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  1. Trams in mid-sized European cities astound me with how they just barrel through pedestrian plazas. I love it. Specifically thinking of Bordeaux, which has built like 50 miles of highly used & efficient tram lines since 2000, but there are numerous other examples.
  2. Should be done by this time next year. They seem to have cleared close to the whole length and graded ~80% of the length. Lots of dirt to move so hope for a drier spring/summer to keep it moving. Only a year delayed from the original timeline once funding was approved (from ~2 to 3-3.5 years).
  3. Is this going to improve? View from S College / Stonewall looking north.
  4. The former Bojangles on Morrison Blvd was by far the best. None of their other locations come close.
  5. The above post reminded me of a little Atlanta history in my family (I know this is a Charlotte forum but history is cool). Before and after of some level of great-grandfather's home in Downtown:
  6. I have nothing to add, just wanted to say 150 Riverside in Chicago is my third favorite building in the World - so I have high hopes here!
  7. Little love for the State Freshwater Trout (and only native trout/char species), the Southern Strain Appalachian Brook Trout.
  8. Went on the Dragon this past Saturday. Had never heard of it before. Thousands of motorcycles - made for a wild experience & drive into the Smokies.
  9. The one by my house was already reported on the Duke map when I checked upon seeing the article. I had already reported it through the City, so that may be why it was flagged. A crew was working on that pole last night (11:30 pm) so I believe it has been fixed! Hope to continue to see these go away - they are UGLY.
  10. General rule of thumb is the more restrictive covenant takes effect. Also LOL at MP requesting to vote no - so many corner duplexes being built in that neighborhood doing absolutely nothing to property values. That said, I'd be more in favor of a scaled approach where the closer a parcel is to transit, the 'denser' it can be (similar to the TOD method). Very fine with the UDO in general, however.
  11. They put one in front of my house recently and I have noticed them in other places as well around town. I'm assuming it is Duke with a more energy efficient/longer life bulb, but it is very odd how purple they are. Not a fan!
  12. Lots of clearing recently on LSC by Woodlawn/Brandywine (across from the Taco Bell). Hard to say, but I guess ~12 months until you can go from the Polk House/485 to Cordelia Park/NoDa on one path - about 14 miles!
  13. General thought on the LPAs (I already commented): they seem to be focusing on maximum TOD, as opposed to maximum ridership. Does TOD follow ridership or does it simply follow a fixed route? You could make an argument either way. What this does tell me, however, is CATS is looking to utilize TIF as a funding mechanism. I am fine with a TIF included in the capital stack, but generally believe that ridership should be the primary concern.
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