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  1. All of the rides typically open during WinterFest will be open for this event.
  2. I think this is because the Dems assumed (correctly) that NC would stay red this election due to the RNC being here and how many times Trump has visited the state.
  3. As expected, Carowinds will re-open from November 21 - December 20 for their Christmas event. Reservations and health screenings required.
  4. Bars, parks, and museums clearly aren’t keeping people Uptown, nor are they relatively unique. Uptown needs a true tourist attraction, something like Atlanta’s Ferris wheel and/or aquarium, or Seattle’s Space Needle. That, combined with (hopefully) an actual entertainment district leading to our new stadium will be a reason people want to visit and stay in Uptown outside of corporate requirements.
  5. Northlake isn’t going to close, it’s owners just seem clueless as to how to properly run it.
  6. Although no official announcement yet, it looks like WinterFest will be happening this year. Christmas lights have been installed all around the park and multiple job positions have been posted today for all departments - something that doesn't usually happen until after New Years.
  7. Looks like Arhaus is closing their SouthPark location.
  8. We surpassed Chapel Hill for the #2 title.
  9. COVID will likely be a thing of the past by the time the hotel is completed in the first place, so that really isn’t a justification for it not opening. It was never going to open, as I’ve said from the beginning.
  10. The three different variations of street lights throughout Uptown bothers me more than this.
  11. The pyramid just looks awkward because the building is short.
  12. So eliminating about 50ft since that seems to happen to all of our towers, we have a new 400 footer.
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