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  1. nativetenn

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I'm China stop the madness I inflicted upon this thread
  2. nativetenn

    Sports Thread

    Like 1990s UT fans, most of them are working-class folks with a good football team being all they have. At least they benefit our universities by paying tickets and attending the games.
  3. nativetenn

    Sports Thread

    Bammers are all over the place today. I can't tell how many of these visiting fans are Gumps who traveled or just bandwagoners in the area. I imagine Neyland is the second most visited stadium by Bama fans, behind Jordan-Hare. Also, just a cultural observation: Why are so many CFB fans obese? It's a little depressing when 3/4 of the people walking around are freaking huge.
  4. nativetenn

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I'll throw Iraq at the next peron who makes another country pun
  5. nativetenn

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Yemen, it's called Oman.
  6. nativetenn

    Nashville’s topography and future growth

    Where did you get this information? That projection seems awfully high. Nashville's MSA would have to double in only 22 years.
  7. nativetenn

    Sports Thread

    That's good to know; I joined the board a month later in July 2017, though I had been lurking since 2015. Happy TSIO, Bammer. You'll be calling us "12essee" after this one.... xD I'm surprised Saban is starting Tua this weekend. I suppose he knows what he's doing, but I would think he would want to risk Tua getting injured. Tennessee has a weak defense and there would be little difference in scoring if he were to start Jalen, who is probably the second best QB in the SEC (Burrow may be better; we'll find out how good LSU is in November). Prediction for the game: Alabama 45, Tennessee 16. Tennessee is forced to kick a lot of field goals; Alabama's offense dominates as usual like 1995 Nebraska. Tennessee barely covers the spread. I don't think Saban will have it anywhere near full throttle on Saturday. But we will see what kind of fight my Vols put up- they are riled up from last weekend's victory. And welcome back to Knoxville! Let me know if you need any information about restaurants, nightlife, etc. I think you'll really like it over here. Knoxville punches way above its class, and contrary to what some users on the board believe, it's quite a nice city. Actually I was AT that USCe - Tennessee game in 2009! My dad took me to it. Halloween night with the black jerseys. I will never forget that. I was 12.
  8. nativetenn

    Sports Thread

    Aside from Soccer to Nashville, I have noticed a lack of users engaging in sports discussion on the board. That may be a blessing in disguise (fans can be crazy) but surely many of us are Titans and Predators fans, right? For those interested in our local franchises, I'd like to begin this thread. Even if Nashville's local teams aren't your favorite, please feel free to discuss sports in general. A little more about my favorite teams, with my interest in each organization ranked from most interested to least interested: College Sports: Univ. of Tennessee football, Men's basketball, and Lady Vols basketball NFL: Titans NHL: Predators MLB: Atlanta Braves NBA: Memphis Grizzlies / Boston Celtics bandwagoner Soccer: USA Men's and Women's National Team (I confess I do not follow much soccer and have little knowledge of European or even American leagues.) I'm mostly a college football nut. You can make fun of UT's piss-poor 10-year stretch of mediocrity (throwing in a couple of fool's gold Butch Jones Life Championships along the way). Since I'm a student here, I'll be sure to respond
  9. nativetenn

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Bringing the Preds and Titans downtown did wonders for 2nd Ave and Broadway, or so I have heard from older Nashvillians. Our riverfront has changed so much in the past 15 years. I think a lot has to do with the Titans being on the other side of the river because so many people use Siegenthaler Bridge to get there. The market for restaurants and bars drastically expanded following the inaugural seasons of the Titans and Preds. Many of these places on Broadway are dependent on the local fanbase.
  10. nativetenn

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I shouldn't be as bothered as I am by what people are doing to Bird scooters, but destruction of property really irritates me. I hate seeing how indecent grown adults are, whether it be reckless usage of the scooters, disregard for traffic rules, or damaging the scooters in general. Why do some people just take it upon themselves to ruin everything for everyone else like a bully on a playground set?
  11. nativetenn

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Geez. People suck.
  12. nativetenn

    University of Tennessee Construction

    Second phase of the Student Union is nearing completion. Side note, the project site smells like sewage it's pretty disgusting when you walk by it. I wonder what the heck causes the smell.
  13. nativetenn

    IKEA to Nashville

    Just let Memphis have this one... It doesn't have much else it can claim superior to Nashville anymore. *triggers Memphis folks*