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  1. I'm OK with the design just wish they had put that on the 21st Ave parking lot instead and left this area for some more restaurants-particularly now with the Demonbreun Street places having to relocate.
  2. Hopefully something more music oriented. Maybe someone will buy the Douglas Corner Cafe and reopen it-that whole block needs to be another Lower Broad alternative for entertainment.
  3. I'm driving to Nashville Thursday morning.......will this be big enough for the evening news?
  4. If they want to change the names of the streets, then give them their original street names back-Market Street, Vine Street, etc..... I don't like using numbers for streets-I particularly don't like the name "12th south neigborhood"....I wish they would call it something like "Sevier Park", after the nearby park.
  5. We've had Raising Cane's up here for a while.....pretty decent stuff for fast food....should do well on Lower Broad.
  6. Dank je wel! I studied German in college and was going to trade shows in Germany when I was importing chocolate so I would fly into Amsterdam and drive to Cologne. I ended up taking a Dutch class at the Tennessee Foreign Language institute at night and learned a little but when I was in Amsterdam everyone spoke great English so it was almost impossible to practice! If you know German you can maybe read a bit of Dutch but the pronounciation is very different and also much more difficult. Dutch is much more guttural believe it or not.
  7. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij! Flown 'em before, good airline-just don't ask me how to pronounce the name!
  8. I would prefer Cornelia Fort International Airport.
  9. That's why there is a huge Krystal restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans for this very purpose. Eating before and after drinking alcohol slows down the rate of alcohol absorption in the bloodstream-Nashville should be encouraging more food carts and not try and get rid of them.
  10. The Sheraton was a very dark red brick color that would look good now but at the time people did not like it. I remember that as my Godfather was the contracter on that job.
  11. Now the Tennessee Central needs to run its excursion train from downtown to the Wilson County Fairgrounds-great way to get tourists as well as locals out there.
  12. Cookeville has public transit? Wow!
  13. This could be a blueprint for further development of 5th and even 4th Avenues.....reimagining this block wth the Arcade as its connector and transforming it into a Caberet/Jazz Club musical theater area-basically an alternative to the Broadway scene as I'm pretty certain not all of the region's newcomers are huge country music fans-the 2nd floor of the Arcade could become the new art gallery hub and hopefully get some decent places to eat on the 1st floor with this renovation now being undertaken.
  14. As a marketing tool and a matter of convenience....a good example would be the Houston Museum district.
  15. I will say it over and over....TPAC (Along with the FRist Museum,Adventure Science Center, a museum of music..etc) need to be on Upper Broadway where the Reed and Beaman properties are being developed. Perhaps the developers there would see an opportunity and patronise these entities as it would be a draw for their developments. The City could then market Broadway as a destination spot but this would be far enough from Lower Broadway to avoid the crowds and the noise there.
  16. St. Jude and Le Bonheur should team up to make Memphis a research hub for childhood disease.......that could be real growth engine for the city.
  17. Once it's finished, will they still have the BBQ and Blues Festivals there?
  18. It is the Great Boom of Nashville......never in a million years did I see it coming.
  19. I see what you're saying and sympathize with you when it comes to what's happening and what has happened. As Mark says it's the owners who are selling the properties and reaping the rewards-what I hope is that when they do sell it would be to build office space which would have at least a fighting chance of keeping some of the larger businesses on Music Row whereas residential developments just pretty much exclude everyone.
  20. Please explain.....it was my understanding that Sony Music and Capitol Records along with others moved out of Music Row due to the lack of office space-now these businesses are in the Gulch, West End, and Downtown. I don't want to see it continue......
  21. Flattered and humbled, MidTenn1, flattered and humbled....... Have you taken the grandkids on the Incline yet?
  22. If it keeps music businesses from migrating out of Music Row due to their growth that's fine with me. Better that than turning Music Row into apartment row.
  23. Northwest Davidson County could possibly be developed but in no way would it be "affordable", and Nashville needs affordable housing now, or like yesterday, or...or...when I left in 2015!
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