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  1. New York is the de facto HQ of Wells Fargo. All of the corporate leaders are based there. However, Charlotte is Wells’ workhorse. It has the most Wells employees of any city.
  2. I love Waxhaw and thought of living in Weddington Chase. The traffic on Providence Road is a problem though.
  3. So this will be the sixth tallest tower in Charlotte? That’s impressive.
  4. I’ve thought the same thing. It would be nice if SouthEnd had a big plaza.
  5. I’m sorry if someone has answered this, but is the podium for the whole project rising now, along with the residential tower?
  6. I wonder which team Mr. Scacco and the others at Riverside will support tonight. They have a lot riding on Charlotte.
  7. Thanks! I haven’t been in that area since March and couldn’t recall.
  8. Will there be any water features in the Bowl?
  9. October 27, 2023: nothing happening…. I assume that high interest rates are stalling this project because there’s a demand for apartments, and as far as the office space goes, I could see Duke taking it.
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