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  1. Von Maur is too similar to Nordstrom IMO. None of those malls have both as a tenant either, so I think it’s unlikely to see a store at SouthPark. It could be a better fit for Northlake or Carolina Place.
  2. I was out and about in Uptown this weekend and the atmosphere was very energetic, probably from The Rolling Stones concert. I did hear multiple people complaining about the lack of food options open during the day.
  3. I’m still waiting for Neiman Marcus to add it’s third floor.
  4. I think a full scale Bloomingdale’s is unlikely, but they did just open a new prototype store that I think would world well at the mall. Maybe on the current Dick’s site. https://www.bloomingdales.com/c/bloomies/
  5. The bare minimum. Certain cities would find this laughable. The building is nothing special, adding bricks doesn’t make you unique.
  6. This is really just another cookie cutter apartment building going up, the bare minimum is being praised here.
  7. I say there’s pretty much no chance of an official HQ move by Lowe’s to South End. There’s not really a point.
  8. The Grand Bohemian’s outdoor space was originally planned to be a pool, something the JW has.
  9. The Raleigh tower is also one of their signature towers while ours is really just infill.
  10. Year-round operations starting next year shhhh
  11. Potential HQ move to Charlotte by Cedar Fair, the owners of Carowinds. The company currently has a corporate office in Charlotte, which was the original home of the Paramount Parks headquarters located near the park. The company’s CEO lives in Charlotte while the current HQ is located in Ohio. https://sanduskyregister.com/news/326540/cedar-fair-belongs-here/
  12. This may actually be the most transformative project announced for UC post light rail expansion.
  13. This leaves SouthPark as Abercrombie’s only location in the Charlotte market.
  14. Got inside of the park today. Small cosmetic improvements are being completed before opening such as the installation of a new sign near the front of the park and the planting of more trees for shade. Also, it seems as if the reservation system originally announced may be done away with before opening.
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