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  1. Drive past the site today they have signal up saying lease now office and retail available, with a picture.
  2. Wow that's awesome. I may be mistaken but I don't really think you could see the stadium from there before.
  3. Up2313

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Part of that becoming a Greenway inland was always going to happen, its just a question of how much. That area has a high risk for flooding as well as sea level rise. Im pretty sure that area use to be an old Creek back in the day that was filled it. I really don't like the idea of park space next to the interstate, too noisy. They really need to start evaluating alternatives for the the interstate redesign.
  4. Can confirm, just a view of the parking lot.
  5. I am really hoping for some news on light rail at the state of the city. It's been about a year since the west side study. I thought they were in progress on the east side study? Seems like it's been awhile since we have heard any news.
  6. I don't think the NHL is setting a 32 team max. I've heard alot of rumors that the NHL is open to pushing that number.
  7. The trial for the arena is underway this week, and will last two weeks. Bob McDonald took three stand Monday defending the arenas side. He even stated that he was in negotiations with the NHL commissioner to bring a team to Hampton Roads. This is a really sore spot for me and I'm sure for most of you, but I am very interested to hear more of what happened. While I hope the city doesn't loose the lawsuit I am holding my breath to see more of the details. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wavy.com/amp/news/local-news/virginia-beach/vb-arena-trial-former-va-gov-bob-mcdonnell-takes-stand-on-first-day/1908805745
  8. This was a really great video to watch. Thanks for sharing. Its a shame some of these things didn't happen.
  9. Anyone else catch the part about the 6 million dollars for a couple of moveable walkways? That is insane. Glad they are not putting them back in, people can walk.
  10. http://www.yesvirginiabeach.com/resources/special-projects/Pages/town-center-site-rfp.aspx Has anyone else seen this? Looks like there's an RFP out for the old circuit city site, and the deadline was last week. Sorry if this has already been posted.
  11. I've seen the site plans for this alot of work has been done. I don't think the developer is pulling out. Back in November the city gave the developer back a substantial amount of comments when they marked the application for resubmital. So we should be seeing movement on this relatively soon.
  12. Yes. They are building phase 2 of the Thalia Creek Greenway project in the back towards the creek. Basically the trail will connect Virginia Beach Blvd and follow the creek to Independence, and eventually will include a crossing across 264 to Mt Trashmore. It's being rolled out in 6 phases. https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/parks-recreation/design-development-projects/Pages/thalia-greenway.aspx Also there is definitely being something proposed for this site, its just still in the early stages. The applicant intends to purchase the property from the eco dev authority and develop it into a mixed-use project including apartments, hotel, retail, and offices. The number of units and development area will ultimately depend on factors such as CBPA buffers, wetlands, and the Thalia Creek Greenway walking path.
  13. Whoops. For some reason I was thinking where 58 meets 13 on the west side of downtown Suffolk. Bowers hill is a good location. Oceana is definitely is definitely large enough, however we absolutely don't want that closing.
  14. Suffolk only make sense of it was truely a massive international airport (Which I'm all for) That area is an hour drive from the dense populated areas.
  15. The whole eastern portion of craney island is slated to become a massive expansion of the port. I like the idea of the airport being more central. However I could see potential issues with subsidence and flooding in that location. Also, I feel like that site would roughly be the same size as the current airport, just by eyeballing it. If we really are gonna spend rediculous money on a new airport it's gotta be big and easily expandable. I think that's the number one issue with Norfolk Intl right now.
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