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  1. I don’t know it reminds me a little of Pollo Tropical, might have to check it out.
  2. I believe South End will probably end up taking the most exciting place to be title, however SouthPark is definitely headed in the right direction.
  3. It’s a very attractive and high traffic area so hopefully a decent retailer will lease.
  4. We’d have another urban park if it weren’t for Daniel Levine...
  5. Anxiously waiting to hear more about the hotel brand, I’d love to see a W Hotel but my assumption is it’ll probably be a Kimpton.
  6. Extremely jealous of Raleigh’s development. While Charlotte’s CBD is far more expansive than Raleigh’s, their suburban and secondary CBD developments are outstanding.
  7. Just any announcement, some content that was posted yesterday made it sound like it was imminent.
  8. When can we expect some more information or a formal announcement?
  9. The Panorama Tower in Ballantyne is 14 stories I believe??
  10. I previously heard the NAI tower was dead however it did get approved, maybe they’re just waiting on a tenant.
  11. Even with the death of in store retail, Uptown can support more retailers than it has now, which is next to zero.
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