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  1. Cadi40

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Now when I tell someone, Yes, We have a Midtown, I can show them the Midtown skyline in 5 years!
  2. Don’t ever disrespect MY president like that.
  3. Cadi40

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    How big are we talking?!
  4. Cadi40

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    The residents near the project do have a say, In my opinion it’s an annoying opinion, But nevertheless they do have a say.
  5. Cadi40

    Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

    Will this spark development on the Westside? Westside has so much potential.
  6. Cadi40

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I volunteer at CMC - Union, Fairly large hospital with I think 200 Beds?! ER Wait times tend to be 1-3 hours. That's per usual however with most US ER's.
  7. Cadi40

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    God CMC Main is going to be HUGE!
  8. Cadi40


    Wish Ballantyne got a little more height. One thing I don’t like about Ballantyne is the office park aspect, I get it but it’s pointless at the same time. Ballantyne is already decently appealing to young workers and workers with families. If office buildings were built right on the road with retail on the bottom, Perferabbly in a row much like the towers in Uptown, It’d be a much more lively neighborhood. Shopping and restaurants wouldn’t be confined to shopping centers, They could sprawl throughout the neighborhood and make it more walkable yet still be functional for workers.
  9. You know what they say, everything’s Yuger in Texas.
  10. Cadi40

    History of Charlotte

    Wish Charlotte still had a decent film industry.
  11. Cadi40

    The River District

    I don’t recall them starting construction on the River District!? Have they already started?
  12. Cadi40


    Ballantyne still has time to change for the better. I think if instead of building office parks, they just built the buildings on the road and make it public to all, therefore, you can put ground floor retail etc, and make the whole area less private and more open.
  13. Cadi40

    Providence Road Development

    Really hoping for Rea Farms to turn out like a Blakeney, Hope they have decent retail!
  14. I love how they think the lights will make West End a destination all of the sudden. I think they should invest more into West End intself then trying to clean it up.