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  1. Scribe

    Charlotte wishlist - scorecard

    How about "The City of Color" it works for lights and the diversity of the city.
  2. The land was sold to the hotel developer already, but I do not think there was an announcement on the flag for the hotel.
  3. Scribe

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    What I find pretty awesome is that they are actually digging on both coasts in parallel (LA/Hawthorne and DC/Maryland) while bidding on the Chicago airport system as well. I am fairly skeptical at the moment on the system but I would not bet my savings against Elon and pretty sure some cool things will come out of this. If all they can accomplish is to speedup/automate tunnel building by a factor of 10 (like they are aiming to do) this will still be a massive improvement and contribution to the industry.
  4. Scribe

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    We grabbed late night sushi there - it was good, fish was fresh. We only ordered sushi, so can't speak for the rest of the menu.
  5. Scribe

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    How? The one at Embassy Suites Uptown? It only opened at the end of March!!!
  6. Scribe

    Atherton Mill Redevelopment

    Agreed, this is rivaling Levin Design ™©®
  7. Scribe

    Good New Restaurants

    He said on Saturday... as in this coming Saturday
  8. Scribe

    The Bad News Report

    you mean like Al Gore? My view is that politicians only pretend to care about others and in reality only do what brings them gain. The problem with Mayfield is she consistently says stupid crap... most of the time it can be overlooked like "oh, she's just asking questions" like in the case about the 1000 room hotel, she should know that the bed tax is restricted in what it can be used (i.e. increase tourism) yet she asks the stupid question, "why should we spend tax dollars on this?" From the CBJ article (paywalled)
  9. Scribe

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Another thing I noticed is that the NASCAR HOF space is directly integrated into the Charlotte Convention Center space planning site 40,000 sqft ballroom with ~12,000 sqft pre-function space...:
  10. Scribe

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    I was looking at that, the only solution I came up with was to put the loading docks a level deeper on the Duke lot and make the Exhibition Hall space have A, B, C and D sections in an inverted C. The blue is Hall D and the red is the ramp to the new loading docks that would be under the hall D! Pardon the MS Paint skillzzzz!
  11. Scribe

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Why not do both on the same lot of land, a la @ricky_davis_fan_21 proposal with the hotel being a tower on top of the convention expansion....
  12. Scribe

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Negative... if Anthony Foxx is involved then we - at most - can expect it to be as "transformational" as the Gold Line! The guidelines are not very restrictive, so the merit of each proposal will be based on the creativity of each company, not the city!
  13. Scribe

    Good New Restaurants

    Try "incognito mode" of your browser of choice...
  14. Scribe

    Carolina Panthers

    The city has been positioning itself for the announcement. Now they pulled the trigger to set the tone: "If new Panthers owner wants stadium upgrades, there's money available — but a long wait"