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  1. I think that this could be the second best tower of this cycle trailing on 300 S Tryon. This looks really impressive.
  2. The other must be Atl., which is another big hotspot for Buckeyes.
  3. That’s a really awesome fountain. I’ve always liked it a lot.
  4. It will be nice to see this tower lit up on TV during the game tonight.
  5. That would be awesome. Hopefully, they build a new tower in Uptown or South End.
  6. I’m truly amazed at what an enormous port Savannah is. What’s really impressive is that Savannah and nearby Charleston together are a really formidable powerhouse.
  7. JP Morgan is about to start a $4b 1,400' new HQ tower on Park Ave. Personally, I think that's crazy. They could build the same thing in the QC for $500-$750m. They should move here now and maximize the shareholder's value.
  8. I think that NC should scrap the personal income tax. That's a big lure for Texas, for example, and would get NC and advantage over Atl for corporate relocations.
  9. London’s and HK’s fade is a good thing. Charlotte and NY will basically be the only global financial centers, and it’s a matter of time before Charlotte overtakes N.Y. Before we know it, IPOs will list on the Charlotte Stock Exchange!
  10. It’s looking very Kardashian!
  11. I’ve always loved that plaza.
  12. It makes sense to move Wells HQ to the QC. But for private equity, SF isn’t a banking powerhouse. Also, I guarantee that 90% of Wells’ employees in SF make less than $250k per year, which is nothing in SF. If their salaries were dropped by 1/3, they’d fare much better in Charlotte, and the company would save a fortune on office space ($30/sf for QC space vs. $80-$100/sf in SF). The upper echelon execs who want big city life could move to NY where Wells’ IB owns 750k sf of space at 30 HY.
  13. From my perspective, the 2020 RNC will be more about Charlotte than about Trump. With all of these projects, I feel like the Queen is preparing for her coronation! As per Handel (and the Bible): Zadok the priest And Nathan the prophet Anointed Soloman, king And all the people Rejoiced. And all the people (Alleluia) Rejoiced.…
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