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  1. Trent Y


    Hasn't there been a sign up at that location for some time now? I haven't heard any news or updates on this project . I could be wrong though. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Ok ok we get it about FNB lol. I just can't wait for the whole block to be done.
  3. Great pictures. I would love it if the 18 story Westin would get started.
  4. Has the 10 story Westin started out there yet?
  5. It keeps saying to get the Google maps app which I already have? That's weird. Well I'm sure it's exactly what I was talking about!
  6. No this is next to the Harley dealer right at the fork there. Matter of fact, can anyone with the know how outline the downtown south proposal and this on a Google map screenshot or something? I think that would help people visualize the huge potential changes to south saunders... I would do it I just am not good with that stuff.
  7. How big is the North Hills Harris Teeter? That's an urban format. I could see that going here. But if the plans are updated and it's going to be big box retail, then I have no idea.
  8. RUSBUS is requesting to be rezoned to 40 as was already stated. Doesn't mean necessarily it will be much more then 20 but still those are likely the next 3 biggest projects and chances for height.
  9. I also am skeptical of this project. Originally they were claiming it was going to be 40 story office for a "unicorn" company looking to relocate. Now it looks like they have already changed those plans to a mixed use, mostly residential setup. Though that may make it more feasible for getting it off the ground, I also don't trust their track record for something as ambitious as this. Especially with it being as hard as it is already to get a tower this size in DTR. I certainly hope it gets built but I have my doubts. Fortunately, there are a couple more 30-40 story proposals on the table that I think have a much greater shot at being built sooner then later between the RUSBUS faculty rezoning, One Four One Fayetteville, and Kane's Smokey Hollow Phase 3 which has been approved for rezoning.
  10. I think the last document I looked at from another forum said 386ft.
  11. Yep that's correct. Origin.
  12. Or just negative for the sake of being that negative guy...
  13. That's how I understand it. The "tower 4" and Walter tower are connected by the parking deck but are being built on separate but similiar timelines. The tower 4 construction has technically already begun and the Walter tower is supposedly starting this fall. But who knows when exactly since it's already almost November. The Walter is also only residential and hotel. I have also heard rumors of First Citizens building a 40 story tower in North Hills but I have no idea how legitimate those rumors are or if it was just an idea being kicked around. I could definitely see it happening though.
  14. I like this better then One Glenwood. More aesthetically pleasing at night especially.
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