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  1. Oxford, Mississippi on gamedays
  2. The homeowners are putting those in front of their house? Can they even legally do that?
  3. “Change” is not necessarily good or bad, nor is opposition always based on fear, which is a pretty consistent thing I hear that has very little grounding in reality based on what I perceive amongst my conservative friends. Those who had “Science > Religion” and “Proud Progressive” bumper stickers in the 19th century spent their time measuring skull sizes to prove racial hierarchies and forcibly sending aboriginal children to schools after taking them from their families and ancestral villages to teach them how to behave “civilized.” I don’t say this to blast progressives because I think they’ve done some wonderful things for our society, my point is that changing things based upon a consensus that it is a positive for the common good is a good and noble decision, but supporting change for change’s sake is ridiculous. As is haranguing people for wanting to preserve their communities and culture. “Tradition is the democracy of the dead. It means giving the vote to the most obscure of all classes: our ancestors.” -GK Chesterton.
  4. +Cincinatti (DHL), Indianapolis (Fedex), Huntsville (Cargolux among others).
  5. Is it too late to change the team name to Nashville Amazonians?
  6. Pdt2f

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I soooo agree with this. In-N-Out is the most overrated chain restaurant, outside of Skyline Chili.
  7. Pdt2f

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Kind of disappointing. I was hoping Del Rio would be able to hold out on the development wave, it’s such a beautiful drive.
  8. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    If WN is serious about making Nashville their primary SE station, you could see more regional flights too due to connection opportunities. Places like Indianapolis, Little Rock, full service to Omaha and OKC, Birmingham, Richmond, Cincinatti, and Tulsa would be logical eventual adds for a major WN station, especially if they start sending some Caribbean and Mexican action our way, and continue adding flights to Florida and west of the Rockies.
  9. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Doubt AA moves from C, they’d either have to give up their Admirals Lounge or their premium FF’s would have to walk between concourses to go to the club - not ideal. They have fewer gates, maybe 6-7 or so, but they don’t need they many for their current operation. They’ve been selectively upgauging, too. Routes that used to be almost entirely a319’s like CLT and LAX are now being flown with 738’s and a321’s, and they’ve been occasionally mainlining ORD and MIA. I’d honestly rather have them fly less flights with larger aircraft if it means that WN, who has actually shown the desire to expand in BNA, has room to grow.
  10. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Some of our more knowledgeable friends may want to chime in, but I guess WN has around 14 gates at BNA, and might get 10-12 daily flights per gate if pushed. So they’ve got some room to grow (they run semi-banks so certain times of day are much busier than others). Rumor is that WN wants all of concourse D though, when it’s finished. With that many gates in a thriving city where they are already most people’s favorite airline I could see them pushing to 175 per day, maybe getting up to around 200 (although this would take a decade plus and put us in league with WN stations in DEN, LAS, PHX, and MDW).
  11. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Big route announcements today from Southwest. Starting June 9, BNA will get the following service: -Daily to San Jose (SJC) and Burbank, California (BUR). -Seasonal Sunday service to Omaha (OMA) -Seasonal service returns to Norfolk, VA (ORF) and Seattle (SEA). -Increases in service to Boston (4), St. Louis (4), Las Vegas (4), San Diego (3), Minneapolis (2), and Detroit (3) by one flight each. (Total number of daily weekday flights in summer 2019 in parentheses) They will be running 124 departures per day on weekdays and 133 on Sundays.
  12. I think that’s kind of unfair to make that characterization. People have legitimate reasons to be opposed to economic globalization, immigration, and multiculturalism that aren’t just an inability to compete and fear. And an inability to compete doesn’t necessarily make their qualms invalid, anyway. If having the genetics/upbringing/God-given talent to compete for elite jobs on a global scale is what it takes to make your opinions legitimate in this country then there was really no reason to overthrow the old aristocracies, if we were just going to replace them with a meritocratic elite. Not everyone can be a financier, tech powerhouse, or marketing guru. Call me naive but I don’t think Person A’s opinion should have any more worth than Person B’s, just because Person B works on Person A’s BMW for a living.