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  1. Yes, it's fairly sad in Roanoke these days, IMO. With the wonderful and cheerful news in the Roanoke Times stating that the population of Roanoke would be in the 80,000 range in a few years, coming from an all-time high of around 107,000....the City Gov't is one of the worst in the US, imo. That along with uneployment numbers make Roanoke into a slowly dying city, IMO, unless something major changes very soon.
  2. I think VDOT needs to get focused on completion of highway 58. Its taken them like 30 years, and they still have alot to go.....it makes me soo mad to see another road slapped in Rchmond, or Newport, when this thing has been going on forever, and it still has alot to go...its a major road coming down the mountain....if you look it up, I'm sure you'll see where I'm coming from on this issue.
  3. I remember reading this article that Carry Me Back To Old Virginia WAS the state song, but it was dumped, and they have tried for years to makc a new one, but none have been that good. I swear I read this huge article sometime about that.....
  4. Places like Martinsville, Danville, etc bring the unemployment rate up...martinsville has been around 14.0% for years.
  5. So, isn't Virginia the only State without a state song? We should get together, make one, and turn it in.
  6. Hey everyone. I was born and raised in good 'ole Southwest Virginia. I registered under Roanoke, but I'm specifically from Patrick County.
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