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  1. There’s also already a Marshall’s in Midtown so I can’t imagine a TJ Maxx would bring in too much foot traffic. A destination store such as Apple is what is needed to attract consistent foot traffic.
  2. Rendering looks decent. The future of this complex is going to completely depend on the tenant mix though so hopefully they get it right
  3. Also Altar’d State is renovating their existing store across from Apple and splitting the former Banana Republic store for two of it’s sub brands Arulla and Tullabee. A third sub brand from them AS Revival is also taking up a corner in the main store and will have it’s own entry. Once the new stores open that will leave the temporary Altar’d State space beside kate spade (formerly the Madewell store) as the only vacancy in the mall but it’s likely they already have a tenant lined up for that as well.
  4. It is indeed a standalone Alexander McQueen store. They are currently hiring for all positions including management and sales associates with a late November-early December 2022 opening.
  5. Very odd for them to back out literally last minute and want to occupy zero square footage of their campus.
  6. They own the new puttery concept that opened in South End. I don’t really think there is a reason for a Drive Shack in Charlotte as it doesn’t offer anything different than what Topgolf already does and they already have the market secured.
  7. Petition for them to open a Rainforest Cafe or Bubba Gump instead to really help us stand out
  8. Sephora, Aerie, Loft, and Starbucks have all closed. These are some pretty big name losses to the tenant lineup and come after Abercrombie & Fitch and Dick’s Sporting Goods closed last year. On the bright side, Toys R Us will open inside of the Macy’s location at the mall.
  9. Charlotte will also have the largest concentration of US employees despite New York City being billed as the North American HQ.
  10. The Charlotte MSA is 2x the size as the Raleigh MSA and 4x the size of the Durham MSA. The Research Triangle (which is a CSA) has 750,000 less people than the Charlotte CSA. The Triangle can continue to grow faster than Charlotte (which isn’t a significant difference in the first place) for the next decade and would still fail to get anywhere close to Charlotte’s CSA population. Raleigh is playing catch up, just as they have been for a decade.
  11. There isn’t really any way of knowing whether or not Raleigh’s population would be similar to Charlotte’s if it were the same size by area though. There are plenty of cities Charlotte’s size by area that are not Charlotte’s size by population. Regardless, from an unbiased standpoint, Charlotte is definitely the dominant city in the state and really in all of the Carolinas from multiple perspectives.
  12. Finding creative ways to add more square footage to the mall isn’t unrealistic. Simon is currently doing exactly that at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.
  13. I think that is what the developers/management of Phillips Place is doing.
  14. SouthPark says that all but one space is filled within the mall and that they have tenants waiting for more space to become available. https://www.wcnc.com/amp/article/money/southpark-mall-thriving-money-charlotte-nc/275-2108028e-a890-448c-a38f-418f3ade5c8b
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