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  1. So you’re saying that legacy Funyun got built floor to roof on its exterior in the same time as it took this project to build six elevator shaft floors? And that’s not a red flag? surejan.gif
  2. If you were to see my driveway, it’s more logistically challenging and took more concrete than this, so yeah, they did
  3. They’ve built six floors. Six elevator shaft floors. In four months. I could have hired the guys I hired to do my driveway and they would have Gotten as much done in six hours. i’m not in the “work stopped” camp; I am in the “judge me by what I do not what I say” camp, and this is 1,000,000% hedging. But, yeah It should totally take a decade to build a pencil tower.
  4. Well, at the pace they're on, they'll be done with the elevator shaft in December 2021, so what's the worry? Seriously, there's "its a small site" and "this kind of construction is new to Charlotte," and then there's "six whole elevator floors in four months; you really outdid yourself." I will put not one but two dozen Krispy Kremes up that the hotel still isn't built at December 31, 2021.
  5. I was joking with my CEO the other day that I was excited about Zooming during a working vacation this autumn. From the Caribbean. Thinking that, if work from home becomes not just my new norm but a permanent lifestyle, I might think extra hard about moving to the beach and staying in a hotel when I need to be in the office once every other week. Talked to one of my best friends this week, who lives in a different time zone, and asked if he'd consider hiring an exec who didn't wanna move but could do in person a few days a month and he said for the right person absolutely. There's a lot of privilege in this post, and I understand that, but if you told me I could spend $5k a year on flights and hotels and keep my kids' school situation stable while living in Maine during the summer I'd do it tomorrow.
  6. Trump is a psychopath. An APA, Robert Hare, PCL-R psychopath. If he doesn't wanna come here, ok, if he does, ok I guess, but he is clinically insane. This is so textbook of people with cluster b personality disorders it might as well be a caricature, but like truth being stranger than fiction, he's literally the embodiment of comorbid mental illness (PDs on top of organic brain disturbances).. Come. Don't come. Don't care. Charlotte should be a gray rock in the face of an abusive, incoherent, severely mentally ill individual trying to bully his way into waaaaahhhhhh.
  7. I've wandered around the finest museums on earth (including spending almost a week in the Louvre, having a girlfriend who was a big deal at Guggenheim, getting baked and getting kicked out of Rijksmusem in Amsterdam for getting "lost" and staying WAY past closing time, etc ad nauseam), and this is, despite its blurry quality (blows raspberry), exceptional. Stop trying to be extra CLT; just be. It's ok, when you make it you'll make it and everybody will know. Just be. In all seriousness, this is a great composition. The picture quality sucks, but c'est la vie, c'est la guerre. Or something.
  8. In the parlance of the young people, map is trash. Iredell appears to be bigger than Gaston+Lincoln+Catawba combined. Lumberton is now apparently bigger than the Triad. Asheville is now 4x the size of Morganton. /An attempt was made
  9. I do not now nor ever have I ever had any inside knowledge into any of these projects, but I know this: the Masters of the Universe types I know (whose balls I break consantly but I am in point of fact very very close friends with half a dozen of them) are loving working from home right now. You mean I don't have to wander down to LaSalle/Franklin/Wall Street and I can conduct all my business from my study? I can go get lunch with that BumbleBabe/BumbleBro and not worry about running back to the office to be in another pointless meeting that could have been accomplished with a memo? I can see my children more in the last two months than I've seen them in the last two years? They're probably gonna decamp me from my Class A office building, or at most have me use a conference room on the rare occasion I absolutely have to be in the office? That I'm gonna be judged significantly more on my production and significantly less on office politics and/or the fact that Chaz is an MD because his grandpa went to Harvard with Chet's grandpa? Done and done. I know this is a hotel, but regardless of if and when the economy comes back, people who occupy those downtown hotels and downtown office buildings are starting to realize en masse there are very few reasons to be in an office all day long and even fewer reasons to travel for business giving the ubiquity of Zoom. Will this get built? I dunno I don't know what drives the decision makers' decisions, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to be building a 400 foot hotel in a future where both employers and employees are waking up together to the fact that a TON of overhead expense and business travel was completely unnecessary in 2020, and that business as usual is dead dead dead.
  10. LOL. Sorry, I'm old. So, to further do as much, there's at least three golden ratios that I took a plumb line against with paint; it's an outstanding composition at any rate and, I apologize that I didn't make myself plainer in the first place: that is a hell of a picture, even for a pro.
  11. Monster as in good. I'm sorry I assumed (as Steven Seagal warned me against) that "monster" was universal praise. That's outstanding.
  12. @Nick2 not trying to guild the lily, but that is a monster comp:
  13. It's not that BOA HQ isn't a beautiful structure, nor that the WSOC web cam will ultimately be the picture by which 'murkah knows the WC, but I'm really into the idea that there are gonna be a lot of pics in the next few years in which the Legacy Bunion side of the city stands alone with BOA and Hearst barely or not even visible. So, with that said, let me contradict myself and share a screen grab of a Carolina Panthers video making the rounds on social media. Is dope:
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