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  1. Considering that Charlotte is the number 2 financial center in the U.S., I envision significant demand for this supersonic flight between Charlotte and London. This would really enhance the QC's prestige. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/03/virgin-galactics-supersonic-jet-would-go-nyc-to-london-in-2-hours.html
  2. Not the ATC, but here's another project for the Bull City! https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article244360832.html
  3. The best city in N.C., Charlotte, has relatively few old buildings, whereas Durham, Raleigh, W-S, Asheville, and Wilmington have a lot. Then again, if those cities had the level of development that Charlotte does, maybe they wouldn’t have so many old buildings.
  4. I agree that commuter rail is essential.
  5. Charlotte is starting to look substantial. I see no reason why it can't catch up to Atlanta in population but also avoid Atlanta's mistakes. Pineville and the area around the airport and the west side generally could easily add over 1m residents in dense, transit-oriented areas. (For those who fear pandemics, the area around the Great Pee Dee in S.C. would be an option.)
  6. Wow! This is fantastic news. It definitely is. For a city of its size, Durham is very vibrant. Also, I prefer the south side of Pettigrew Street to the north. It has amazing things like the ATC, DPAC, the Bulls Stadium, the new Mangum Street complex, etc. This amazing new project adds to its allure. I wish that Duke and the companies in the RTP would transfer more things to downtown Durham. I think that Durham can become the second best city in NC after Charlotte.
  7. They also signed new leases in JC and Wall St. More importantly, if Charlotte can get thousands of lawyers, accountants, marketing, tech, and HR personnel from Wells, Chase, AIG, etc. it would be a coup even if the HQ is elsewhere. I’m very confident that Chase will establish a very large operation in Charlotte. Charlotte is better suited than any other city that might attract these workers (e.g., DFW, Jacksonville, SLC, or Columbus), and it offers a much better QoL than those cities do.
  8. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. The hope for luring from NY is not good though. In addition to the new multi billion dollar campus that JP Morgan Chase is building in Manhattan, Blackstone announced yesterday that they seek a new 1m sf HQ, which likely will be in a new 1,500’ tower planned at 350 Park, AIG just leased several hundred thousand sf for its new HQ. IBM seeks 500k sf to supplement its world HQ in the suburbs. Raymond James and Tik Tok also learned around 500k sf between them within the last month. Nonetheless, Charlotte can easily get the lower level staff, which is hardly slim pickings. Thousands of jobs paying $125,000 annually would be a nice addition to the QC and should support more office construction.
  9. While this may not be what everyone hoped for, it still looks amazing.
  10. The bottom line is that wherever the official HQ is, Charlotte will continue to get more and more jobs. Hopefully, Wells will build another tower in Uptown.
  11. Realistically speaking, I can see the HQ going to NY because that’s where all top bankers are, but masses of employees could be relocated to Charlotte. Also, there’s talk of GS acquiring Wells. Goldman wants a retail presence, and Wells want an IB presence. That being said, a Goldman acquisition of Wells might face opposition in Congress. US Bank is also on Goldman’s list of targets Now that Goldman has settled the Malaysian claim, it may be ready to pounce.
  12. I agree. It's a very cool tower.
  13. It already is the best urban thoroughfare in the state. I think that Queens Road is the best overall.
  14. I think that these buildings turned out pretty well. Charlotte's skyline keeps filling out, and these add to it. Having lived in Charlotte and the Triangle, I think that Uptown is so dramatically better than downtown Raleigh, which is really pretty lame in my opinion. In fact, I think that Franklin Street is the second best thoroughfare in the state after Tryon Street.
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