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  1. Merritt Mansion.. Colby pulled his support after AJ Capital announced they would stop working with SNAP (South Nashville Action People.) Here is a link to a the recent community zoom meeting with SNAP with AJ Capital. I think this meeting was 4/20 and the tit for tat, followed about a week later. https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=185108599&is=npe&mar=false&ct=81a0n6QxkIcHoe36sgsVgOZWNXEzsCwk-_fcs4_5p1tjO6r2YFfWimjDPZdQMJDN&ec=iD9EVf8Fqz_GipY9l9G7ig%3D%3D
  2. Smith Travel Research forecasting a weak bounce for area hotels in 2021.
  3. Walked through last night and had drinks at Blanco. Well done. A small section of the covering of the Apple store was pulled off and I was able to take these pics. They were taken at about knee height.
  4. More nuance to both of our brief statements, ill give you that. It is a question with a number of viewpoints, easily accessible via google. I dont care to change your mental model, though I encourage the young aspiring investors on our message board to research the question 'is my home an asset?'
  5. I know several folks who own real estate and choose to rent a place downtown, myself included. It's not as uncommon as you think. I realize that for many households their home is their biggest source of net worth. But if your home doesn't generate income it's not an asset, it's a liability.
  6. From 16th floor of Grand Hyatt. My Valentine was thrilled I took pics immediately after dropping our bags.
  7. Interesting change proposed by Mayor’s office. Tear down old grandstands and rebuild on Fair Park.
  8. Why dont yall move to the neighborhood? We are a welcoming bunch! When I moved from Five Points to We-Ho in early 2015 I had read NashvilleNext so I expected big things in the neighborhood, but I did not imagine all this. SoHo House, soccer stadium, the Hines project, Merritt Mansion... Gangbusters.
  9. Generally, I suspect we are past peak ... however, several rough weeks/months ahead.
  10. The Fairgrounds constructions neighborhood impact meeting is Wednesday Dec 9th at 530pm. You can register at www.nashvillescstadium.com
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