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  1. Maybe he deleted your posts and banned your first account because you're a crappy poster. Most of your posts are inflammatory by disposition, such as the one I quoted. Hence is why your content gets deleted.
  2. Thank you so much for your service, sir! This is a state-of-the-art traffic system you and your colleagues at TDOT have developed. I'm on the opposite side of town (close to where you are, actually) but I may check this out once completed.
  3. On tonight's episode of totallylookslike... Jim Cooper And 1978 Garfield
  4. I have to be honest, I think Chattanooga looks awful when you're passing through it on the interstate. I know it's a totally different story downtown, but it's really depressing as you drive along 24. The drive through Chattanooga along I-24 is the ugliest urban scene in the state of Tennessee. It also does not have a developed skyline for its size. It's behind peer cities Asheville, Lexington and Knoxville in this metric. I don't understand how people will fawn over Chattanooga and hate on Knoxville at the same time.
  5. RIP Davidson County taxpayers
  6. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/opinion-fulton-hopes-putting-cops-jail-will-keep-him-office/PChwPPpA4OZNe7UH5qzUYK/
  7. Not a single in-shape person to be found
  8. Is it a national mandate for commonplace Trump supporters to be fat
  9. Why are some ITT expressing apprehension regarding peaceful protesting? Is it residual anxiety from the destructive protests in late May? To my knowledge, Nashville's protests have been peaceful since then.
  10. Didn't even click- Sadly, Trump can do or say whatever he wants and the R's will cover for him. He's immune to the law, as we've learned since 2017. I'll take the response as some level of agreement with my post on Wednesday
  11. Wise words from the President "The concept of chokehold sounds so innocent, so perfect."
  12. @grilled_cheese, Is the logical solution to defund the police? I would prefer to use those available funds and invest time and money in programs that lengthen the amount of training and raise the bar for law enforcement officers to qualify for their positions. And why not include social work, ethics classes, et cetera in law enforcement? The American conception of penance is too brutalized and outdated. I'm all for trying new things here. I do not stand against what Minneapolis is trying- I may not agree with it, but hell, why not try it now? The current system clearly isn't working for black people. In my opinion, calls en masse for defunding the police (with few defending arguments) is the type of leftist feel-good groupthink that drives moderates to the candidate with an (R) next to his/her name come election time. It's a knee-jerk reaction. And I ask this honestly- If police brutality is the concern here, what benefit would it serve to put already strained officers and police departments under more stress when there are less officers on duty with less resources? My educated guess is they would be even more overwhelmed and provoked to lash out violently against citizens.
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