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  1. EllAyyDub

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Incredible photo from the Charlotte RNC Host Committee website: https://www.charlottein2020.com/
  2. Anyone going to this (or know if there is a live stream)? I can't make it, but would like to hear what is presented.
  3. EllAyyDub

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Height doesn't matter as much when the building is gorgeous.
  4. EllAyyDub

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    Couple of shots from my commute this foggy morning. Caught some sparks in the first.
  5. EllAyyDub

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    Thanks for the mock-up. Quite a difference between a Salesforce/Gherkin hybrid and a PPG Place copy/paste. I hope they choose to use darker materials and don't go full class curtain. I would love a copper patina facade.
  6. EllAyyDub

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Blasphemy. Prince’s is best hands down.
  7. ^This is public - should we crowdfund someone's parking ticket up front this time?
  8. EllAyyDub

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    One of the first toys I received as a child was a RC self rising tower crane from 'ol Grandpa Dub. He always wanted me to get into engineering/construction. Think the instructions were in German so we had a heck of a time figuring it out! It was like this but with a remote control. Might have to break it back out of storage and make a video.
  9. EllAyyDub

    Charlotte Greenways and Trails

    Disappointing .. Maybe they can include a nice bridge over Independence in a big new bond request. As ol' Grandpa Dub would say, "Do it once and do it right!"
  10. Refinery looking good today in the rain. Really like this building hope it leases up - would love to see more in this area what a location.
  11. EllAyyDub

    University City Projects/News

    Atapco’s new apartments at McCullough Station in University. Parking deck rising today.
  12. EllAyyDub

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Today from Morehead.
  13. EllAyyDub

    Montford Drive

    That was always my trick. It is the fastest CFA in Charlotte if you know what you're doing. I am usually in & out before most people have a chance to order. Good for Woodlawn traffic though. Now need to rinse & repeat in Cotswald and South Blvd.
  14. EllAyyDub

    2019 Predictions

    I did this last year and had fun, so here are my (somewhat) realistic predictions for 2019. Note I do not predict any type of market crash or related recession next year, just more continued caution and restrained real estate and corporate lending practices leading to slower + more modest growth than the past few years. CLT and NC get a few more corporate relocations, and CLT continues to see booming population growth and the recently finished apartments have little problem filling up. Notable 2019 Groundbreakings: Market 42 LU part deux LU part trois (hotel) Duke Energy (increased to 45 floors) Portman SouthEnd Spectrum SouthEnd Capitol Tower III Carolina Theater (has it already technically broken ground?) EB Arrow stuff at University City NAI Elizabeth Notable New Project Announcements: Panthers practice facility & HQ (on site of old Knights stadium) Cousins across from DFA BofA office, library, apartments (some affordable) & retail at 7th & College BIG BANG (Silver + West with a Center City alignment on the north side through Levineland and a tunnel under Graham, plus a rabid bus instead of the Red Line commuter train) Lots more small condo & townhome projects scattered across the city Notable non-happenings: Nothing on Levine (not even selling land) Nothing in Brookhill Village (my MLS stadium dreamsite) Nothing at Eastland Mall Nothing with Brooklyn Village City buys Duke’s data center on 3rd, but doesn’t announce their intentions for it