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  1. Titans s hittin the bed again
  2. Great pic of "New Nashville" Pretty much all of the infrastructure and high-rises in this shot were completed in the past 15 years. SPECTACULAR view! Yes, I did intend to write in all caps. I am just that blown away by this shot and the density we're getting in the core.
  3. Titans are a pretty decent team- they have the ammunition- but they always choke when they need a W. Side note, I effing hate Taylor Lewan and dread his return to the team in Week 5. He is a POS. The best college team in Tennessee is Memphis. Vanderbilt is bad and Tennessee is terrible. Vandy @ UT in November will be an epic sissy fight. I'm counting on my Braves now not to blow it in October. They have the best record in the MLB since late May. They've already clinched a WC spot. What's the sitrep on the Preds? Will they be good this year? I don't follow hockey but I hope they can actually win something for Nashville. The Titans sure as heck won't.
  4. Also too bad the Titans' kryptonite is the Colts... I think they've lost 18 of the last 21 to them or something like that.
  5. That was pretty good man- you got me. Cheers!
  6. Mariota is such a joke. Throwing in the middle of the field with zero timeouts and less than one minute to spare in regulation. Sigh Seems like somebody hasn't had much luck playing Fortnite today. Cheer up, sport, there's a Sunny D in the fridge for you.
  7. Thanks, @smeagolsfree!! P.S. anyone who quotes his post is getting perma-banned
  8. SEC Standings Great teams Bama, UGA, LSU Decent teams Texas A&M Auburn Crappy teams Florida, State, Kentucky Awful teams Ole Miss, Mizzou, Vandy, LOL Tier Arkansas, USCjr And then there's the Vols
  9. I think so too because L&C Tower is visible in the background.
  10. @Sean blackdog How many, Sean?
  11. That is correct. The "100 people per day" statistic that made interesting water cooler talk a few years ago actually accounted for the entire 13-county Nashville metropolitan area, not Davidson County alone. I would guess most of those 100 or so people moving to the Mid-State were settling in Williamson or Rutherford.
  12. View of downtown from Spring Street. Taken Sunday, 25 August 2019 ETA: All pictures I post are mine unless stated otherwise
  13. Do y'all play instruments? I play the piano
  14. Although the information posted recently ITT is provided via banter, I am thrilled to read posts that don't have anything to do with scooters. Anyways, carry on.
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