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  1. Scribe

    KrispyKreme/JAB Holdings/JAB Beech in Charlotte

    More Krispy Kreme execs settling in Charlotte... paywalled article:
  2. Scribe

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Spoke with a contractor for this project... they have an executed contract in hand, ~Q4 to break ground, did not go into details why. Also, from what he said, all the contractors for the job were lined up and under contract. Hopeful that we will see this thing break ground in Q4!
  3. This is why I am so grateful for Mayor Lyles - no one wants Trump in town, but she is playing a much bigger game, and if we get funding for "big bang" by some miracle out of this, then I would be up for another RNC/DNC round in Charlotte: From the Observer
  4. Scribe

    300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    I gotta say, I love the feel of Bearden Park! You walk and see people -- people everywhere, different languages, different socio-economic backgrounds, all in the same place just enjoying our awesome city... I had to just stay and people watch for a bit. Second, I did NOT expect Merchant & Trade to have a line out the door to Tryon Park entrance before 8 pm. Third, Angeline's was full, people walking up for a table were given ~1 hour wait. Lastly, coming out ~10 pm the line to Merchant & Trade was at least 50% longer then when we walked into Angeline's. (might have been double the length). And the atmosphere at Bearden Park past 10 pm was still as lively as it was ~7pm. Hard to believe this is possible in third ward (think back to late ninety's or early 2000's) But if this is the level of life we can achieve in Third Ward, just imagine what can happen with Brooklyn Village or LevineLand™ in First Ward!
  5. Good news, the land purchase for the hotel has now closed...
  6. I am sooooo glad Vi Lyles is our Mayor... please read this op-ed from her today on Charlotte Observer Can you imagine Roberts even considering the idea? Let alone publicly writing about the benefits of attracting the RNC?
  7. Pictures or it didn't happen! ** excited anyway! **
  8. Scribe

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    Another 1.5 miles of greenway open to the public... connecting a bunch of people to nearby parks...
  9. Scribe

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Wooden Robot!
  10. Scribe

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    ^^^ and the Agenda story on that: Boom town keeps boomin'!
  11. Scribe

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Now that I am back in town, how are they doing on the crossing signals issues?
  12. Scribe

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    It looks to me there is another benefit of dockless bikes: it has made (it is making) the public more bike literate and maybe even better drivers! I've had a dozen or so discussions with folks in Charlotte that said something along the lines: since trying out the bikes they are more aware of bikers when they are driving and that dealing with road traffic on a bike is not as easy as it looks. So, another win for dockless...
  13. Scribe

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    A larger rendering of the hotel at UNC Charlotte:
  14. I see how it is. the select few holding info back from the rest /s