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  1. The only way the metro area gets to 3 million in 2040 is if someone figures out a way to populate that area....otherwise it ain't happenin'......if that is even desirable.
  2. The Reds are celebrating their 150th year! And I still haven't been to a game since I moved up here! When I was younger I watched the Big Red Machine but except for 1990 I haven't kept up. It's quite a tradition up here though, the atmosphere of Downtown, the Riverfront and GAB is hard to beat.
  3. Glad you had a good time up here in the Great Ohio Valley......Northern KY is a bit of a hidden gem that has not reached its full potential-Covington definitely needs to relocate the huge IRS Processing Center from the Riverfront to CVG and that would open NKY up for some creative ventures. As for Cincinnati itself....well, it's trying. Over The Rhine is about 2/3rds redeveloped and there are small spots throughout the metro area that are seeing some measure of growth but overall the growth is little more than at a snails pace. Unfortunately many neighborhoods are at a standstill.
  4. There are a couple more parking lots on 3rd Avenue where an idea like this would really payoff.
  5. This reminds me of the amusement park that was proposed for the Spring Hill area some years ago......has the same kind of 1970's early 80's feel to it.
  6. TSU Could not only expand but relocate from its present downtown location-this would be a bigger footprint for TSU and give Nashville Yards more room to expand northward to all the way to Charlotte ave. Imagine what that could look like.....
  7. I agree, last picture aside this looks great-hopefully a blueprint for what will happen with Sudekum, Napier, Edgehill, etc.
  8. Haven't been watching baseball for a while now....haven't been to a Reds game since I moved up here 4 years ago. I think Nashville's Metro population needs to grow to 2.5 to 3 million before it can support MLB-and everything else. Let the Sounds do their stuff in the new ballpark for the time being before moving up the ladder.
  9. Hail Yeah!! Perfect location!! One nice thing (about the only nice thing!) about not living in Nashville is coming back every few months and seeing all the changes-its exhilarating!!
  10. Renovating Nissan Stadium would be an uphill battle, much less building a totally new facility. Plus ya can't beat the current locations'.......location!
  11. A good location for a ballpark I think would be between the railroad tracks and Spring Street/Jefferson Street bridge. Also, if homeplate is facing 2nd Ave. South that would be facing southeast-up here in Cincinnati the homeplate at Great American Ballpark faces Southeast.
  12. I have to ask, isn't that area historically been known as Acklen Park? I seem to remember stone gateways on Acklen Park actually saying that.
  13. I'd like to see the industrial parts of the East Bank become park lands-with all the new residents pouring into downtown and nearby neighborhoods, Nashville needs some serious greenspace dowtown. it would also be a great location for food and music festivals. That little patch of grass on Church Street don't cut it.
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