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  1. I've been a fan of Freeway Jim for awhile now...thanks for sharing!
  2. Absolutely embarrassing and ridiculous. Anyone know who came up with WeGo? An outside consultant or was this "creativity" an inhouse idea?
  3. Just looked at the pictures on the Nashville Scene website showing the devastation in East Nashville. Painful.
  4. I'm a Tech Alum.....miserable to see what happened in Putnam County.
  5. Love and prayers to all affected from the Great Ohio Valley..... Wish I could be there to help out.
  6. Wonderful if it happens.....nice to have a stop in Chattanooga! The question is, would it terminate at Union Station? And if so, how would that work?
  7. Had no idea that Chattanooga was booming like this! My family is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery (Parents, Grandparents and even a Great Grandmother.) My dad grew up there, went to McCallie and after the Korean War the University of Chattanooga. When I was a kid we would drive from Nashville to see the Grandparents; Chattanooga was dirty back then. I think it was Walter Cronkite who said it was the dirtiest city in America. In the early 70's that began to change though. I think it all began with Miller Park-I can't recall exactly-but what I do know is that from that point on Chattanooga has absofreakin'lutely NOT SKIPPED A BEAT!! Can't wait to see what 2020 has in store.....
  8. Kinda wished Mr Giarratana had done his towers in the Gulch where you could develop more amenities (shops, stores and restaurants) because in the Gulch you can reach a critical mass of residents easier than say, in the CBD. But that's just me.
  9. Since I'm a bit out of the loop up here any chance of this actually happening with this new mayor?
  10. Nice to see that CVG SDF BNA corridor gaining traction (with Nashville in the lead!) Here at CVG they are gearing up for the Prime Air Cargo hub.
  11. It's OK but I wish they would build it on the parking lot that borders 21st Ave and Terrace Place. Vanderbilt needs to get serious about its parking and built environment issues. To that end they should have taken over the Scarritt Bennett Center and moved the Divinity School there-that would free up some space on the Main Campus to build some below grade parking with a transit center on top for the Vandy Vans. Also another big help would be to build a new VA Hospital in the medical center area bordered by Charlotte Ave,21st Ave, and State Street which would give Vandy a huge amount of space for more parking, transit center and perhaps some high rises for students, the medical center, etc. I've said this before, Vandy needs to start building up and not out. In my opinion the Carmichael Towers should have been replaced with 6 20 story towers that would have been residential and academic with study halls, classrooms and cafeterias.
  12. The only thing that would make that photo better would be if those were passenger trains and not freight trains.
  13. How 'bout moving the Bluebird Cafe to Music Row? That could be a game changer!
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