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  1. bnacincy

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    It would have been nice if they had built this portion of the Downtown Loop below grade like the West End side.
  2. bnacincy

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I wonder if there is any possibility of Montgomery County being added to the Nashville MSA?
  3. Wilson County Fair as Smeagolsfree mentioned has a higher attendance and is better organized.; The Expo center in Wilson County where the Fair is held is 270 acres which is much bigger than Nashville's Fairgrounds. With so many entertainment options these days there are only so many 'Fair Dollars' people are willing to spend.
  4. I did a little research and here's what I think. If the State Fair operators need 300 acres, here's a thought-keep the speedway, the Soccer stadium and flea market where they are and relocate the agricultural facilities and a brand new midway to the old Cornelia Fort airpark site. Looks like there's 300 acres there which could be accessed with a vehicular bridge constructed near the pedestrian bridge-not to mention from East Nashville as well. That's the only area in Davidson County I could find with relatively easy access for tourist and locals alike where you could build permanent upgraded facilities and infrastructure. We're going to have to do something like that if we have to compete against the Wilson County Fair.
  5. What do they need the additional acreage for? More rides? More agricultural exhibits?
  6. As much as I support the new MLS stadium at the Fairgrounds along with the other upgrades, I would hate to see the State Fair leave for a new site. If it was done in the Titans parking lot you would need to build temporary faciilities for the agricultural exhibits because without the agricultural part it becomes just another mall parking lot carnival. So the new facilities at the Fairgrounds would be the best option. Also, why not make the racetrack infield the new "MIdway?" I believe there is a lot more space there than where the Midway is now so there could be lot more rides and other fair "stuff'. Learn from what has made the Wilson County Fair successful if need be but don't move it. The State Fair has been around for more than a century and a half and needs to be shown the honor and respect it deserves.
  7. bnacincy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Nashville Atlas....that's good too. After all, Atlas was a "Titan"!
  8. bnacincy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Never cared for the name....too blase', or whatever-doesn't have the "grandeur" of Metropolitan. Or how 'bout Metropolis SC Nashville?
  9. bnacincy

    Soccer in Nashville

    If Mr Ayre wants something "uniquely Nashville" then I suggest "Metropolitan Nashville SC". It pays homage to our history as one of the first communities in the nation to combine the City/County governments. It gives a distinctiveness and uniqueness to the brand that "FC Nashville" or "Nashville SC" can't deliver. Oh, and their nickname can be the "Mets"! Oh, and it has nothing to do with music! Oh!!
  10. bnacincy

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    From what I have heard the Reed family still owns the land. Don"t quote me on that though. I know exactly what I would do with all that property-just need somebody to help me make a visual of!
  11. I hope this happens....I lived in Memphis for 4 years and it's my favorite place after Nashville. Memphis Forever!
  12. bnacincy

    Soccer in Nashville

    When you say Fair Park, what do you mean exactly? I was a child in the 60's and 70's when there was a Fair Park on the Fairgrounds but that closed down years ago. Is this the space in the picture? Signed, Confused in Cincinnati....
  13. bnacincy

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    I'm gonna say this til I'm blue in the face-have the Historical Commission come in and decide once and for all which buildings should be saved and which should not. Then tear down all the crappy apartments that have been built there in the past few years and even earlier. Let Pannatoni or whoever else come in build office buildings big enough to attract the companies that left the Row to come back. Build an actual "Music Square" with with a little retail/restaurant action along with a small Museum of Music Row. Put a rebuilt Bobby's Idle Hour on one side of the Square and recruit The Bluebird Cafe to relocate to the other side. Oh yeah, and rename 16th and 17th avenues Music Row East and West respectively. You don't need to tear down the bungalows-just a lot of the stuff that was built after them.
  14. Soulless and depressing.....more grey cladding for Nashville's skyline.
  15. Hey Mark, Is there any talk down there about new clubs opening up in Printers Alley once all the construction is done? Nashville needs a jazz/blues/supperclub/musictheater alternative entertainment district and the Alley is the perfect spot.