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  1. Delta has Atlanta and pretty much is responsible for the largest airport on earth, why wouldn't AA want a similar setup just a few hundred miles away?
  2. Any chance this becomes a Hard Rock operated casino? I know there were rumors of a Hard Rock casino on this site a while ago however then again it was a report from Charlotte Stories so...
  3. Damn not even a Starbucks or a bank branch…
  4. Charlotte could benefit from about 2-5 more Trader Joes locations. I still find it shocking that a city of our side has only 3 (I think?)
  5. I’m really having a hard time deciphering if those are renderings or real. Great job!
  6. While that is a great observation, my expectation for an airport bathroom is very minimal.
  7. Clayton, your expertise is always appreciated and treasured as it's not found elsewhere in Charlotte. However perhaps your responses can be a little less arrogant and cold shouldered? You're clearly devoted to Charlotte and it's development but sometimes I find that you may come off as a tad abrasive. Maybe you were living in Brooklyn for too long P.S. This is by no means supposed to be an attack on your character, just some constructive criticism as you grow your social media presence.
  8. Cadi40


    What a major let down. Maybe it was our fault thinking that an area like Ballantyne would actually be willing to cut down on the automobile.
  9. One thing I hope is still to come for SouthEnd are some nightlife options that aren’t breweries or bars. For a city of it’s size, the club scene is really lacking in Charlotte. Hopefully that is something Tepper’s entertainment district will cover.
  10. It’s days like these where it’s 65 and sunny that really make me think, with Charlotte’s desirable climate why don’t we invest more in outdoor entertainment? Growing up in South Florida, there’s always something to do outdoors. There’s a plethora of public water parks, pools, nature reserves, and playgrounds. During the months of May-September the climate of Charlotte is almost identical to that of Florida. Even though the weather is still around 70 degrees in Florida during the winter, most water activities are closed, just like they would be in Charlotte. Therefore, with similar operating patterns, why can’t we achieve something like an artificial lagoon like this one recently built… https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiksq698vX1AhX7q3IEHWluBL4Qjhx6BAgBEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.orlandoweekly.com%2FBlogs%2Farchives%2F2018%2F12%2F10%2Ffloridas-first-man-made-clear-water-lagoon-opened-last-weekend&psig=AOvVaw1hnkBc1tpdIDjVvZ_caWe9&ust=1644608559813286 If not water related, we still have such an excellent climate yet a drastic deprivation of public parks and activities that everyone can do. Not everyone can afford to go to Carowind’s on a hot summer day, and nor should that be the only offering for outdoor fun during the summer. Just my two cents! Here is a story about the same developer in Charlotte, clearly this never came to fruition but it’s a nice pipe-dream rendering.. https://www.wbtv.com/story/31187888/are-crystal-lagoons-headed-to-charlotte/
  11. Did I miss a large announcement from the Ledger? That damn Clayton has my nerves on 100.
  12. Did KJ just report this news before the Ledger does tomorrow? Or is the ledger story something different? As always excellent work KJ, you sure must’ve had a lot of Krispy Kreme to have enough weight to sit on this for that long
  13. Well that answered my second question, Now for my third: Do nurses get a free subscription?
  14. Is the hotel that looks like an “M” upside down still on the back burner or cancelled all together?
  15. Well we won in the end. We’re getting a state of the art innovation district that will pull talent from all over the US.
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