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  1. There is free curbside and garage parking at Capitol View and the Farmer's Market. You can then get around town on free circulator buses. The first one and a half hours is free at the library. You can park free at the stadium, walk across the pedestrian bridge, then use the free circulator buses.
  2. Different for the sake of being different. Odd looking at best. Am glad Indigo expansion is keeping the old facade. It is far superior to the remake.
  3. I have many fond associations with this station dating back to my childhood when I would take the Royal Palm to Chattanooga on summer vacation to visit my Dad. I still remember waking up as we came into Tennessee and going to the dining car for a Southern breakfast that I could not get in Detroit. It included grits, of course, bacon, biscuits, sunny side up eggs, etc., served on a starchy white tablecloth by a waiter in a starchy white apron. It was the highlight of my year to enjoy this breakfast as the scenery rolled by and the train, pulled by a 4-6-2 Pacific steam engine clickety-clacked ever closer to my destination where my Dad and Great Uncle would be waiting with my Uncle's model A Ford. So long ago and so far away.
  4. He thinks he has a mandate from a group of Nashvillians who are against growth. And before he was mayor, was he not a leader of the opposition to Giarratana's tall building at the homeless encampment park on Church Street? His actions are harming us but in his rather narrow mind he thinks he is saving us. Those signs are perfectly tasteful. He doesn't really care about that, he just wants to stick it to the big guy.
  5. The city really comes alive at night! Nice photos.
  6. My son is a scavenger and a meticulous craftsman. He built us patios and decorative walls using paving stones from the Church Street Viaduct and brick from old downtown houses and places such as Albion, Il and Brooklyn, NY. He is a rabid preservationist and hated it when they tore down the old train shed and the stone retainer wall where the Assurion construction is taking place. Speaking of scavengers, I knew an Illinois farmer who made off with a brick from the Colosseum in Rome by concealing it under his armpit. At least that was his story. He used to display it on his mantel and show it proudly to everyone. He died a couple of years ago, so guess he got away with it. Too bad.
  7. This has become one of my favorite hangouts. I can have a cappuccino at Starbucks, then walk a block south where things open up and I can get a view of most of the new construction. And there is always free curbside parking.
  8. They didn't go cheap on this one and it perfectly expresses the idea of an exclusive, quality academic institution. Nashville and West End are the lucky beneficiaries.
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