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  1. Wow, 3x weekly to CUN and 10 weeklies to MCO show a lot of faith in a market that they’ve had one day of experience in! Love their vision, though. I also love that all their domestic flights are at least daily. That’s the hard part about trying to fly F9 or G4, their flights are sub-daily and super seasonal so it hardly ever works if you have specific days you need to leave and return.
  2. Is there anything else you want us to dumb down so you can understand? Three letter identifiers are completely standard in any discussion between mildly interested aviation enthusiasts.
  3. For metro at that location there is MNPD, DCSO, Fleet (where metro vehicles get worked on, and includes garages and that entire parking lot you see on the bottom of the Johnson-Murphy outlet), Human Resources, general services, and the election commission, among some other smaller offices like Ebid. The Johnson and Murphy outlet actually is a tiny part of that complex, and I don’t think Metro is going to want to move at all.
  4. I’ve been seeing that rumor here and on a.net for like 3 years. I’ll believe it when I see it. American is apparently mainlining one of their DCA flights beginning next month.
  5. That’s the thing, I actually think it’s cool and noteworthy when a 747 shows up at BNA, but this thread has been so overrun with random boring shots of the BA flight and random fedex planes and 739’s that it’s barely worth visiting anymore. When I see that someone has posted, 90% of the time it’s one of these dumb photo albums of boring shots, and it takes half an hour to scroll through them all to make sure there was nothing actually noteworthy posted. It’s actually cut the time and frequency I look at UP quite a bit, because while the Airport thread was never 100% of the reason I came to the
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/07/where-have-all-the-children-gone/594133/ Interesting Atlantic article about what myself and some other commenters have lamented: the lack of families in 21st century cities (or at least the lack of conditions that help families want to stay in the city, rather than move to the suburbs). I think the author hits on most points but he totally underestimates the lure of better public schools in what makes parents move to the burbs. The groups that hurt the city the most when they leave are the upper levels of the working class and the lower an
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/as-americas-star-cities-thrive-poorer-ones-get-left-behind/ar-AAEz7MP?ocid=ientp Article about what sets thriving cities apart from struggling ones. The author concentrates on Nashville as an example of the former.
  8. I’m excited about Spirit coming to town. What appeals to me about them more than Frontier, Sun Country, and Allegiant is the fact that their routes are daily and year round. Trying to plan a trip with Frontier’s less than daily, slapdash seasonal route offerings - constantly beginning and ending and restarting routes- is an absolute headache. With Spirit you can be assured that no matter the time of year and day of the week there will be a super cheap option to the cities they offer. I’m looking forward to seeing them expand, especially as my family expands and flying becomes more expensive! G
  9. Dean pushing debt obligations down the road is half the reason we’re in the financial mess we’re in. I do admit that he’s a far cry better than the past two losers.
  10. It’ll be hard for them to do in Boston. JetBlue seems content as an airline to just sit around doing very little beyond dominating BOS. It’ll be tough for any legacy to unseat them there. WN isn’t done with BNA by a long shot. The battling between WN and DL at BNA the last few years is definitely ongoing and is wonderful for those of us who fly on our own dime - more nonstop destinations at a lower price!
  11. For the FY which ends after June I’d guess close to 17 million, maybe a little more. For the calendar year of 2019, maybe close to 18 million? I may be overshooting a bit.
  12. I couldn’t stand turner field. Bland, unmemorable, terrible irritating location. Like nothing stood out about that park to me. It seemed like someone just repurposed a previously built stadium and threw up some outfield seating. Oh wait....
  13. I think they’ll have many, if not most of those whales retired by then, and the ones that are left will be serving slot restrained high-demand airports. Unfortunate, but I think they’re going to be looking to go smaller and more economical, with more modern fuel-efficient engines than the ole 4-holers.
  14. We gave money to the Kickstarter campaign back in ‘15 or ‘16, but knowing how big league hotel development is I didn’t actually think it would happen. I’m super pleased it’s moved so far, and can’t wait to see it finally get built. I hope this idea spreads to other cities, i would be happy to patronize hotels like it.
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