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  1. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Anyone know if the Phase 2 streetcar vehicles (modern Siemens trains) will be limited by snow also? Saw the vehicles operating in yesterday's snow, was surprised they are not in operation today.
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Wasn't interested in driving or getting my own bike dirty this morning, so gave a dockless bike a shot on the commute.
  3. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    ... another tweet highlighting the actual issues with use of our public space. If we replace a couple of car-parking spaces (average occupancy 1.59) and replace them with a dozen parking spaces for bicycles (occupancy for 12+), add geofencing in bike corrals, then perhaps our public space will start to function a bit better and look significantly less cluttered.
  4. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I'm enjoying this thread on Twitter as a response to the frequent complaints about Dockless the link for more.
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Uptown from the porch at Catawba Brewery.
  6. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Agreed that this would be an excellent solution. Many cities (Portland, Austin, Denver, etc.) have been installing Bike Corrals which provide capacity for 12 or more bikes in one on-street parking space. Generally they're placed at intersection corners and have the added benefit of increasing sight distance for drivers, bicyclists and peds. Denver Standard Detail Google Maps - Charlotte installation on E Park Ave Google Maps - Portland, OR installation - these are all over the place in PDX I'd like to see future fees from the dockless bikeshare permit fund public bike parking around the city.... seems like a no-brainer.
  7. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    CLT looking good on a Friday afternoon.
  8. The RailYard

    The developer is ponying up the cash for a B-Cycle station: I'm sure it will be swamped with dockless bikes from the day it is open as well.
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    If floats don't survive going over a speedbump at pedestrian/parade speeds....that is not a failure of the infrastructure.
  10. I think this video would have been a more effective pitch for Amazon than the actual CLT is Prime video.
  11. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Probably so. Starting to show up in force in Uptown and South End
  12. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    LimeBike arrives in Charlotte today. Bringing 200 bikes. Rumor is that Spin is set to announce an additional 500 bikes today as well. They are advertising a City Manager position for Charlotte on their website. Both of these companies have had big success in Seattle, varying levels of success in other cities. Will be interesting to see how the Charlotte market responds to four bike share options (and a ton more bikes).
  13. Saw this last week - looks like locally roasted coffee is coming to the North Skyhouse tower.