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  1. New stoplight going in at Montford & Woodlawn. Lights are up, not sure when they will get turned on.
  2. 100 Lost Architectural Treasures of Old Charlotte by David W. Erdman I can not recommend this book highly enough for those of you with an interest in the topic of this thread. My SO (who clearly knows me all too well) purchased this wonderful collection of photographs and essays for me recently, and I encourage all interested in the history of Charlotte's built environment to give it a read. The author gives a history and architectural notes/significance on buildings removed - for the most part - in the name of growth (though one is still technically standing...any guesses as to which?). A medium length read, and one I will keep close at hand for future reference for years to come. @tarhoosier if you have not read this I especially recommend it to you. I believe the Paper Skyscraper was the point of sale. Cover and my favorite entry below (don't want to spoil anything, but want to give a taste of what to expect):
  3. What's going on with that portion sticking out on the Stonewall side?
  4. Went to El Thrifty on Saturday night. Great vibe, fun games, good bar selection & drinks. Taco salad was really good & the bowl itself was very tasty. Not a big fan of their actual tacos - on the small side for the price and not prepared well. Their menu online is quite different from what is available at the restaurant, strangely. I'll give it another shot but Velvet Taco was definitely better.
  5. It's been gone for a while (few months I think). The only time I ate there, the individual wrapping my wrap did not know how to wrap a wrap. I wish I was embellishing this story. I never went back. I think the operator is still on the lease and is bringing a new concept? That could be old news.
  6. This is great. My key takeaways: Don't have a mayoral (/face of the support) sex scandal leading up to the referendum Be clear and consistent with plan and messaging Don't rush the vote Time the referendum for a major election if polling suggests preliminary support Prioritize an equitable plan So for a future CLT 'Big Bang' vote, this would mean putting out a solid plan about 3-6 months ago for this Novembers election... (that said I believe a plan that includes silver line, blue line extension, and massive bus system improvements [i.e. around 60% rail 40% bus spending] would pass regardless).
  7. Here is a list on which we can strive to rise (note we are #2 in most improved): https://www.titlemax.com/discovery-center/lifestyle/jobs-reachable-by-number-of-minutes-in-49-u-s-metropolitan-areas/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  8. This was an interesting search/distraction. You are right in that it does seem very rare in Meck to have the private lane set up this way. Most are pork chopped (with what I assume are additional easements). I did find one other set up how this one is proposed, however: http://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=579589&pid=08109439&gisid=08109439 The plat map referenced on the deed is recorded with an "ingress - egress easement".
  9. Broadway is an incredible economic driver for Nashville & we would be lucky and fortunate to get an entertainment district half as good.
  10. What's going on at Pinky's? Heard it's closed? Anyone have scoop? Assuming it's not gone for good..
  11. Montford Drive streetscape improvements this morning (ignore the dirty car & apologies for the blurriness):
  12. Not a chance that thing is a cash cow. I like your idea though.
  13. I got a tree from TreeCharlotte over on Tuckaseegee in this area the other weekend. The building at 1100 Tuck has an incredible exterior & had work done to it recently (google maps not updated). Seems very industrial now but quickly turning.
  14. Hopefully they incorporate the fencing into a design element.
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