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  1. Amazon crosses over 1000 hires in Nashville hub. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/11/amazon-crosses-1000-hires-at-its-new-nashville-office.html "Amazon said it has hired locally as well as attracted employees from outside the city to work out of its Nashville office, dubbed the Operations Center of Excellence"
  2. Yesterday. They would have been just 2-3 weeks from their first guests at this point if not for the pandemic.
  3. In today's press conference NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, identified 2 metrics by which NY will be using to identify which businesses can open. Essential and risk of spread. In other words, how essential is a business and what is the risk of spreading the disease by the business being open. An example, of a not essential but low risk of spread business is a drive-in movie theatre. That kind of business could be early to open despite not being very essential. In my view, the honky-tonks on Broadway are highly unessential with a high risk of spread. Im interested to see how Nashville addresses this. Live music is the brand of Nashville and I don't see how we can safely get back to that until a vaccine arises. The timeline for vaccine is pretty consistently reported at 18 months. Perhaps another treatment methodology arrives sooner. Can you imagine having to flash an immunity passport and have your temperature taken just to walk into Tootsie's? Or could they lower capacity to like 50 people and charge like a $50 cover? I don't have the answers, I'm just wondering out loud on my keyboard.
  4. I take back everything I ever said about The Westin. I am posting in this thread, instead of The Westin thread, so folks might post other such pics from other buildings. Courtesy of Evane Stoner (@evanestoner on Instagram).
  5. Ryman Hospitality Partners (formerly Gaylord) has suspended their dividend and been providing weekly updates to shareholders. Currently, stock is down 80% from end of February all time highs. Their response after the 2010 flood was really ahead of the rest of town and they are a company I am paying a lot of attention to, just to gauge the local impact. From latest shareholder update ' https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ryman-hospitality-properties-inc-provides-180010460.html “For the two weeks ended March 14, 2020, our hospitality business has experienced total attrition and cancellations of approximately 268,000 net room nights (which is inclusive of the net room nights disclosed in our March 8, 2020 release), representing approximately $132 million of revenue. This represents approximately seven annual occupancy points, or approximately 16%, of the contracted group room nights for the March through December time period on the books as of January 1, 2020. Approximately 55% of this impact is for March 2020, approximately 34% is for April 2020 and approximately 11% is for May-July 2020. The total estimated amount of attrition and cancellation fees currently owed to the Company for the attrited/cancelled groups is approximately $63 million. In addition, we have seen decreased levels of booking pace in our hospitality segment’s leisure business for the remainder of March.
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