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  1. I’d like to check out the new water wall downtown. https://martinaquatic.com/projects/bell-tower-green/
  2. Despite the loss ten minutes later, it was still impressive.
  3. I think that this is the Charlotte photo of the day. 96 yards and a 2 point conversion to tie it.
  4. No. The old building behind that is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. I find this little mini-mart building in the gas station lot to be truly ugly. Is this what you’re referring to?
  6. I think that looks horrendous. I’d just like to see nice buildings on those two corners.
  7. You're probably right, but it seems out of place. When my son started Charlotte Montessori 13 years ago, this area was not very nice, and the gas station fit in. Now that this area has become very nice, I don't think that the Shell station fits in.
  8. I'd like to see the gas station at the corner of South and East Blvds come down, along with the small white building behind it. The same with the Fuel Pizza on the opposite corner. They are underused parcels in a very significant and valuable location.
  9. From today’s Observer. I can’t open the article.
  10. Pebbles clearly builds high-quality projects and will construct Something amazing in Charlotte. In fact, I just looked at Perbles’ website. They have done a lot of nice work in NY, Miami, and LA. It’s reasonable to assume, therefore, that Brooklyn Village will be amazing . https://peeblescorp.com/portfolio
  11. I forgot that Peebles will be the developer for Brooklyn Village. The new 1,500' tower at the Hudson Yards will be amazing. It indicates the great quality that Peebles will deliver in the QC. In light of the finance links between the QC and NY, I view the two cities as cousins in some respects. RG
  12. From today’s Observer. I can't open the link, as I don't have an account.
  13. That’s great news. Apart from the library, are the towers residential, hotel, and one office building? Also, will the office building be constructed on spec? Someone had posted this a while ago. I don’t know if it has been confirmed. Corp Office – 25 floors, 385 feet (would have underground parking) Creative Office – 15 floors – 280 feet (would have underground parking) High Rise Residential – 22 floors – 270 feet High Rise Residential – 19 floors – 240 feet Library with Affordable Housing on top – 15 floors 220 feet Midrise Residential – 7 floors – 85 feet Midrise Resident
  14. Is just the new library rising now (after demo obviously), or is the whole project proceeding? This is going to be an amazing addition to the spectacular Queen of the South.
  15. Thanks. Hopefully, Levine will sell to another developer. Maybe Related.
  16. Has anyone seen this before? I don't recall it. https://www.dannyforster.com/project/charlotte-masterplan-project-first-ward-charlotte-north-carolina/
  17. Has anyone seen this before? I hadn't. https://www.dannyforster.com/project/charlotte-masterplan-project-first-ward-charlotte-north-carolina/
  18. Does anyone know when a rendering might be released?
  19. That's true. There are many pocket parks with waterfalls in Manhattan. Greenacres Park (above) is my favorite of them. It's very similar to Polk Park on Tryon St.
  20. Thanks. I thought that it was Steve Ross' Related. I agree that they both do very nice work.
  21. I suspect that this is just the start and that they will eventually build Uptown.
  22. I think it's crazy that a storage facility is being built in such a prominent location.
  23. They've built (and are building) a lot of relatively low-rise projects in West Palm. Here's one example: https://relatedgroup.com/properties/cityplace-west-palm-beach/
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