.
  7. Look, I don't know if he did or he didn't, but I do know that UrbanPlanet is very serious business and that discerning whether or not @KJHburg has yet to consume Reese's peanut butter donuts is very serious business. Skyscraper porn is a very serious matter, but so is food porn:
  8. Cuz that sounds delicious
  9. Don’t delete this modmins. This is important. Whatever you do, don’t.
  10. Uni7edf0rRe4l please send royalty checks my way please and thanks Mr. Tepper
  11. Penelope Cruz is gonna be working there (pic 2, brunette) and you're worried about anything else? Hang your head in shame.
  12. Have you ever been to Wrigley? Baseball is mostly an excuse to day drink in the sunshine on the North Side. I feel like a wet blanket today, but Charlotte cannot support Major League Baseball right now, and MLB would be foolish to expand ever again; there are already four cities that can't or won't support baseball, and the problem is that the alternatives are even smaller cities or retreads. I laugh my ass off when I see Nashville mentioned as a possible location; good luck expanding to what would be in the bottom 10% of market size within MLB in a city that already has two other pro sports franchises (I mean, dumber things have happened: see the two most recent "pro" football failures, and the ultimate collapse of MLS). Portland could do a relo because there's only one other team. Austin makes a ton of sense as a pure relo. RDU actually would be really smart simply as a relo. But, Charlotte is still two decades away (I know I know) from having a population base that can support three franchises in the way baseball needs. ALTERNATIVELY Can we disband the Hornets? That would virtually guarantee a relo of the A's, Rays, Marlins, or White Sox within five years. Also, until MJ sells the team or quits meddling (not fudgeing likely) the Hornets will be a laughingstock; the GOAT is possibly the worst owner in Professional Sports.
  13. Real means "royal" in Spanish; United is usually a product of two plus football teams coming together to become one club. Put on the tab of just how pretentious Murkan soccer is: De novo clubs with 'United' in the title, or Salt Lake City having 'Real' in its name. Broken record time: spending hundreds of millions on having pub team soccer that will do absolutely nothing to boost Charlotte's profile is asinine (top of mind because the Fire is moving back to Soldier Field, and a couple of my Chicago peeps were like, what; we have a soccer team? Meh. No1curr).
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