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  1. I always get a kick out of these types of renderings that include photoshopped in celebrities as Easter eggs. Some jokester put Ezekiel Elliott in this one.
  2. Love this new rendering. If this stack of pallets gets built, it will become Charlotte's 5th tallest.
  3. * leans back for a sip *
  4. Oh, thank god. I was strictly going off the "during your haircut" claim from @SydneyCarton. Straight up sounds like the worst possible thing I could do while drinking a beer.
  5. That sounds awful. Imagine the frustration your barber faces when you can't keep your head still because you keep leaning back for a sip. When you're not sipping and your barber is cutting, now you're getting hair in your beer. How do you even hold your beer? Under the cape? Sounds tricky. Over the cape? Now your arm is covered in hair. Yeah, no thanks.
  6. When we complained about all of the webs of powerline wires in the city, hanging the traffic lights from massive cranes wasn't exactly the alternative I had in mind...
  7. I was wondering why everyone kept leaving "laugh" reacts on this... damnit. Haha I swear this wasn't a joke. I didn't notice the OxBlue watermark. This is my first time seeing this webcam angle. Totally assumed it was his pic.
  8. I'm in Raleigh and I swear on my life not a day goes by where I don't see a NY plate. I've mentioned this before, but my gf is a recent NY transplant. Before her, I dated 2 other girls who were NY transplants (1 in Raleigh and 1 in Charlotte). I see people with Buffalo Bills stickers on their cars left and right. I rarely see VA, TN, GA, SC plates here (ya know... the states you'd expect to see). They're moving down here in hordes.
  9. We'll just count @ricky_davis_fan_21's move up there as a 1-for-1 swap with you.
  10. He's about 1 more post away from owing me a good neck massage.
  11. Just got done explaining to my girlfriend how I see more New York plates in NC than I do of any of our bordering states. We're truly being invaded by them. There's a genuine flight happening. Of course, I log on to UP and what do I see...
  12. In Levine's defense, considering how long that barren parking deck has been there, I'd give it the "historic" nod.
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