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  1. Finally saw the streetcar in action last night! Moving fast with a rolling escort during testing. Can't wait to ride this thing - anyone heard anything firm on an opening date for passenger service?
  2. Received the email below from CATS. Still no commitment to revenue service start date, but streetcar testing "Coming Soon." Looking forward to seeing these running and can't wait to take my first ride.
  3. I was envisioning something like the sketch shown in red below. This is a distance of about 2.4 miles and could potentially be pretty scenic. Obviously it would require permission from Duke to build under their transmission lines, but there are already lots of mountain bike trails and paved driveways through this area. If the Silver Line Rail Trail comes to fruition, this could become a really important connection and start to create network for people walking and biking through this area. Another benefit would be connecting USNWC to Iswa Nature Preserve just south of 74. Perhaps the trai
  4. The article was an interesting read. I'd heard a little bit about the history of the Whitewater Center but that was certainly the most complete version I've read. I've been shocked throughout the pandemic how popular the facilities have become. From anecdotal observations, I-85/I-485/Moores Chapel Rd. seem to have a pretty high portion of vehicles being used as very fancy, expensive bike racks after 4pm any day of the week. On weekends it seems like half of the traffic in that area is destined for the Whitewater Center! I hope that the USNWC is advocating for a Silver Line station
  5. Similar vantage point to @Rickybobby's photo above, but taken in the early Saturday AM hours. My new phone background!
  6. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/11/16/central-square-office-retail-main-street.html Anyone with an account able to share details?
  7. Does the Cross Charlotte Trail follow the creek through here? Is the developer going to build it along the Philemon extension if so?
  8. Starting to look like a real city!
  9. This update from the City seems to indicate it's just the elevation of the concrete that was incorrect where the tracks are to be placed, not the mix/strength of the concrete. From what I've read it sounds like it won't require a full demo of the track bed within the bridge deck, hopefully that is the case. Honestly I'm pretty excited about the bridge potentially opening to ped/bike this month. The volume of automobile traffic on Hawthorne is significantly reduced without the bridge in place, and it is a much quieter and safer street because of it. Maybe we could petition to make this Char
  10. At this point I'd be ready to jump off a bridge (if one was available)
  11. That's... an interesting way to say "August." (I hope)
  12. Not a drone photo, but standing-on-a-bench perspective:
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