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  1. The antebellum home was the beauty spot of that area. I enjoyed it for many years.
  2. Right, the Arcade is already international, House of Pizza is one of the best pizzas in Nashville and Varallo's little cafeteria has some of the best tasting meat and three in town. And don't forget the Planters Peanut store. Good restaurants downtown? Try Demos, Puckets, The Standard, Etch, Brazilian Steak, Southern Steak and Oyster, Husk, Kitchen Notes in the Omni, Chicago Steak House, Merchant's Hotel, the Hermitage Hotel, Union Station restaurants, and others, some with great views. And without all those tourist dollars this town would be much worse off economically. No one is forced to mingle, and frankly, I find it entertaining to sit on a bench by the Schermerhorn and watch the tourist show. They are a variety of people from all over the world and a very colorful bunch. To reference an old movie, "The Blues Brothers" depiction of the country music crowd is not a fair representation of this contemporary crowd. They have been led to believe that they are welcome here. Insult them and they might take their money elsewhere.
  3. Some years ago the ACLU went to court to oppose the incarceration of the mentally ill against their wishes. Society should be able to provide help for those who need it, even if they don't want it.
  4. I like the way the old quarter of European towns are a harmony of red roofs, unlike Nashville, where every building clashes with every other building. Although we are starting now to get a sort of harmony of glass. Love France, love Italy!
  5. The court decision that created homelessness was a bad decision. The homeless have ruined that little park, made our nice downtown library a sketchy experience, and are now taking over the Walk of Fame Park in the middle of the tourist district.
  6. My favorite city is Venice, Italy. One of my fondest memories is waking up in Venice to the sound of church bells, then striking out to find a sidewalk cafe that serves breakfast. Stay away from the main tourist areas during the daytime as they are crowded. But in the evening many of the day trippers go back to their hotels on the mainland and that is the time to visit places like St. Mark's Square. The most romantic spot on the planet is sitting at a table there with your wife with a glass of wine while listening to the bands play and watching a full moon rise above St. Mark's Cathedral. I was sitting there once and a young American came up holding a bouquet of roses which he said he had purchased, and since it was Mother's Day he intended to give one to all the mother's on the Piazza. Some ladies rejected them, thinking it was a scam, but it wasn't and my wife enjoyed hers tremendously.
  7. My idea of a fun and relaxing day in Nashville: Drive to the Bellevue Park and Ride and catch the #5 bus to Music City Central, enjoying along the way the attractive urban thoroughfare that is West End Ave. Walk to Varallo's just outside the Arcade on 4th Ave. and have a three veggie lunch. Then proceed through the Arcade to the Planter's Peanut Shop and buy a bag of hot-roasted pecans (or whatever) and take them through the alley to the plaza in front of the Fifth-Third Bank Building, sit down and eat them while quietly enjoying the people parade. Then down the hill to have a cup of coffee on the Panera veranda and watch the construction across the street. Again, down the hill through the Walk of Fame Park to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to sit on a bench under a shade tree by the fountain and quietly enjoy the passing scene ( tourists on scooters, bachelorettes on pedal taverns. etc. ), all having the time of their lives. Then catch a free circulator bus back to Music City Central by way of the Gulch or maybe the Farmer's Market, and on home to sit on my patio with a glass of Cabernet and watch the sun descend slowly and peacefully beyond the distant hills.
  8. Nashville metro area is right at 2 mil. Memphis is something over 1.3 mil. The city of Atlanta is smaller than Nashville, but gets to 5.1 mil by the time they claim 29 counties as their metro. I think your stats are better than mine. What I saw was a map which showed the Memphis area larger. But hey, I stirred up 9775 replies.
  9. Stats can be misleading. Nashville is a metropolitan government and counts the population of all of Davidson County as city population. Atlanta does not count all of Fulton County as its city population.
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