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  1. This agreement only prevents them from being within 5 miles of each other.
  2. All of that “growth” and nothing significant to show for it. Present day Nashville is still smaller than pre-2010 Charlotte. The fact that Charlotte is still outpacing in growth and probably everything else except higher education an entire decade later is more than telling. Nashville is nothing more than a tourist destination.
  3. If this were a boutique hotel it would make more sense. This hotel will stall.
  4. Intercontinental could’ve built a stand-alone hotel from the group up and had it opened from the time it was announced here to present day.
  5. Nashville’s growth just seems forced, IMO. It’s like they realized other southern cities were booming and decided they wanted to fit in. There isn’t any actual considerable growth.
  6. Yeah, I think the final result looks pretty classy. Even if it’s all fake.
  7. I’ll wait for an official announcement, but it’s long overdue.
  8. Are we really trying to re-establish the very obvious boundary of Uptown? The Uptown skyline is very much unbalanced and the SouthEnd skyline is not prominent enough to combine them.
  9. TopGolf North Charlotte will officially open later this year. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/topgolf-plans-to-open-second-location-in-charlotte-301000042.html
  10. I wouldn’t say SouthPark is safe either, there were already rumors that location would be converted into a Bloomingdale’s.
  11. TopGolf is already under construction.
  12. If BOA needs more space why don’t they take more space in their already established towers?
  13. There are literally countless apartment buildings going up in Charlotte next to railroad tracks, up against interstates, across from landfills, etc and they all get leased up. This one being a high rise is no different. It will sell for the simple fact it’s a high rise in Uptown.
  14. The purple section is the only non-enclosed part of the mall and that portion makes up less than 100k of the 1.6M square feet of the mall. You can remove the purple section (not that it makes sense to do so as it’s STILL part of the mall) and SouthPark would STILL be larger than every mall in every city I mentioned.
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