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  1. I love this design like so many of the new buildings planned for Miami but I have to admit that now I'm really concerned about what a direct hit by a hurricane would do there, especially after hearing someone report that the winds high above the ground are much faster than the wind speed at street level!
  2. A flat smooth surface with a neutral grey color would be perfect for a large mural or maybe even a few of them! Of course a painting of Ron would be an excellent choice!
  3. If it's going to be a big blank grey wall it's really going to be ugly. I hope they do something to spice it up!
  4. I'm 73 and can appreciate some of your thoughts and I also identify with many of the positive aspects of our generation. However, I feel more positive about the overall circumstances that we're living in today, particularly for the continued support of women's rights, the growing acceptance of gay people and especially for the attitudes of the younger generation! As far as this new theatre experience is concerned I think it sounds very interesting although I suffer from a serious inner ear disorder and can no longer take the loud volume (not even live music anymore as a musician). Prices are higher now but I make a lot more money than I did when I was young and the truth of the matter is that people have a lot more choices available than they used to when it comes to entertainment and how to spend their free time!
  5. I agree with you as well as what VSRJ had to say, I would think that a new building with a striking appearance that might become a symbol of Nashville would be a good investment, especially for a hotel!
  6. I get what you're saying and it makes some sense. I would just add that if builders scrimp too much they end up with a very bland product that doesn't hold its value. Do you really want to see Nashville with a bunch of generic looking skyscrapers? While it may be true that buildings like the Chrysler Building may have been built because of someone's ego as Luvemtall suggested it's also true that those kind of inspirational towers are what inspired me to become enthusiastic about skyscrapers in the first place! And by the way I appreciate your thoughts and opinions on the forum!
  7. I agree, my favorite building in Nashville is the JWM, it's certainly not a box and it has a sleek modern appearance, at least in my opinion. The old Pinnacle is actually better than a lot of the new buildings with the setbacks and angled top, it's like it tried to have a crown but kinda petered out, not bad though. I'm really looking forward to 1010 Church and hoping it will look very impressive on our skyline.
  8. I'm probably going to buy one of those high rise condos downtown within the next year and won't need to drive very often but I'll still need a car to get to certain places because there simply isn't any other way to get there. And because of that necessity I'll have to get a place that comes with one parking spot. I have a 2018 Honda with just over 7,000 miles in four years and I could sell it for almost what I paid for it which I would gladly do if we had an extensive light rail in Nashville!
  9. Usually but not always. I rode the bus to work in Seattle for 16 years including 12 years from Queen Anne hill to downtown where I was treated to daily interactions with derelicts who were often drunk or rowdy. However I also rode an express bus for 4 years from Northgate to the new bus tunnel downtown which was only filled with commuters like myself and it was a quick and pleasant ride. And to be honest I actually made a few friends during all of those years and even met a couple of girlfriends on those buses!
  10. That's true although that's an older photo and I worked in one of those buildings on the left side of the downtown area and today it's surrounded by much taller buildings and you can't see it anymore from this vantage point and downtown has grown towards the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located in a very big way. So now there's a height restriction between the Space Needle and the core downtown area but it's packed full of new buildings that are all about the same height.
  11. Great photos! I'm glad that they didn't set height restrictions for new buildings in that immediate area. That's what they did in Seattle around the Space Needle! They've sure added a lot in Calgary since I was there and it's very impressive!
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