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  1. I miss the views....what's the point of building great architecture if you can't see it? As Baronakim says, the first 5 or 6 floors is what a pedestrian can see.
  2. When I first got my drivers license (a while back!) I remember one thing I really enjoyed was driving downtown and seeing all the density on Church Street and 2nd Ave. Now if you drive on Church Street and 2nd Ave-as I did last time I was home- it's pretty hard to see the buildings thanks to all the trees that have grown. I have to confess I really don't like trees in areas like Church Street and 2nd Ave which are high density and in the the case of 2nd Avenue has historical significance-yeah it gets better in the Winter when the leaves are gone but the rest of the year it's a strain to see what is behind the overgrowth. If they can't get rid of the trees could they at least trim them down some? Just wonderin'.
  3. Anyone have any idea when this area will be redeveloped? We're going on 2 years since the blast and this is moving at a very slow snails pace. It least that is the impression I'm getting.
  4. I guess this is going to be some kind of Raising Canes, Huh?!
  5. Could be an inflection point for Memphis-for better or worse. The city may need help from the State of Tennessee in dealing with the crime situation and also to make sure this does no damage to the Blue Oval project at the Memphis Megasite.
  6. As far as I am concerned, the L&C tower was not only the first Nashville skyscraper but is still the best in terms of world class design.
  7. Wondering if there has been any sort of environmental push back on this-looks they are tearing up a good portion of several mountainsides to do this in what is arguably one of the most beautiful regions in North America. That last photo in particular looks like a tunnel would have been more appropriate than creating a deep chasm by blasting the mountainside basically in two.
  8. In the immortal words of Reviewbrah "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"
  9. My dream is that one day it is an actual train station again......
  10. I've stayed at that Holiday Inn in Raleigh-it's a shame to see it go. We have one similar to that one up here across the river in Covington, but I believe it's a Radisson now. The Noel Block garage is the only above ground parking garage in the world I have ever liked-there is an intimacy to it that more modern buildings lack-I think because of the brickwork and the small windows. The ground level retail is what makes it extra special and that has to be retained no matter what happens.
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