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  1. Well that’s very disappointing, an REI location would’ve killed there. I’m still waiting for a Target location in SP.
  2. Finally some good height for Midtown, hopefully this is the first of many more projects!
  3. Apple is likely opening a store in South End and I’m assuming it will be entirely new.
  4. I would opt to completely demolish the new Honeywell tower if it mean't this tower were 15-20 stories taller. (Of course Honeywell could relocate )
  5. I do believe Uptown Charlotte needs some nightlife at the Epicenter, but not to the extent in which it's currently at. If I could renovate the Epicenter I'd add the following: - A TJ Maxx or similar retailer - An Urban Target store - Reserve clubs for the upper floors, limited to about 2-4 establishments - Expand outdoor dining - Add some new fast food dining options - Include a Zara or an Urban Outfitters, a fast fashion store would do well at this location - Add some sort of technology store here - Add trees and upgraded lighting
  6. Because I find it hard to sympathize with him it means I wish him the worst? I’m just sticking to development on this forum from now on...
  7. I just said it was hard to sympathize with him, I never even implied my negative thoughts towards the President. I wish my best for the President because he’ll most likely need it. Happy now? I guess I’ll just have to put forth the simplest possible sentences in order for proper comprehension.
  8. I don’t know where or how you comprehended that I was conveying my death wishes on Donald Trump. That quote of yours while it’s truly meaningful, Donald Trump has consistently denied and demeaned the Coronavirus pandemic, if anyone needs to read that quote it’s him.
  9. I’d really love to sympathize with Mr. President, but after loosing my Aunt to COVID and then watching Mr. Trump and his supporters claim that this disease is a hoax and we should just go back to normal, all while showing absolutely ZERO sympathy for 200K lives lost, I’m really finding it hard to do so.
  10. Quote me if I'm wrong but Early voting is not the same thing as Absentee voting, they're similar concepts but they're not the same thing. In past years you've needed a reason to cast an absentee ballot, for early voting you don't need any excuse. EDIT: I'm just now seeing this post was made roughly a month ago, I apologize for the late response. I don't enter this thread often to protect my mental health and rage LOL.
  11. Cadi40


    Hopefully the redevelopment brings some more height to the area.
  12. Why would lamp posts and large pillars be installed to the top floor of the deck if a large structure is to be built above it before it opens?
  13. A Target would kill in the SouthPark area, I don’t know necessarily if I’d fit in the mall but if one were built nearby it’d definitely be profitable.
  14. Indeed it is! I had to personally invest in these buildings in order to make my dreams come true!
  15. Wow! You practically get a free education if you live in one of those apartments!
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