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  1. Memphis and West Tennessee certainly feel like the Deep South even if geographically in the Mid South. Sadly, its economic situation is more like the Deep South than the rest of Tennessee.
  2. I will speak my truth: I was born a Mid-Southerner and not a Deep Southerner. National Geographic has failed me!
  3. Exactly where it should go....along with a brand new art museum, an interactive car museum, the Adventure Science center and a an interactive Museum of Music.
  4. Nashville is not "Deep South" is it? Or has something changed since I moved away?
  5. The problem in Nashville is where to put it. And where would it terminate?
  6. Why do people want to make things look worse? First it was the Apts on Church that Giarratana built some years back and now this-what's so great about a matte grey painted building sticking up in the skyline? This totally escapes me....
  7. I hope it doesn't become just another Vandy parking lot......
  8. Terrific idea! I have long wanted this stretch of 12th Ave to go on a "road diet". I don't think there will much of an effect with regards to traffic because frankly, I've hardly ever seen any "traffic" on this part of 12th.
  9. That is what I had wished for on the East Bank instead of a tech hub on one side and a junkyard on the other. I know Oracle prefers campuses but I had hoped they would have gone to Nashville Yards instead. Not to mention PSC moving to somewhere like Cockrill Bend. Nashville needs its Central Park.
  10. OK I think Nashville's skyline has surpassed Cincinnati's as far as being impressive.
  11. Personally I can't stand that dark grey color-it looks Soviet while Haven reminds me of some early 21st century Russian provincial architecture (see Yekaterinburg,Skyscrapercity) gone haywire.
  12. That is really terrible looking-particularly the above ground parking garage. I'm not sure which I like less-this or Haven.
  13. Way too many Americans can't hold their alcohol-Lower Broad just amplifies that. It's a shame because other than that, I really enjoy the energy down there-hopefully as 2nd Ave comes back to life it will be more restaurant oriented-as it was becoming before the bombing-and perhaps become a transition between Lower Broad and say, Printers Alley which needs to develop more non country music oriented entertainment.
  14. Cincy has a minor league team, the Florence "Y'alls" (don't ask, long story on the nickname) in Florence KY
  15. I read somewhere that Davidson County actually lost population in 2021. Can anyone confirm?
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