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  1. Scribe

    Charlotte wishlist - scorecard

    Stemming from the fact that Norfolk Southern screwed the Red Line a bit (NC politicians helped as well), I wish that NS would sell the line north of Uptown to the city or state!
  2. Here is one from 8:10 am -- webcam seems to be forzen..
  3. It's a copy/paste vertically of Duke's previous HQ building that's off Church St....
  4. Scribe

    Carolina Panthers

    It would be the dumbest move Tepper could make. Don't think he will ever do that!
  5. Seriously though, there are much uglier buildings out there!
  6. Not sure myself. Could be following the I-77 off-ramp, or go closer to Summit Ave One thing I am pretty sure about, they would go elevated/bridge before going underground.
  7. At least there are pretty straight paths for it. Having 2 nice Park-n-Ride decks south of the border would sure help I-77 traffic! And add 2 miles to the line and you reach Baxter (or LPL Financial HQ)
  8. if only we would be so lucky for NS to sell their line north of Uptown through LKN area!
  9. Yup, look on the left corner... (the proportions might work out just fine, but we shall see)
  10. Scribe

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Ridership on the BLE seems to be improving, at least by the sound of this tweet. Wonder if people got tired of dealing snow and black ice over the past few days.
  11. I guess it is kinda hidden, but take a look at the legend in the map below, I've highlighted it for clarity:
  12. Scribe

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Merry Christmas indeed!
  13. The one from their old Fort -- I mean HQ? If so, then I agree!
  14. Scribe

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    They have a tenant already? or going spec?
  15. Yup... Still glad to lose that surface lot directly on Tryon!