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  1. Morehead St has always been one of my favorite boulevards in Charlotte. It’s beautiful.
  2. I walked through there recently. It looks good. I wonder if the old office buildings on Redford Rd. (Other than Nucor) might get redeveloped. They’re adjacent to the Colony and Trianon developments, and they occupy very prime land.
  3. They should go back to CMC. I liked that. Two of my kids were born there.
  4. Is it possible to build just the library now, or is it set in stone that the whole project (office buildings, etc.) will rise at once? The library doesn’t seem to share any foundation or other structural components with the other proposed buildings. I think that the library is the most iconic structure in this plan and would like to see it rise now. I can’t wait to see the beautiful new library standing in the shadow of these majestic towers.
  5. I’d like to see an express train from 485 to the CTC.
  6. Are these still the garage floors? Is there any chance that this will top out by May?
  7. This is great news. It appears that several high rise apartment towers will go up in the next few years: 1. this one. 2. The one of Levine’s old Museum of the South site; and 3. The one on the old Duke bunker near BoA Stadium. Having more residents downtown will add to a demand for stores and restaurants, and more people on the street will add to the city’s vitality. I hope that the last LU site will be a residential tower.
  8. https://amp.newsobserver.com/news/business/real-estate-news/article269137297.html
  9. https://amp.newsobserver.com/news/business/real-estate-news/article269137297.html
  10. I look at your Instagram every day. It’s a great resource. Thanks for all of your effort to keep us informed.
  11. It’s nice, but I prefer LH neoclassical.
  12. How much space does US Bank presently occupy in Charlotte, and is their lease expiring soon?
  13. Maybe these guys can anchor Crescent’s Enterprise site. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article266544321.html Toppling Bank of America’s crown in Charlotte? Jamie Dimon wouldn’t rule it out. The chief executive of JP Morgan Chase, the country’s biggest bank by assets, stopped in the city on Thursday, visiting with employees at a Chase branch in uptown Charlotte. The branch — coincidentally located across the street from competitor Bank of America’s corporate headquarters — opened in early 2020. It was Chase’s first location in the city. Now, the New York-based bank is up to 17 branches throughout the Charlotte region, with three more slated to open in 2023. “We’re going to double down,” Dimon told employees. “We’re not gonna stop.” JP Morgan Chase has about $3.4 trillion in assets— but here in Banktown, it punches well below its weight, controlling only 0.12% of the deposit market.
  14. You definitely have good info, so I think that QB clearly has the green light. Your Instagram account is great by the way.
  15. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article269136927.html
  16. Do you have any predictions as to whether the Enterprise project or Queensbridge will secure a tenant and break ground first?
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