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  1. I like the little neon signs they had hanging out in front of the shops-the Arcade looks a little barren without them. Great work Baronakim....keep it comin'.
  2. Any idea when they might finish putting the bollards up on Lower Broad? That temporary fencing looks really tacky and not terribly safe either.
  3. I can never make it down there on Saturday mornings! Can ya have a meetup in Louisville maybe?!!
  4. WOW IS RIGHT !! First it was everything in Nashville, then Memphis started to churn with the Union Row Development and now this! And people wonder why I'm homesick for Tennessee......
  5. That needs to be reworked-very mediocre.......Memphis deserves better.
  6. I always thought a sports park on the East Bank would be nice....Nissan Stadium is between Shelby Street and Woodland Street, why not put the soccer stadium between James Robertson Pkwy and the railroad tracks and if it comes to it a major league baseball stadium between the railroad tracks and Spring Street/Jefferson Street Bridge? That would clean up the East Bank a lot and increase parking which could be shared by whoever has a home game-and create more parking for downtown commuters which would keep more cars out of the CBD. Yes, it would be very expensive to relocate the industrial sites currently there-particularly the fuel depot-but the city needs to put it in context of a larger plan to deindustrialize the Cumberland river from downtown to Opryland in order to create more green space for all the new downtown and near downtown residents that are pouring in.
  7. A few buildings like this on Music Row would help keep growing companies on Music Row instead of heading someplace like the Gulch. Now if someone would follow up on the idea of a Music Row Village with a little bit of retail, dining and maybe a live music venue...a relocated Blue Bird Cafe, perhaps?
  8. My point exactly....Vandy needs more high rises and below grade parking on its own campus
  9. This is the last thing I wanted to see....a funky little neighborhood ruined by upscale dormitories. If they needed more dorms they should have replaced the 4 Carmichael Towers with 6 15 story high rises-buildings that could have fit in the Gulch design wise. Vandy has the dollars to do it. They need to start building up and not out. They are messing up the fabric of Midtown.
  10. True, but what is important for Nashville's purposes is the association-Maxwell House-the Hotel-the Coffee- is a part of Nashville's history, its culture. This is what the city should be promoting.
  11. Maybe a few Maxwell House Cafe's? I'll say it again and again....Nashville is massively underutilizing its native Coffee brand. In addition to putting a brand new Maxwell House back at 4th and Church, Maxwell House Coffee needs to be in every Nashville Gift Basket the Visitor's Center sells along with Goo Goo Clusters and Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix-say, a special Nashville edition coffee bag or can that is only sold in Nashville. The Convention and Visitor's Bureau needs to do a promotional deal with Kraft Foods-win a trip to Nashville! Details on back of Coffee Can! See the City where Maxwell House was born.....! As I mentioned before it is a global brand and they (The City) are doing nothing with it........
  12. A while back I suggested a name and not everyone liked it but what is better, Music City Link or a transit system that sounds like a laxative? Unbelievable!
  13. Been watching this from the tristate.....did not Briley mention any of this during the campaign? That if what is happening in downtown wasn't happening then the future of Nashville could be seen by making a trip up to the Rust Belt? Middle Tennesseans need to be on their knees in gratitude for what's happening there-I know some of them have recently arrived from up here so they should know what the alternative is.
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