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  1. Could it be my sports luck is changing?
  2. They'll always be the Titans... mediocre at best
  3. Driving into Davdison county from Williamson toll free 5 days per week is convenient
  4. In other news, Tennessee is cancelling their basketball series with Memphis.
  5. Thanks, @KJHburg! You always deliver quality content no matter where you go. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Knoxville and the Volunteer State. Don't stay away, now!
  6. Several weeks ago, I posted about the Titans and Vols both being 2-4. Well hey, both are still miles away from being good teams, but they're 5-5 apiece these days. I'll take it. Go Vols! Go Titans! Go Preds!
  7. I'm fixing to re-name this thread to the Taylor Lewan Hate Thread. F$#@ him
  8. Say what you will about the Titans, but they do have a pretty good defense. They just need an O-Line, a consistent QB, and I guess now a new placekicker.
  9. After two decades of vacancy, the former Tennessee State Supreme Court site is going to develop into a combination of residential units and retail! This is estimated to be a $76MM project. If anyone has access to the article pasted below, please give us a synopsis of what is stated. Thanks! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.knoxnews.com/amp/4055502002
  10. Beat me to it. I came over here just to complain about him.
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