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  1. Booking.com advertisement on side of Music City Center.
  2. One last blast of winter before clocks change and it warms up.
  3. Yes, it is imposing from Rains. It's also very prominent from Nolensville Pike. Can not wait for May 1st!
  4. Site appears to have been scraped for the mixed use project at 700 Hamilton.
  5. Funny you mention that …
  6. Some additional shots of the T3 Wedgewood Houston project showing the work on retaining wall and other site work from 1260 Martin parking lot.
  7. Yessir! Looks I’ll be watching the crane at Queens get built today. Getting snowed in isn’t all bad.
  8. Hopefully, the same fate doesn't await the Tishman-Speyer tower. 3br units make more sense as STR than traditional rental. I should say that while I knew the SoBro was turning into short-term rentals, I have no intel on the T-S project. I'm purely speculating.
  9. Tishman Speyer has been pretty innovative lately. For example, they're auctioning an illustration of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree as an NFT and they lead a SPAC earlier this year. So if they're leaning into 3br's, I wonder what they're seeing?
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