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  1. There's a lot of different patterns and shapes of windows going on with this building but I think they blend together very nicely. The only thing that looks a bit weird to me is that big blank wall that we're hoping is going to be obstructed by another building built next to it!
  2. We've been using mini-nuclear reactors on submarines and naval vessels for decades without any problems!
  3. That's the same thing that popped into my head when I saw those renders. It makes no sense to try to make LA look like some kind of rainforest when it fact it's really a desert. However the architecture is kind of cool with all of the curves which is much nicer than the typical boxy shapes we keep getting.
  4. You wouldn't think that McDonald's could make enough money selling cheeseburgers to even pay the property tax on land as valuable as that!
  5. I spent a couple of weeks in Dubai and Oman and I remember talking to a taxi driver from Pakistan who said he'd been coming there to work for 15 years and he'd never once seen it rain! It was brutally hot there even in October! That was an interesting article though and it makes me wonder if that's a possibility.
  6. I looked at the fox webcam this morning and then again just now and I noticed that they had apparently taken some of the windows back out again. These must be different than the windows on the floors below, I've never seen them do that before! Here's a photo from a minute ago:
  7. Yeah, I just drove downtown and I noticed there's an air quality alert displayed on the freeway. I wonder if this is from the fires out west, I know it's getting up to the east coast but I hadn't heard anyone mention anything about the South but it sure is noticeable!
  8. That is definitely not true! Miami is huge with a metro population of over 6 million people which is over twice as big as metro Charlotte! Miami and Atlanta are the two biggest metro areas in the South (excluding Texas).
  9. I'm curious, what are those black things that kind of look like big thick blankets stacked up on the last photo? I always see them in photos when they're starting new construction and I've always wondered what in the world they were for. Thanks!
  10. I know that developers have to consider their budget for any large project, especially a tall building but sometimes I wonder if they think about how their design is going to look in 15 or 20 years. A lot of buildings look dated and out of style by then and that's certainly going to affect their value. That extra bit of effort that it takes to build something unique and maybe even iconic seems to be worth it. The JW Marriott was mentioned and even though it's not the tallest building downtown it stands out from the others, it's actually my favorite building in Nashville. I have good feelin
  11. They might, the only thing I could find was that it was going to be 22 stories which is one story taller than Amazon 1. They've changed things a lot since it was first announced. The 805 Lea building has too. It actually looks pretty impressive when you're driving in that area though and it's got some pretty good bulk to it.
  12. There's one that I've been wondering about and that's the Amazon 2 building. They have it listed at 305 feet but that's 35 feet shorter than Amazon 1 which is listed at 340 feet. Every render I've seen shows Amazon 2 looking quite a bit taller than Amazon 1 but I don't know what it's supposed to be! So if anyone has the docs on that one maybe they could let you know!
  13. It's slowly getting better like a patient who's recovering from the measles. However I really don't like the random yellow blocks at the base, it looks cheap like a fast food restaurant.
  14. It sure doesn't look like much in terms of architecture. It may be old but I can't imagine why anyone would be opposed to tearing it down and I don't see anything worth keeping as far as history is concerned!
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