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  1. Spero

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Hm. Gross.
  2. Spero

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    For what it’s worth if that’s the alternative I think the better outcome is MLB to charlotte and MLS to Raleigh. there is a lot of existing baseball competition in the triangle (3 1st flight NCAA teams and the bulls) and charlotte is centralized as a region in a way that Raleigh is not that would support the high volume, variable times of MLB games. I feel like the triangle has a higher international population but that isn’t based on any statistic and may be wrong.
  3. Holy surface parking
  4. This is the worst political theory blog I’ve ever read
  5. This article is from 2007. Before Wachovia was sold in a fire sale
  6. Spero

    The West End

    People in Columbia would like to have a word with you
  7. Spero

    The West End

    There’s a lot of balconies sticking off of that thing
  8. Spero

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Ah yes, having the football team is the big leagues. Bankrupt the city and torpedo the pension fund but at least you’ll have a big time franchise to pull for while you huddle around the trash can fire. Never mind the fact that every serious economic study shows that public finance in stadiums is the equivalent of lighting a cigar with flaming cash. Anyone that makes this argument is either (1) deeply stupid or (2) a shill.
  9. Spero

    New downtown federal courthouse

    1. Each of those is infinitely better than the last known Greenville design. 2. Even assuming these were bad, the argument would be roughly equivalent to “my car is pretty good, I’ve seen plenty of worse cars”
  10. Spero

    New downtown federal courthouse

    I was referring to the state's delegation to the United States Congress. And since seeing the old design I will be skeptical about the new one until I see it.
  11. Spero

    New downtown federal courthouse

    so it's somehow getting worse, great. Maybe if it had no windows - perfect! A complete failure of South Carolina's legislative delegation.
  12. Spero

    Cameron Village Developments

    I don’t think any of these have been completed and construction has stalled. Think they’re having trouble with sales
  13. Spero

    Where should HQ2 go?

    Lol one of the world’s most valuable companies held a national beauty contest that included demanding publicly funded incentives in the capital-b Billions in exchange for jobs and investment. And now they say they will actually deliver only half, but yes please give us all that public money. This was always a gross display, and we are well over the shark by now.
  14. Spero

    New downtown federal courthouse

    If they're going to go through with building the giant windowless cardboard box in the latest drawing, then they can start in 3019
  15. Lol ok so WeWork, got it. Maybe I’m showing my age but I don’t know a single person that uses coworking space and yet it occupies roughly 40% of office square footage.