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  1. They have and are, the new planning code allows for increased height in basically the North Morrison area in exchange for developer concessions like green roofs and modified setbacks. It will never be like DC’s Arlington or Paris’ La Défense but there’s already a lot more height going in there
  2. Timber is down but steel is high and getting higher - it’s all over the news. Also, labor compliance and planning.
  3. How many tower cranes were up in 1831
  4. Abandoned Building Revitalization credits are structure specific and don’t allow for significant demo
  5. This is a weird takeaway dude. You can yell at people about Ayn Rand elsewhere
  6. It's weird that nobody is explaining why they're offering $13mil more than it's probably worth. The focus on the need to act fast only compounds my suspicion.
  7. Spero

    The West End

    The way I read that at first is the (often dubious) “economic impact” studies that boosters do that factors in every cent spent within a country mile of the site. Those studies have been roundly panned by serious economists. if that figure is direct investment, though, sure, the more the merrier
  8. Is this still the developer that had... er... legal trouble? Curious to see whether that affects the project
  9. For what it’s worth if that’s the alternative I think the better outcome is MLB to charlotte and MLS to Raleigh. there is a lot of existing baseball competition in the triangle (3 1st flight NCAA teams and the bulls) and charlotte is centralized as a region in a way that Raleigh is not that would support the high volume, variable times of MLB games. I feel like the triangle has a higher international population but that isn’t based on any statistic and may be wrong.
  10. This is the worst political theory blog I’ve ever read
  11. This article is from 2007. Before Wachovia was sold in a fire sale
  12. Spero

    The West End

    People in Columbia would like to have a word with you
  13. Spero

    The West End

    There’s a lot of balconies sticking off of that thing
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