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  1. Lol yeah, what’s up with that? It sounds Soviet-chic or something. But in an annoyingly repetitive way, not a clever one.
  2. Pdt2f

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I like the theater/dance idea, but there’s plenty of parts of Nashville that would be cheaper to convert/build this kind of space, and those are also areas that need the cultural activities more than downtown. This kind of thing could easily go in Antioch, Madison, Bordeaux, or Donelson while costing the taxpayer less and providing the service to those neighborhoods.
  3. Pdt2f

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I saw one of the newly painted buses last week on Shelby and I actually really love the new scheme. I thought this was just an idiotic waste of time and money when it was announced, and it may be, but the purple and silver just looks really good.
  4. Pdt2f

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I believe it’s now a private residence, located between downtown Franklin and Westhaven on new 96.
  5. I’ve only been to the one in Hillsboro village, but the buffalo chicken Mac and cheese is awesome. Goes perfectly with copious amounts of draft beer.
  6. I agree with your original point though. Like how many freaking yoga studios do we need in this city. I actually read an article recently where the author was making the point that many millennials are satisfying their need for a deep community connection, the kind which previous generations always satisfied through church, with yoga and CrossFit. So maybe these neighborhoods have CrossFit and yoga studios on every corner for the same reason that their parents and grandparents hometowns have churches on every corner.
  7. Pdt2f

    Nashville International Airport

    In August the airport did 1,410,527 passengers, a 14.7 percent jump over August 2017. So far, 2 months into FY2019, we’re up 12.9 percent over the same period in FY2018. I’m guessing some of the jump over last August is southwest starting their BNA-ATL flights (5 daily on weekdays, 3 daily on weekends), which they use to connect passengers through both airports. So kind of a change from the normal in Nashville, where ATL-originating fliers are connecting through BNA.
  8. That makes much more sense. I was about to drive over there and start knocking on doors to see what the hell was going on haha
  9. Oh totally, I was just using it as an example. Thanks for the tips!
  10. Yeah the H&M won’t be a mall version, it’ll be a destination store. Like the Macy’s in New York (on a much smaller scale) compared to the Macy’s in your local mall. Personally I just prefer the old fashioned bowling alley where game and food/beer prices are reasonable, you can get a lane without a 6 month reservation, and the point is primarily gamesmanship and family-fun. I guess we still have Tusculum lanes for now
  11. That can’t be right. It’s gotta be a typo or they’re going off error-ridden paperwork. No dilapidated house in Madison not 100 feet from multiple trailer parks is going for over 1,000,000 unless there’s like a gold mine directly under it. That’s maybe a $240,000 house. That being said, if that’s how much housing values have gone up in Madison the past year, I’m going to make a killing!
  12. Pdt2f

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    That seems like a ton of land for one hotel. Hopefully they go with a multi-tower (as far as zoning restrictions allow) mixed-use project. This could do a lot to help connect the Southwest part of Sobro to the eastern part of the Gulch if done right.
  13. Pdt2f

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    My department in my office in Rutledge Hill has maybe 15 people, I think fully a third of them live in Clarksville.
  14. They excel in building supremely expensive, massive, unnecessary prestige projects. I don’t know of another nation with as big of an inferiority complex as China, they seem desperate to prove to the world that they’re not 3rd world anymore (see 2008, Olympics).