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  1. Could it be!? Core driller on site at trailer park at intersection of Martin and Hamilton. Those of us in WeHo thought we might never see the day.
  2. <<puts tinfoil hat on>> I toured Broadwest condos a few weeks back. Realtor stated that the developer of this property had reached an agreement with the developer of Broadwest to preserve the Broadwest sightlines of downtown. Of course, I was immediately skeptical. This leak seems like the kind of leak that perpetuates that narrative. Broadwest can continue to sell their condos as 'locked in views.' However, money talks and this proposal leaves too much money on the table. At some point, another plan will emerge or property sale will happen.
  3. Looking into the Queens project from Moore Ave in Wedgewood-Houston tonight. Fusion in mid ground. Many others in the background.
  4. Excellent win in the rain tonight!
  5. On the topic of Fort Negley, a bill is on the agenda for metro council on 8/17 that is a grant of $75,000 to help with the Fort Negley masterplan : A resolution accepting a grant from the Metro Historical Commission Foundation to the Metropolitan Government, acting by and through the Metro Historical Commission, to assist with a portion of the costs associated with the site's master plan for Fort Negley Park. https://nashville.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=5083009&GUID=85150BF5-B83C-4D18-AA2B-7F3FF8DCDA1F
  6. Yes, sewer infrastructure has been upgraded significantly over the past 18 months. Lots of streets closures. The, much maligned on this board, power line and utility pole infrastructure was upgraded prior to that.
  7. Anyone care to speculate on the the stadium name sponsor? Pinnacle Field would be cool, though the team has a partnership with Renasant Bank. Probably a couple years early for Amazon or Oracle. Bridgestone and Nissan already sponsor venues. I dont see the value for HCA. Save our Fairgrounds Field?
  8. Forget who said this on the board years ago... there is a reason it's called City Lights and not City View. Because everyone knew the view was going to be gone soon.
  9. Well, like @samsonh said some will pay a premium to not live in a homeshare building. And as Smeags said... there is still a market for high end condos. There are a number of companies in the space. Pre-pandemic The Guild ran STR's out of The James and Velocity right across the street from you. The Guild signs a master lease on a couple dozen units and rents those exclusively as STRs. Similar groups pre-pandemic in Nashville were StayAlfred and Sonder. StayAlfred rolled up shop. Sonder is now going public via SPAC. Post-pandemic different companies are taking different ap
  10. The next decade will be defined by the hybrid multi-family/STR model. My personal belief, grounded in my own magic 8-ball, is most of the new apartments being built in midtown, SoBro, Division Street, etc will offer home sharing for UP TO 120/180 days to tenants at minimum, but also onsite boutique hotels. Nashville will be a proving ground for the concept, but similar models are rolling out in many other markets.
  11. With Greystar now marketing Harlowe, I would think Beach Company starts leasing these up soon. Though I wouldnt be surprised if this becomes all short term rentals.
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