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  1. That's... an interesting way to say "August." (I hope)
  2. Not a drone photo, but standing-on-a-bench perspective:
  3. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/XCLTBrandywineTyvola.aspx That segment has (finally) moved to construction. There are signs up for an on-street connection between the existing end points of the greenway, but I've heard staking and preliminary earthwork is going on down by the creek.
  4. Glass facade creating a significant change to the streetscape/feel of Stonewall.
  5. Bridge this evening. Looking close to ready for deck pour.
  6. Continuing the tangent, this is a great podcast about the Trader Joes business model, its connection to Aldi, and how they got where they are. Recommended quarantine listening... https://freakonomics.com/podcast/trader-joes/
  7. Oh man what a huge mistake. Hopefully the City can make changes quickly. I think if they could offer transit passes to residents instead, the optics of that would be *excellent* as a move that is pro-urbanism, pro-environment, and pro-affordable housing. Reducing the need for working class people to buy, maintain, and park expensive vehicles should be a completely compatible goal with affordable housing in Uptown.
  8. I wonder if there's some threshold that makes it worth the city's while to go after a driver. If a motorist destroys a sign, those are pretty cheap and easy to fabricate and replace, maybe not worth the legal effort/expense. For a bike counter, maybe? A traffic signal cabinet that costs >$10,000? I'd be curious to learn more if anyone on this forum has any insight. In this case, a commercial vehicle with a (presumably) professional driver jumped a 4' curb to mow this thing down. Police responded to the scene and can provide a crash report with all details. This looks to me like complete negligence and it seems to me like a no-brainer that the driver's insurance company should have to pay out.
  9. Phase 1/phase 2 tie-in! Hawthorne Lane and 5th St tracks and concrete work.
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