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  1. Isn't there some decent retail accompanying this project?
  2. I understand people's worry, but PLEASE wait until a there is a federally approved medicine or preventative action against COVID-19 before taking your own action. Not that anybody here would follow suit, but I'm seeing some unfortunate stories where people try stuff on their own.
  3. Don't let the "Instagrammers" know where this is!
  4. Does anyone know when we might learn of the Hotel Brand?
  5. Any news on the Hotel brand or renderings? Maybe we'll hear more when construction starts on it?
  6. Either way, I'm pleased with this project. Hopefully this is one of many other large buildings to come to SouthEnd. This is definitely going to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the South East if not East Coast when done with it's growth.
  7. I feel like the Colony redevelopment has a chance to support some luxury brands, however there is limited retail involved with that development. In the future SouthPark and Charlotte in general will undoubtedly have more luxury retailers, we're the second largest banking capitol. Bankers, executives, and professionals can and will be able to support at least one location for some luxury brands. I'm in no way saying we're going to have Rodeo Drive in Charlotte, but I certainly hope more luxury retailers will realize their potential in Charlotte. This is unrelated, But I also hope to see some more mainstream brands open stores in South End. If I had to pick a few stores randomly, It'd be an Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike, American Eagle, etc.
  8. While the street level looks amazing, I wish it had a little bit more retail. I do like the public art and greenery, however whether that comes to fruition or not is debatable.
  9. I love that SouthEnd is starting to give off a Washington D.C. vibe.
  10. I think it’s time for that alternate account Edit: Wait a damn minute...
  11. Hoping the Ballantyne reconfiguration will turn out something similar to Tampa’s Water Street vision.
  12. I truly hope that the city and developers will attempt to take more steps to transform North Tryon into Charlotte’s “it” street. I was in the city over the weekend, and it made me realize how lively yet misused Tryon is. I feel that if you removed the redundant real estate offices and other dead uses and moved in retailers and more bars and restaurants, many people would utilize and benefit from it.
  13. The Charlotte Observer looks to be reporting that it is in fact a HT Gas Station.
  14. And a QT, across the street in Waverly, the only other gas station I will accept is a WaWa...
  15. Is the tallest building the Hotel I’m assuming?
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