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  1. There's going to be a point of no return in traffic levels and that point is approaching quickly. If the city doesn't do something other than express lanes now, they will forever regret it.
  2. The city was buzzing with activity tonight, after all Pride Weekend is the most attended event in the city! Really felt as if I was in another city like Miami, music blasting out through the streets into the night with a plethora of clubs and restaurants all hosting events and what not. Very fun weekend!
  3. Instead of tracking this projects progress by floor count we can track it in inches. It’s the little victories in life!
  4. Somebody tell that man to stay in his area.
  5. Well following this logic the fourth tower should be nice!
  6. I think something like a Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call, or a Bloomingdales outlet store would do well. Concord Mills is a decently profitable mall so I don’t see why the space wouldn’t do well.
  7. The only department store I know that doesn’t already have a presence in Charlotte is Bloomingdales. However I’d love to see them at SouthPark.
  8. He’s so humble. Everyone should strive to be like him. All hail king KJ!
  9. When will the tenants start to open?
  10. Am I missing something? I feel like I am but it’s probably better if I don’t know. Update - What the hell is this and I want to know the answer did he?
  11. I’m a little concerned that they even had to ban it in the first place but it’s great news nonetheless!
  12. Agreed but with a brand new Mega Harris Teeter right behind it I don’t think that shopping center could’ve supported anything without a grocery anchor.
  13. I recently went to 7th street market and it was packed. If it was a little larger with some more vendors it would be top notch.
  14. Literally if you just replaced even half of the banks in Uptown with national retailers we would have a shopping mecca.
  15. Personally I could care less about a new stadium, I’m most excited for an entertainment district and the commitment Tepper has to Charlotte.
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