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  1. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    np, just started hyperventilating ... nbd
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I had to re-read that very slowly... at first, I thought we were getting a new tower taller than BAC...
  3. I count 32 floors for the tower (based on mid-rise having 5 stories --- not counting the top railing above penthouse and retail space height near the BLE _as there is an elevation change from Tryon St towards College_). That is an impressive tower.
  4. My wife tells me "variety is the spice of life" -- in the light, I like the spice!
  5. LOL, can't get it out of my head!
  6. Apparently they always planned to use the contingency fund up -- just look at their own projections (pg. 20). There is gotta be a way to incentivize CATS to actually want to hit the proposed budgets. CATS BLE started out with a 24 % contingency... of which $120 MILLION were completely unallocated (that is ~13% of the entire project) -- each category has a contingency built-in - with ~9-14% range... Then they toss a project-wide contingency on top of that of 13%. There are some serious management/execution problems with the project that a ~24% contingency on a ~$1BILLION dollar project is blown. Hell, give 10% of all unused contingency funds as a bonus to all CATS staff. and the other 90% should be allowed to be used on other CATS projects. Get creative. but ffs get your act together.
  7. But, but, but, global warming is on our side... so maybe in 100 years?!
  8. I do like it --- just wish someone (ahem, Ally) ordered 2 more floors (to add one more grid pattern vertically). I think it would give it better proportions. But, still patiently waiting to see what the hotel will look like on that block.
  9. I still keep coming back to this one. Living in Uptown for years I would hear about the Carolina Theater being restored. We even went on a tour and donated to the foundation. I predict that 10 Tryon will start construction shortly after. With Lennar's Market 42 coming shortly after... this area is primed for greatness! MUGA Make Uptown Great Always!
  10. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    ??? is this in reference to the bitcoin ransom?
  11. About time! So excited though!
  12. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Yup, can confirm! Have seen the actual plans, that is not a parking deck... There was supposed to be a ~200 seat auditorium in that addition though...
  13. Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    They were across the street from the front door to a pretty large hotel (Holiday Inn) that stays busy/consistent year round. When I am on business trips many times convenience wins the day -- if Tavolo lost those customers with crap service and mediocre food then there are no referrals or colleagues saying "hey lets hit up that place we went to last week" Sounds like a recipe to support mediocrity...
  14. Hopefully he has learned a few things from his time at the DOT! This can be good for Charlotte! Just needs to stay away from scandals like DesignLine!