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  1. 100+ acres of undeveloped land
  2. Make that 4 years. https://www.coaster101.com/2019/09/07/golden-ticket-awards-2019-winners-announced/
  3. I personally think the new coaster is the scariest due to how many times it feels like you’re going to fall out of the seat, but Fury 325 has been named the best steel coaster in the world for the past 3 years for a reason.
  4. I think that is a possibility in the future, but there is still land within the current park boundaries for future development. It looks like they’re just extending the parking lot to the entrance road for closer proximity to the hotel.
  5. Parking lot expansion for the hotel opening this year.
  6. The quote was stating the home base needs to be taken care of, though. Lowe’s is not doing that at it’s original home base, it’s taking jobs away actually.
  7. Another reason the bikes were far superior, they never had a curfew.
  8. New water park slides and festival being added in 2020. The hotel will also be operational before WinterFest this year. Again, impressed with the continued investment - every year for over a decade.
  9. I don’t see a Bloomingdale’s coming before a Saks, although there was a rumor Bloomingdale’s was replacing Macy’s at SouthPark a few years ago. SouthPark needs an expansion, though. It hasn’t attracted a higher end store in several years.
  10. Lol, no one is going to SC for a Panthers game. The chance of the stadium leaving Charlotte is on par with Raleigh beating us to MLS, non existent. I’m all for a new stadium as I think the current stadium is extremely outdated compared to the new NFL/MLS stadiums built in recent years. Charlotte is long overdue for a Super Bowl, and major artists are skipping Charlotte or NC overall because the Spectrum Center does not have a large enough capacity for their tours. That, factored into the impending retail, residential, and office development that are included in this new stadium plan, is more than enough to warrant a new stadium.
  11. The bikes were much more useful than the scooters.
  12. Carowinds owns 407 acres, more than any other park Cedar Fair owns - that’s factual, not debatable. There is easily 100+ acres of land to be developed inside the park boundaries and near the campground. Cedar Point and King’s Island are the only two parks, while smaller in total land, that are more developed than Carowinds.
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