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  1. MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Yeah they were announced a while ago to be moving to Ovation. This was probably just the formal announcement. Ovation’s developers have had financial issues, which I thought could cause problems with the entire project. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  2. West End Summit

    Yeah the area could totally use some more time to develop into a place where people would want to work, but you also can’t forget that this piece of land has the potential to create that environment. For instance, HCA and Lifeway effectively decided to place their HQ’s in an area where they are close to mile downhill from anything else downtown. Or even further through the NES, Gibson, and Tennessean wasteland between Capitol View and the Gulch. It was the fact that the CV developers intended on creating that urban and social environment that made them want to sign on. If Palmer or whoever else eventually develops this land does it correctly, it could revolutionize that part of town and eventually spur further development as the area becomes a more desirable destination to work, live, and play. Haha this is what frustrates me so much about Lake Palmer, that I see so much potential in that land. I agree, the car lots are completely anachronistic in the urban core now. So much underutilized space.
  3. I was wondering when they were going to tear that down. You wouldn’t think that the city would let a burned out building like that just sit there for a year. Anyone know if they’re going to be building another church or if they’ll sell the land? Edit: I looked it up and apparently there aren’t any plans with the land yet. The membership of the church have been worshipping at Woodland Presbyterian Church in East Nashville since the fire.
  4. West End Summit

    I think it would be a great location for an office building, or complex of buildings. It’s got access for outlets on several roads, close interstate access, great location for prominent and visible signage, convenient to midtown, downtown, West End, and the gulch (less than 5 minute Uber to all of them), and similar access to plenty of restaurant areas, especially when Demonbreun Hill starts getting built up. The location is wonderful, the primary issue I would see if I was scouting a large scale office location would be hesitancy over dealing with a developer who dug that hole without financing. I would be worried throughout the process over what other wild card crap or incompetency would come up.
  5. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    It lists “mining, logging, and construction” as the prime drivers of the growth, which is obviously primarily construction in Nashville’s case. Evidence of Nashville’s explosive growth, and like you say it’s amazing. We’re probably over 1,000,000 jobs by now, or will be in a few weeks.
  6. Did the lights at opry land last night. Busiest I’ve ever seen it, and I’ve been going for 20 years. The water park is well under construction. I snapped a picture of the rendering on the fencing, I’m sure it’s been shared before but I didn’t remember it.
  7. Federal Courthouse

    They were starting to take down the outer part of the garage yesterday, leaving the inner structure.
  8. West End Summit

    I pretty much just view this thread as a joke thread. I think if anything ever actually happens with it we should just change the name of the thread to “West End Summit....No, Like Seriously”
  9. It’s awesome to me that back in the 1930s they would devote such beautiful architecture to a dime store. It would be like if the JW Marriott was being built to house a Dollar Tree.
  10. West End Summit

    Great look at the progress of West End Summit. I’m loving the unique, minimalist design they’re going with. Really plays off the airiness of the sky.
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I didn’t know Nations wasn’t in the pre-consolidation boundary. I agree, if they left Nations out it couldn’t just be the hip areas that are included.
  12. ^ You see that a lot in archaeology too, especially buildings from the Middle Ages. In the 16th century the Protestant reformers painted over many beautiful paintings and mosaics in medieval churches, cathedrals, and monasteries in France, Germany, and the UK, and only in recent years have they been uncovered. The paint has often helped preserve what was under it.
  13. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    222 2nd might, although they may not be continuous levels. I know there are a few floors of the L&C tower and a floor or two of One Nashville Place, if they want to split up their offices for a few years while they find a permanent solution. But these solutions will of course conflict with their desire to have prominent signage in the skyline.