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  1. There's a recall petition online and I just received a property tax repeal petition in the mail. He should have been mayor of Mayberry. Come to think of it he looks like the actor who played that part. And with him in charge Nashville might start looking like Mayberry.
  2. Good eye! Nice compositions! Good eye! Nice compositions!
  3. Doesn't seem to be much happening on Germantown rebuilding. What's the holdup?
  4. Build it all, y'all, no matter how tall or where shadows might fall, or whom it will gall. Its the right thing to do, that's all. (But we do owe Broadwest a big thanks for filling that damned hole with a wall).
  5. For this travesty they should be blown up, plowed under, and the ground should be salted.
  6. Sunday, I went to Germantown, my favorite Nashville neighborhood to see how bad it was and am glad to report that things weren't nearly as bad as I had been led to believe. There was major damage to two large apartment buildings and one will have to come down, but other than some blownout windows, some ripped up roofing, and maybe some internal water damage most of the old stuff seemed to be intact. The main loss when it comes to old buildings was a badly damaged commercial structure on the south side of Germantown. The windows were blown out of the Germantown Cafe but the structure looked goo
  7. Germantown, one of my favorite Nashville neighborhoods, took a big hit. I don't want to drive over there and get in the way, but would like to know about damage, especially on 5th, 6th, and 7th avenues between Madison and Monroe. How did places like Tempered Chocolate, Germantown Cafe, Cathedral of the Assumption. Monell's, Germantown Inn, the houses at the corners of 6th and Monroe, the former Mad Platter building, and the houses at 1315 and 1317 5th Avenue fare?
  8. There is free curbside and garage parking at Capitol View and the Farmer's Market. You can then get around town on free circulator buses. The first one and a half hours is free at the library. You can park free at the stadium, walk across the pedestrian bridge, then use the free circulator buses.
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