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  1. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Skyline view from Midtown Park
  2. pathb

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Anyone catch Mayor Lyles on Charlotte Talks this AM announcing that the pilot program for bikes/scooters is being terminated early? towards the end of the recording
  3. pathb

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Slightly off-topic...I saw this ad at the Epicentre recently. I've always felt that a center-city location for an REI would make a killing in Charlotte (they're located in more urban areas in many other cities in the US). Epicentre seems like a prime location for them if there is a space large enough. Anyone know of any rumors of a move to center-city from one of the dwindling suburban malls? Or is this "just" an ad?
  4. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Quick panorama of Stonewall development from the Tryon bridge yesterday.
  5. pathb

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc) Anyone have additional info or opinions on this? Will construction stop until the litigation is resolved? Given the history of the Faison project around the corner, the Neighborhood Association's request of reducing density on the site's frontage seems like it could lead to a financially unsustainable development.
  6. pathb

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    Totally agree - and if/when the UDO gets adopted, the minimum-required parking for First Ward would be zero for most land uses, with some maximum parking rates implemented. The entirety of Levine's First Ward holdings fit within a half mile radius of 7th and 9th St stations, qualifying it for TOD-A. Draft of TOD-A available here.
  7. pathb

    Center City Development Maps

    Little Sugar Creek Greenway - Tyvola to Huntingtowne Farm Park has been completed and facility is open. XCLT - Huntingtown Farms to 485 is under construction.
  8. pathb

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    Had the opportunity to check out this new segment last week. It makes a big connection (and the on-street route between Brandywine to Tyvola isn't too terrible). Now I can more easily ride from Uptown to Park Rd Park, etc., and soon will be able to ride all the way to I-485/Pineville area on a low-stress network. Very exciting. One of my favorite features of this new segment is its proximity to great mountain biking trails. There are several access points/trailheads that connect to the Backyard Trails and mountain biking paths behind Marion Diehl Park. I've read about cities like Bentonville, AR leveraging the excellent nearby recreational trails and connecting them to downtown via greenways. This has resulted in a huge tourism boost with tons of dollars being spent in their downtowns. Charlotte is getting their first taste of this with the Backyard Trails on XCLT Tyvola-Huntingtown Farms. I hope there will be more to come!
  9. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  10. Charlotte Bikes on the front page of the Observer this morning. I think it's excellent to see the Bicycling program getting this much publicity, and (finally) having funding restored after so many years without funding.
  11. pathb

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    First Ward Park splashpad was hopping this afternoon before the rain
  12. pathb

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    Elizabeth Community Association at it again....update to the email referenced by @Bat'leth earlier on this page:
  13. pathb

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    What are the endpoints of the segment in your photos? Randolph Rd to the North, and does it go all the way to Providence Rd to the South? Does anyone know if grade separation is ultimately planned at 7th Street/Briar Creek to connect to the Chantilly Park segment of Briar Creek Greenway?
  14. It's Grand Bohappening
  15. pathb

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I thought I remembered seeing reverse angle parking on 10th Street in a Site Plan for this development. Anyone know if that is still happening? Does not look like the curb line shown in these photos is in the right place for that. I'm also curious to see how engaged/active the rear side of this development will be with the future Cross Charlotte Trail. There's huge opportunity for ground level trail oriented development here - the trail will be bordered on one side by great views of the skyline over 277, and by this development on the other side.