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  1. This is a start and move in the right direction for that side of the road in my opinion. Also impressive that they announced this during a pandemic. Excited to see any future potential expansions on pembroke malls property.
  2. Zeppelin is on point here. These apartments are across the river in a area that is not walkable. While it would be great to add a less suburban look here. It just does not make sense for the area.
  3. The convention center is further South on that map. Based off of Laskin Rd on that map, it looks like the sports arena was in the area of 24th or 25th Street right around where virginia beach middle school is.
  4. These are from the side and back side of the building, I took them on March 15th so it's outdated, but it pretty much looks the same. It really was done poorly to face a major road with the service side. I get they need that type of area but I've seen much better designs than this. They could have brought the building closer to the road in the front, moved the bmp and left room for shops in the back with an alley in between. So much land over there, really no excuse.
  5. This thing is a monstrosity. It's hideous on the backside coming down 19th VB blvd
  6. Seeing all these towers rise at the same time is so awesome. Makes me miss commuting to ODU. I think all 3 look fantastic, can't wait to see what all may get built in this area in the future.
  7. Dominion Blvd bridge in Chesapeake was part of the future I-87 plans. There are plans to upgrade that portion South as well but there really isn't alot to do, NC has the majority of the construction. Also, it's not so much the traffic from DC or Richmond, it's the traffic coming through the Eastern Shore from destinations such as NY, Philly, and Boston that will use this route more by avoiding the heavily congested I-95 corridor.
  8. Not our size, but my brother lives in the Charleston, SC metro and the growth in that area has been astonishing over the past 15 years. They have been able to attract alot of business.
  9. It may be about optics. He might be worried about signing a bill about gambling in the middle of a pandemic.
  10. Up2313

    Norfolk Pictures

    I don't know if it's for sure, but I've heard a rumour that from an aerial view it's suppose to look like a paw print.
  11. Isn't 13 bad luck for buildings? Probably will be at least 14.
  12. Is it likely that the referendum will be held as early as Nov 2020 (Assuming the current state of things) or are we looking at at least 2021?
  13. They have a small town mindset when it comes to Norfolk and it's infuriating. If they are concerned about future competition maybe they shouldn't of put the equivalent of a high end food court in one of Norfolk's prime pieces of real estate in the first place. I'm still upset over the fact that they basically put the exact same thing that was there before. If they continue to attempt to block the casino I'm never visiting that place again.
  14. Up2313

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Maybe the same thing as a metro government, but why not something like the European Union where municipalities can join together if they want and pay into certain things that would boost the entire region such as regional transportation and infrastructure.
  15. So the office building will be on the small lot closer to midtown apartments? It will be interesting to see how many floors we get our of this, it's not a very big lot, any parking would likely have to be in a garage.
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