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  1. Wow, that is a big deal. Since the City has been planning an extension of Philemon, does that mean the developer would have to provide the right of way in order to rezone?
  2. First Siemens streetcar vehicle has arrived...
  3. Fire up the MSPaint, Cadi40
  4. Per the update on this Charlotte project page, looks like construction on The Plaza street conversion is imminent. Some nice bike, ped, and streetscape improvements coming through here.
  5. What do you mean by that? From what I've read they've been very unreliable and have lead to longer headways than planned for Phase 1. Now that the line is shutting down for the rebuild of all stations to match Siemens streetcar vehicle boarding heights, I'm really wishing we had bypassed the short-term replica trolleys altogether.
  6. Charlotte skyline looking good for the official ribbon-cutting of the 6th Street Cycle Track (Phase 1)!
  7. This is exciting: https://www.wfae.org/post/atrium-wake-forest-plan-charlottes-first-four-year-medical-school Anyone have thoughts on potential locations? Doesn't Wake Forest have some space on College St. Uptown currently?
  8. Weather could not be much better in the Queen City right now! Views from East of Uptown and UNCC Center City building.
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