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  1. This is a good image that is labeled.
  2. Now, since you've not constrained us to a set of drinks, I will order mine in advance, a pour of Pappy Van Winkle or make it a double ... will gladly wait until 2024!
  3. University Marriott SouthPark has 2 more cranes for the retirement community behind SouthPark towers. Southminster off Park Rd
  4. Driving through Pineville (southbound 51). There is a lot being cleared across from the Police Station with a sign for town homes. Also noticed there are several lots for sale/under contract on the southern stretch past the railroad tracks.
  5. Lets take a look at our history in this... 2014 referendum on sales tax increase failed 61%-39% 2014 voter turnout was ~40% 2019 referendum on sales tax failed with 57%-43% 2019 voter turnout is < 20%
  6. Wegmans southernmost distribution center is in Pottsville, PA ... NC is about as far south as they can cover without having another DC somewhere further south.
  7. Uhm, so yeah Sushi Guru closed its SouthPark location as well... https://www.charlottemagazine.com/sushi-guru-closes-southpark-spot/ They say they want to “explore other options and re-locate Sushi Guru elsewhere.” What is going on with the ownership there?
  8. For these types of projects a tunnel is "a nice to have". No one wants to pay big $ for it up front. But once "the demand" is there, it is too late, you are paying $$$$ to $$$$$ for the same tunnel you can build for $$ initially.
  9. Yes, civil engineering is always worth it! There is a lot of detail that goes into this ... it is not just a simple alignment and station design.
  10. Is that "German Engineering" or "California Manufacturing"??? A 2yr old train should not need major maintenance at all.
  11. Someone mentioned that the architecture firm did not have many high rises. I kinda like this concept from them: https://www.hastingsarchitecture.com/project/peabody-union/
  12. Prediction... there will be a stop between 9th and Parkwood by end of 2030. (not in blue)
  13. nah, they are trying to preserve that building not have another reason for it to fall apart. The crane foundation is sufficient for the time being, as the building rises the mounts will be within the elevator shaft (as shown in that demo video a few pages back)
  14. I do not know what you're smoking but ... the sue happy people in Cali are the elected officials ... this is just one example... src: https://www.sfchronicle.com/california-wildfires/article/Criminal-charges-against-PG-E-could-send-message-13963763.php
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