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  1. I think the Main Library project and the -- pretty awesome -- direction that's headed has changed the direction of the rest of Spirit Square block and the block across 7th.
  2. at 175 sq ft / employee you can fit ~4100 employees in 725,000 sq ft of office -- that is a huge jobs announcement!
  3. ^^ and the Tryon stop will be on the Marriott side of Tryon St, so less then 1 block away.
  4. The home site for this - with a ton of detail - is here https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/efac99c9c4034704949ae06479074c3d Really neat tool!
  5. Not as much as I would like... up to 1500 sqft of retail space.
  6. As I posted in one of the other threads, the zoning plan for this project was approved in June of 2018 and can be found here http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2017/175-190/2017-177%20approved%20site%20plan.pdf Since the zoning was already approved, I do not see much issues being posed by either the Elizabeth or Cherry residents.
  7. I thought the re-zoning for this was approved already sometime last year? Or am I thinking of a different project? Yup, just checked again, the zoning was approved in June of 2018... so, there is very little Cherry folks can do about it now.
  8. CLTDevelopement seems to use a lot of images that look like @ricky_davis_fan_21 work... Never mind, just checked twitter profile and it says it is run by @ricky_davis_fan_21 lol
  9. You asked for it ... Because it was nerdy and cheaper, I built my own charger from a kit @ https://www.openevse.com/ The nice thing about these is that they have all kinds of options where you can track your charging efficiency and lifetime power usage (if you're into that). In the 4 years of full EV driving I have charged 54 MWh (54,000 KWh) with Charlotte electricity rates at $0.11 that turns out just under $6k ($5940 or $1485 per year). I used to track my gas spending pretty closely (that is what justified the switch to EV's) Our monthly spend would fluctuate in the mid $500's (so taking $550 for this calculation) With $550 /month for gas we spent $6600 a year for gas (over same period of time that is $26,400) - if you want to round down to $500/month that is still $24,000 across 4 years or $6000 per year. The second car is a Tesla (Tesla makes road trips a dream - and Model S and X get free supercharging for life, so outside of home I rarely pay for charging). 4 yr gasoline budget - $26,400 4 yr of EV charging - $5,940 Disclaimer: Your savings on fuel will vary! Because of our jobs, we drive a LOT! But we also have 2 kids that need to go to all kinds of events/programs/clubs. Across both cars, we roughly put 53k - 55k miles per year. All road trips fall on the Tesla so it ends up taking a bigger chunk of the mileage. Across all EV's that I've owned, we have driven just shy of 250,000 EV powered miles. First EV was a Leaf with a < 100 mile range per charge... don't get any EV that does not give more then 250 miles of range per charge the bigger the battery, the less charging cycles charging cycles is what affects long term battery life is measured in 2nd is Bolt with ~240 mile range (great for commuting without stress and short trips) 3rd is Tesla with >300 mile range (great for everything - especially for road trips)
  10. It is time to switch to 100% battery electric vehicles. The US power grid has been getting cleaner over the past 2 decades (and will continue to get cleaner as solar and battery storage get cheaper) and BEV's don't spew out toxic waste as they go. Lastly, batteries can be re-used for energy storage after their life in EV's and after re-use recycled. Within the last few years they've advanced in recycling of Li-ion batteries where the vast majority of material can be recovered. one example: https://www.greenoptimistic.com/finland-battery-recycling-20190412/#.XLW8GzAzaHt
  11. why would they spend the money on the concrete then??? You can go 7 stories with stick built.
  12. ^^^ how did you get behind the fence?!
  13. Ground floor retail at this will be better then most. Along 8th St it is 2 story concrete then 5 floors stick built, allows for more unique ground floor usage. Also, the part facing the light rail has extra tall ceiling section in the middle.
  14. LU2 really looks "better" driving South on Tryon, more pronounced
  15. Company doing a 2020 kick-off event Uptown today, I was hoping to walk around, but this weather is NOT inviting. 2nd crane is working its way up...
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