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  1. No pics....just memories in an old (and fading!) brain.
  2. My Dad and I watched the Andrew Jackson hotel implosion from atop the L & C tower....hard to believe it was 50 years ago!
  3. Downtown Cincinnati has these too but I don't know the rules by which they operate. The popularity of the pedal taverns completely escapes me...why exercise when you're simultaneously getting sloshed? If you must, just stay at home, hop on the Peloton and pop open a refreshing beer soda and spare the rest of us the headache of trying to drive around you.
  4. I no longer drink (liver issues unrelated to alcohol), but when I did drink I hated the hangovers the day after I "overconsumed". I don't have an issue with "transportainment" but I guess the city will have to tighten up it's regs on these things as some people can lose control when they are imbibing. But hey, Lower Broadway got popular precisely because it's a bit trashy and gritty and grimey. It's an outlet of sorts-check out the Youtube videos of Lower Broadway on Friday and Saturday nights-they have to close down Broadway from 5th to 1st ave just because of the crowds. On the other h
  5. We've had 'em up here in Cincy for a few years. It's pretty good as far as fast food goes-the chicken strips in particular.
  6. Broadway Capital? This is the first I've heard of this. Do you know if they will incorporate the "World Famous Nashville Sign"?
  7. Kinda reminds me of Mooneyland.
  8. Maybe there's enough room out in the Music Valley area or even the old Cornelia Fort Airpark property-you could build a bridge to it from the roundabout next to Briley Parkway. I suspect they might not want to get too far from downtown with all that is going on there.
  9. I'm OK with the design but I wish they had used the darker gold color a la the Predators instead of yellow. I think the Pred's color combination is probably the best in pro sports. I also wish they would call themselves Metropolitan Nashville SC to pay homage to the city's groundbreaking form of government. And no their nickname wouldn't be the Metros-it could be the Mets instead-like the NY Mets. Just sayin'.
  10. Finally! I hope this starts soon-any idea when it might?
  11. Union Station would be the transit hub and Nashville Yards would be the main beneficiary....along with the rest of downtown. I think everything depends on CSX and if they build a new switching yard to replace Radnor Yard. There was talk of that on this forum sometime back about a proposal that would put a new yard somewhere SW of Nashville....don't know what will become of it.
  12. The first thing they need to do is finish widening the sidewalks and installing the bollards on Lower Broad.......it looks spectacularly tacky with the temporary barriers.
  13. One possible solution would be to build a smaller building on 3rd Avenue right behind the current one-due to tech advances I doubt they need as much space as they have now plus the cable connections would not have far to move. Then you demolish the current site and some enterprising developer could get with the Historical Commission's photo archives and see what that part of 2nd Ave used to look like and rebuild accordingly.
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