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  1. Pdt2f

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Drove by the JWM at around 12:30 am and they were hard at work. I guess they’re working through the nights trying to get it opened ASAP. Terrible picture, taken hurriedly from my car at 8th and Demonbreun, heading towards broadway.
  2. I love how all the sudden we have three major projects under construction on Broadway between 5th and the interstate. A long overdue transformation of a potential-laden part of town.
  3. Pdt2f

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I don’t have photos but I passed by it last week and it’s coming along pretty well. Mostly concrete structure now but it stretches the entire length of the property, which really made the effect of the project apparent given the historical lack of activation along Bridge street and 1st Avenue. It’s going to be quite shocking when it’s done, if you know the area well and remember it being as undeveloped as it was.
  4. It is kind of a mystery, but I don’t want too much to change in that area (or Donelson or Old Hickory) because they are some of the last parts of town that are simultaneously pleasant and cheap. If I had to guess about why there’s not more development in hermitage, I guess I would say that there are a lot of subdivisions where individual landowners would have to play ball for decent tracks of land to be purchased, and the commercial properties all seem to be profitable and owned by retail and restaurant chains so there’s less incentive to sell. But that’s just my guess.
  5. I agree with the sentiments, but Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, and Sturgil Simpson are really doing a fine job of saving what’s good in country music. I have hope for the genre when guys like that are successful, the country music establishment is usually like 5-10 years late in adapting to changes in taste. Waylon, Willie, and Johnny fought the same establishment when they were putting out some of their best stuff in the late ‘60s-mid ‘70s, and Hank Williams was never accepted by the country establishment during his lifetime.
  6. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    I would say Reykjavik is probable, Frankfurt is possible (with Condor, not Lufthansa), Tokyo is 5-10 years away from being a slight possibility, and Paris and Amsterdam are unlikely with Air France-KLM’s close partner Delta running 10+ flights a day to Atlanta from BNA. Mexico City won’t happen until their new airport is done. I think the Canadian cities could totally work though if a Canadian airline decides to run the routes. Canadian landing fees are prohibitively high for an airline like Southwest and no American legacy carrier is going to run those routes from BNA.
  7. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    Not really an airline, it’s a travel company where you basically book your flight, hotels, etc all at once. I’ve thought about doing one, looks like it could be fun. Vacation express usually contracts with other low cost airlines for the flying portion of the trips: VivaAerobus, Swift Air, etc.
  8. Pdt2f

    Soccer in Nashville

    Remember to proclaim loudly how deep your Nashville roots run. That seems to work.
  9. Pdt2f

    OneC1TYNashville Mixed-Use Project | UC

    ^Thats a large part of the reason why I’m just really not a fan of this development. It just seems so insular and doesn’t address any streets.
  10. Pdt2f

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    Why? I don’t owe them anything, it’s their job to impress me. If it was just the food wasn’t great (it was thoroughly bad) it would be understandable, but their staff was hostile and devious and the place wasn’t sanitary. My wife found a pube in her burrito and they tried to secretly charge us for it knowing why we sent it back. Why would I ever go back to a restaurant like that?
  11. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    I’ve never been in a 787 but the 9 across seating is crazy compared to the 7-8 across for the 767 and 330, when there’s only a slight difference in fuselage width. I also just prefer the 2-4-2 arrangement rather than the 3-3-3, but that’s just a preference based on the fact that when the wife and I travel we like to have access to both the window and aisle seat if possible.
  12. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    I’ve heard the same thing, that it’s a pretty horrendous experience. I feel conflicted because I would want to support this flight but I also would just rather make the transatlantic flight in a 767 or a330 even if it requires connecting in CLT, ATL, or DTW. Welcome to the board, by the way! Love the screen name, always good to have another Tolkien fan here.
  13. Pdt2f

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Lol transit plan lite: https://www.newschannel5.com/news/on-the-rise/31-new-buses-19-new-vans-to-be-added-starting-july-12
  14. Pdt2f

    805 Lea, 35 stories, 375 residential units, retail

    I like it at night. It offers a lot of rooftop color that really shows up in the skyline from the south and west.
  15. Pdt2f

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    I just hope they add some sort of retail or restaurant element on the ground floor. It’s big but it’ll just be dead space without any activation.