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  1. Montford Dr volleyball courts?
  2. I wonder if we know the same one, or if there are multiple in the planning stages?
  3. CharLIT at fan fest. Best $5 I’ve spent in a while tbh.
  4. Apex is BIG. Was hard to tell from the pics until I drove by. Only able to snap one.
  5. If a new stadium is built on the Dowd's land, I hope one of the endzones could be oriented towards uptown with only a lower bowl and an opening/window where the upper bowl would be for in-stadium skyline views.
  6. I was thinking this myself today. Could be an innovative solution with a little creativity.
  7. I think I heard they will demo in phases starting later this year. Don't remember where or how reliable that info is. Anyone have a friend with a lease there? That might provide some insight.
  8. I like this - but I thought there was a lawsuit and the estate settlement of a multi-billionaire to deal with?
  9. Worst article I have read in a while. Driverless cars are no silver bullet. You will either still want to park your car near you during work, or there will be 2x as many trips (i.e. to office with you, home without you, to office without you, home with you). Additionally, they will be EXPENSIVE - all these investors plowing money into the development will want to see a return on their investments... There is and will always be a need for cheaper, reliable, fixed path/commute time options. To think otherwise is ludicrous. Absolute best case scenario we have around the same amount of traffic we have now (factoring in population growth; currently a positive traffic situation relative to our peers) and will still have a need for expanded public transportation. To be fair, there are positives involved, but this comes in the form of a decrease in need to expand highway infrastructure that could be funneled to education, affordable housing, etc.. To close, I hate this line: "Instead of sinking money into an unchanging route, they might want to see money put behind support for autonomous vehicles." Yes, lets publicly fund toys for the elite at the expense of transportation options for the masses... How delusional can you be...
  10. @Jayvee looks like Spanberg has different intel?
  11. This will be a fun one to watch rise. From what I hear not getting VE'd like Honeywell.
  12. That's UP Charlotte's Golden Child's (Daniel Levine) entity. I thought The Julien was a Greystar property though.
  13. ♫ America, (Bank of) America, God shed His grace on thee ♫
  14. Yes CTC station. Reads like the developer would have to integrate the bus station into whatever their site plans are, as well as come up with a temporary solution during construction? i.e. station would stay but something else may go there also?
  15. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/06/06/mixed-use-development-proposal-submitted-for.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline Hmmmmmmmmmmm Edit: Uptown bus station redevelopment proposal, if this is behind a paywall.
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