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  1. So what is the timeline here? When do they have to get the signatures by?
  2. Hampton Blvd will continue to have major truck traffic until they build patriots crossing. Only then will they fix capacity issues.
  3. That article was honestly a breath of fresh air. Could not agree more. So glad to hear that the review committee is looking at this area differently.
  4. Up2313

    New Arena

    What's going on? Why not?
  5. I believe the d was a typo and should be "Latitude". This article was from July about a climbing and fitness center. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/article_f00d790a-ad77-11e9-ba76-ebe71c0646b3.html%3foutputType=amp
  6. I grew up playing ice hockey at Iceland, and still play there today. This has been in the works for a little while now and is long overdue. The 4 thousand seats part is fluff and would never work, but this is pretty much guaranteed to happen just a matter of when they finish raising the funds. They are considering two locations for the site, near the sports plex like the article says and also near the convention center. Either site would require some sort of deal with the city.
  7. Up2313

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Think of the city manager as a CEO and the city council as the board members. Strategy is essential for an company or in this case a city to plan for the future and succeed. Cities are in a way in competition with one another to attract people and businesses. Cities that don't plan, respond to change, or grow become less desirable compared to other cities.
  8. I read comments on Facebook often and it is already rediculous. The city (VB) posts stuff and people comment about entirely unrelated things bashing the city. Sometimes I wonder if people in our area are unique in their NIMBY mindset, there seems to be lots of pushback on every little thing.
  9. This area is going be really cool. However, that long white wall which I think is the backside of the Dollar tree warehouse looks ugly and out of place. I hope they can build store fronts or break it up with some trees or something.
  10. Lane construction bus the contractor assigned to the 264 interchange and witchduck Rd project for VDOT. Part of the project is to build an overpass across the highway connecting Greenwich Rd and Cleveland St. It's right next to top golf.
  11. Dicks is officially leaving town center. Armada Hoffler doesn't seem to mind much saying "it’s a great opportunity for us to do something unique in Town Center that we haven’t been able to do" https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_54a9ae64-b48b-11e9-9967-ff4cac0dfc07.html
  12. Let their helicopters leave, definitely an acceptable loss.
  13. The Eastside transit study (basically military highway) is suppose to be a 2 year long study which started sometime last year. I think we have about another year to hear it's results. There hasn't been any news on light rail since westside study ended last year.
  14. Drive past the site today they have signal up saying lease now office and retail available, with a picture.
  15. Wow that's awesome. I may be mistaken but I don't really think you could see the stadium from there before.
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