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  1. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Lol yeah I don’t think it’s unreasonable that Americans are wary of low flying aircraft in urban areas.
  2. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Frontier is restarting their flight to Chicago-O’Hare, again. Starts April 30, it’ll run Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week.
  3. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Where did you find this spreadsheet? Seems like my kind of resource! Also, with as gate-limited DAL is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us pass them within a year or two.
  4. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    The BNA vision estimates had Nashville reaching 17 million pax in 2023. We’ll beat that by 3 and a half years. I think we may hit 17 million for the FY2019 that ends at the end of June.
  5. I think the point of it is so that the city can brag about being bicycle- and eco-friendly with thus many bike lane miles without actually having to do anything other than getting Public Works to slap some paint on the side of the road.
  6. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Aer Lingus would presumably be the Dublin airline. I think there were rumors that they were going to expand, go more LCC, and start offering themselves as a well-positioned connecting point for European flows, with muuuuuuuch better geographic positioning than Iceland. I highly doubt either place, though. Poland has eventual plans to condense a bunch of airports and create a massive, 100+million pax airport somewhere around Warsaw. I think it’ll amount to nothing, but that big of an airport requires a lot of feed so you’d see LOT expand like crazy. Personally I think the most likely is either AF/KLM/DL to CDG or AMS, or UA/LH to FRA or maybe MUC. Maybe one of the LCC’s but I think transatlantic LCC’s won’t last that much longer.
  7. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Maybe the thought would be that Irish and Italian Airlines would be cheaper to subsidize, like they’d expect less then KLM or Air France. AUS got Lufthansa, I think in a few years that could be reasonable for BNA.
  8. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Orange County will be a hard one to get, it’s extremely slot restricted. The other domestics are probable in the next couple of years, along with the domestic locations Binbin mentioned. Tokyo is obviously the crown jewel but I doubt it happens, there are far larger and wealthier eastern US metros without TOY service, and the Japanese airlines aren’t really into the less-than-daily thing. One can hope though!
  9. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Sun Country making Nashville a focus city is cool, but would probably only work out to maybe 20 flights per week. Even in MSP they only do like 1-2,000,000 pax per year. And to be honest I’ll believe the DL-AUS “focus city” thing when I see it. There’s just no room to expand at that airport and Texas is pretty much locked up as AA/UA/WN territory. In the past an airline would buy a regional airline whose route network didn’t conflict with the purchaser’s to expand into a region, but with the massive national airlines we have now its just tough to gain footholds. I would like to see them add some more P2P at BNA though, but with us being so close to Atlanta I doubt it happens.
  10. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Technically MCO is served by 4 from BNA. WN and F9 are year round, and DL and SY are seasonal (DL barely runs the route, from what I’ve noticed).
  11. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Either that or Allegiant. The twitter announcement says it’ll be 3 destinations, two of them new. I’m guessing Allegiant to Phoenix-Mesa, Orlando-Sanford, and maybe Vegas or another Florida location.
  12. Pdt2f

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I find the wide variety between the hotels’ amounts of employees-to-rooms fascinating. Like how the JWM has 400 more employees than the downtown Sheraton for about 50 more rooms. Or how the Cambria and Hutton have basically the same amount of rooms with the latter having twice the employees than the former. I wonder if some of these hotels use cleaning/maintenance contractors that don’t count towards their total employee numbers, or something.
  13. From the third floor of the public library, looking southeast-ish.
  14. Pdt2f

    Sports Thread

    Bama covers.