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  1. pathb

    Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    What are the endpoints of the segment in your photos? Randolph Rd to the North, and does it go all the way to Providence Rd to the South? Does anyone know if grade separation is ultimately planned at 7th Street/Briar Creek to connect to the Chantilly Park segment of Briar Creek Greenway?
  2. It's Grand Bohappening
  3. I thought I remembered seeing reverse angle parking on 10th Street in a Site Plan for this development. Anyone know if that is still happening? Does not look like the curb line shown in these photos is in the right place for that. I'm also curious to see how engaged/active the rear side of this development will be with the future Cross Charlotte Trail. There's huge opportunity for ground level trail oriented development here - the trail will be bordered on one side by great views of the skyline over 277, and by this development on the other side.
  4. pathb

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Plagiarism with permission seems to me like it would be ok, but it sounds like you have a strict editor if he/she won't let you mention the infestation of piranhas that will surely accompany this project in the headline.
  5. pathb

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Elizabeth NIMBYism reaching new heights in this Charlotte Observer Viewpoint by Kris Solow (another vocal ECA member): With newcomers pouring into Charlotte like piranhas, we're headed for disaster That's right, folks - piranhas.
  6. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Someone should create an animation/gif of this same view for each year the stadium has been open. The skyline has changed a really impressive amount in the past few years!
  7. pathb

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction Bringing back the red light camera topic, though it didn't generate a lot of feedback last time I posted about it. Marcus Jones has advised City Council against installing red light cameras, arguing that there are more effective safety measures available through the City's (funded? unfunded?) Vision Zero program. I'm curious to hear the opinions of members of this group - red light cameras are politically unpopular but seem to be very effective at reducing the types of crashes that are most likely to produce fatality. In general, automatic enforcement (red light running and speed cameras) seems to me a necessary part of any credible Vision Zero program, alongside a heavy dose of engineering improvements that make geometric changes to streets to reduce the possibility of speeding automobiles in urban environments. Jones has been tasked with researching alternative safety measures and presenting those to Council in the coming weeks.
  8. Rendering of the outside of that accessory building I had not see before:
  9. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    The weather has been incredible this week. A vibrant, busy uptown last night. Romare Bearden and the baseball stadium were packed, tons of people walking and riding dockless bikes.
  10. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Plaza Midwood mural going up
  11. pathb

    Charlotte Off Topic I walk by this building often and assumed it was just office space for Federal Reserve employees. Now that we know there are untold billions of dollars of cash stored underground, does anyone think John Lewis may be planning the ultimate heist to fund the Red/Silver/Airport rail lines?
  12. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    One more from sunrise at 36th St Station.
  13. pathb

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network Elizabeth Community Association Meeting.pdf Project update presented at a public meeting organized by the Elizabeth Community Association a couple of weeks ago.
  14. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    36th St Station sunrise
  15. pathb

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I think the headline I saw on Twitter this morning was something like "Local commuters shocked and appalled they are expected to pay for parking at new BLE parking decks."