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  1. Seeing all these towers rise at the same time is so awesome. Makes me miss commuting to ODU. I think all 3 look fantastic, can't wait to see what all may get built in this area in the future.
  2. Dominion Blvd bridge in Chesapeake was part of the future I-87 plans. There are plans to upgrade that portion South as well but there really isn't alot to do, NC has the majority of the construction. Also, it's not so much the traffic from DC or Richmond, it's the traffic coming through the Eastern Shore from destinations such as NY, Philly, and Boston that will use this route more by avoiding the heavily congested I-95 corridor.
  3. Not our size, but my brother lives in the Charleston, SC metro and the growth in that area has been astonishing over the past 15 years. They have been able to attract alot of business.
  4. It may be about optics. He might be worried about signing a bill about gambling in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. Up2313

    Norfolk Pictures

    I don't know if it's for sure, but I've heard a rumour that from an aerial view it's suppose to look like a paw print.
  6. Isn't 13 bad luck for buildings? Probably will be at least 14.
  7. Is it likely that the referendum will be held as early as Nov 2020 (Assuming the current state of things) or are we looking at at least 2021?
  8. They have a small town mindset when it comes to Norfolk and it's infuriating. If they are concerned about future competition maybe they shouldn't of put the equivalent of a high end food court in one of Norfolk's prime pieces of real estate in the first place. I'm still upset over the fact that they basically put the exact same thing that was there before. If they continue to attempt to block the casino I'm never visiting that place again.
  9. Up2313

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Maybe the same thing as a metro government, but why not something like the European Union where municipalities can join together if they want and pay into certain things that would boost the entire region such as regional transportation and infrastructure.
  10. So the office building will be on the small lot closer to midtown apartments? It will be interesting to see how many floors we get our of this, it's not a very big lot, any parking would likely have to be in a garage.
  11. Only some of the material is trucked away. Craney island will eventually be filled in. As of right now it is expected to be at capacity in 2028 at height of 47'. It could be extended another 15 years to 2043 if they strengthen the Western dike, however that would mean that the height of the Craney Island would increase, which neighboring groups and municipalities have been historically opposed to. The current plan for dredged material after Craney Island reaches capacity is to dump it 17 miles offshore. However, it is likely they will find a new site. I believe that eventually something will become of this area, I don't see how they can they can justify raising the height to the point that it becomes useless space. This is absolutely the best location for a regional airport and I hope that it is at least considered.
  12. looks like we may get an announcement of what is next for town center later this year. From Armada Hofler's Q4 earnings call today. CEO Louis Haddad said: "On the redevelopment front renovations continuing the Town Center of Virginia Beach with all construction scheduled for completion this year at the Cosmopolitan apartments, Columbus village and Apex Entertainment. We anticipate returns in excess of our ground-up developments on the new investments in these properties. Beyond the engagements nearing completion and recently announced projects we are evaluating multiple new opportunities in these and other neighboring areas. Well, nothing has been finalized our expectation is that at least one of these new engagements will be ready to announce later this year." Link to the full meeting transcript: https://www.google.com/amp/s/seekingalpha.com/amp/article/4322055-armada-hoffler-properties-inc-ahh-ceo-louis-haddad-on-q4-2019-results-earnings-call
  13. I went through the report. The person in the article relayed the info incorrectly. We are at an estimated 1.72 in 2018.
  14. So what is the timeline here? When do they have to get the signatures by?
  15. Hampton Blvd will continue to have major truck traffic until they build patriots crossing. Only then will they fix capacity issues.
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