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  1. It really does help with the perception of this project when we get updates like that... Just look at what they are working with inside... the ramp and bobcat inside...
  2. I like looking at the methodology for these score places... WalkScore is nothing more then a glorified pop-density map with a fancy title. Source: https://www.walkscore.com/methodology.shtml
  3. We should come to terms with the fact that this bridge is not going to open to the public for the next 10+ years...
  4. Part of the capitalist philosophy is that you put some money behind a NEW idea and you see where it goes... evaluate it some time later and go from there. Not sure where Virgin Hyperloop is, but since 2015 there have been competitions held by SpaceX specifically in a ~1 mile vacuum* tube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperloop_pod_competition Just because you do not like an idea, does not automatically make it "vaporware". You can follow the updates for the competition here (interestingly enough, the pod competition for this year starts today) https://mobile.twitter.com/Hyperloop * Nearly vacuum, you do not need to bring the tube to a hard vacuum, the original white paper from 2013 addressed that [ https://www.spacex.com/sites/spacex/files/hyperloop_alpha.pdf ]:
  5. Looks like the triangle is doing a feasibility study with Virgin Hyperloop One... https://hyperloop-one.com/north-carolina-becomes-ninth-state-explore-virgin-hyperloop-one-technology
  6. Kids had soccer camp in Matthews SportsPlex... Gotta say Matthews commuters seem to use their express bus routes too. ~7:30 am bus stops have 10+ people..
  7. Looks like only 2 floors left on the micro apartments:
  8. Uhm... you have a new huge bank... that will occupy a signature tower in the heart of Uptown... Truist!
  9. Rezoning site-plan for this is now published: http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2019/070-085/2019-077 site plan.PDF
  10. I know, but it seems that will be the problem for a big chunk of the Silver Line corridor south of Uptown. So, looking further, there is another rezoning petition that is just north of the one above and is asking for MUDD-O zoning for Residential Multi-Family on ~4 acres of land. Is it me, or is this a pretty good indicator developers are gobbling up the land with Silver Line in mind 10+ year ahead of speculated opening date???
  11. There is a rezoning application for 510 W Tremont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203 - this is next to the townhome development. Asking for MUDD zoning and max height of 65' vague on other details anyone know what this is? http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2019/070-085/2019-073 site plan.pdf
  12. So, it's a new month and there are new rezoning applications with site plans up for browsing... I think I've found one of the first (the first?) rezoning application that specifically lists Silver Line Extension reserved ROW. I have to say I am very happy to see the ROW reservation already in place! See for yourself 2019-070
  13. Short answer: not anytime soon. Longer answer: John Lewis (the visionary leader of CATS) cancelled the platform expansion project that was in the works for the rest of the station platforms. So, now we have 4 or 5 stations that can only accommodate 2 car trains.
  14. For a block that size, I think the retail #s are a little low...
  15. Here are all the pictures in the set from insta:
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