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  1. If they put it at my preferred site between the railroad viaduct and Jefferson street bridge and face it towards the development that is supposedly coming between the viaduct and James Robertson Parkway then it would have the same look and feel as the Braves new park-except it would be downtown and not in the suburbs. All the developers need to get together on this and hash out a plan that totally transforms the East Bank-call it the Riverpark Sportsplex or something. Make it the first phase of an even greater plan to deindustrialize the entire Cumberland River from Opryland to west of the MLK Bridge and transform it to a massive green space. Downtown needs it if there is to be all these people moving in....call it Nashville's Riverpark.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this but unlike Nashville a lot of Memphis neighborhoods including poorer areas apparently have the electric and phone cables buried underground. I never really thought about it when I lived there but now my slow brain finally took notice. Anyone know when that all began? I have to say it really is pleasant not seeing utility poles in these areas.
  3. Finish installing the bollards on Lower Broadway would be a nice start.
  4. I just hope it's not all in vain-that the new year brings a beginning to the end of the pandemic and people start returning to Nashville and businesses get going again and hotels start filling up again. A lot of hotel rooms coming available in the next year or two-I'm a little scared but hopeful just the same.
  5. For the longest time I thought the AT&T building was an aesthetic nightmare being on 2nd Ave. Now, tragically, it has become an existential nightmare. Sooner or later given the world we live in these days someone may try to finish what this person started. And if that happens they may not be in the mood to give a prerecorded computer generated voice warning 15 minutes before the blast. This damn thing needs to get off of 2nd Ave ASAP....I mean it!! It has no business being across the street from some historic buildings in which people live!!
  6. The city needs a comprehensive plan to completely rebuild 2nd Avenue to its original state-the AT&T building needs to be completely torn down and relocated to a safe and secure spot in an industrial/warehouse area. The buildings that were damaged across the street in the blast need to be rebuilt according to their original designs-the parking lot between Church and Bank streets need to be rebuilt according to what was there before the fire in 1985. Once the AT&T building is demolished and relocated old photos and maps need to consulted in order to rebuild what was torn down to make way for the AT&T building. The city needs to get serious and get serious quick and get local developers involved along with some urban development money if possible. Nashville has been punched in the gut this year....time to start punching back.
  7. If they tear the old Firestone building down they need to do something very iconic and art deco in its place.
  8. Go to Google Maps and have a look at the Great American Ballpark alignment here in Cincy. Now follow I 71/65 down to Nashville. If you build a Major League Ballpark at the location I suggested at the same angle as GAP it will face Downtown Nashville away from the setting sun. It will offer the best views of the city and be another step in cleaning up the East Bank. The East Bank is an eyesore and not just when it comes to PSC Metals. Since this discussion probably belongs on the MLB thread I will add I think the best use for the Beaman/Reed properties is a museum/theater district I've mentioned before.
  9. I still say the best place for this project is the area between the railroad viaduct and First Street/Spring Street/Jefferson Street. Helps clean up more of the East Bank while the extra parking can be used for commuters during the week and Honky Tonk goers on the weekends. Expand the vision.
  10. From the Ohio Valley, Thank you! Perhaps you should publish your photos from the great Nashville Boom in a photo album?
  11. Cincinnati and Chattanooga have this strange connection to each other. They are both in Hamilton county, they both have an area called Red Bank, both have an Eastgate and Northgate mall. Baron Erlanger started the Cincinnati Southern railway which began in Cincy and its terminus was Chattanooga-the Erlanger family built Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. Erlanger Kentucky was named after the Baron and is located not far from cut in the hill. My grandparents lived in East Brainerd so I'm very familiar with the ridge cut!
  12. Up here they call that spot "cut in the hill". It reminds me of 65 southbound in Nashville where it merges with 24 just before the Trinity lane exit and the city skyline view opens up. Yeah cut in the hill is still the better view but we should revisit this comparison in about 5 years if not earlier. Nashville is booming and Cincinnati isn't.
  13. I lived across the street from Big O for a while when I was at TTU. My roommate and I would get the buttermilk bars late in the evening. They were the best! Are they still on North Washington?
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