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  1. Once it's finished, will they still have the BBQ and Blues Festivals there?
  2. It is the Great Boom of Nashville......never in a million years did I see it coming.
  3. I see what you're saying and sympathize with you when it comes to what's happening and what has happened. As Mark says it's the owners who are selling the properties and reaping the rewards-what I hope is that when they do sell it would be to build office space which would have at least a fighting chance of keeping some of the larger businesses on Music Row whereas residential developments just pretty much exclude everyone.
  4. Please explain.....it was my understanding that Sony Music and Capitol Records along with others moved out of Music Row due to the lack of office space-now these businesses are in the Gulch, West End, and Downtown. I don't want to see it continue......
  5. Flattered and humbled, MidTenn1, flattered and humbled....... Have you taken the grandkids on the Incline yet?
  6. If it keeps music businesses from migrating out of Music Row due to their growth that's fine with me. Better that than turning Music Row into apartment row.
  7. Northwest Davidson County could possibly be developed but in no way would it be "affordable", and Nashville needs affordable housing now, or like yesterday, or...or...when I left in 2015!
  8. Nashville has topographical issues those other cities for the most part don't. It's really hurting Nashville's ability to increase its stock of affordable single family homes. I look for the flat part of Cheatham and Robertson Counties as possible areas of growth for new housing inventory.
  9. That particular Embassy Suites was built with an atrium-which I never liked as it was too noisy-I don't know if Hilton is still building them this way but thankfully the new one on Demonbreun doesn't have it.
  10. Thanks, MidTenn1! Chattanooga is where my Dad grew up. You'll enjoy it there. Best Wishes and keep in touch!
  11. I can speak from experience, you can leave Nashville but Nashville will never, ever leave you. Aside from family this forum has been a vital connection for me and the hometown I very much love and miss. Thanks to everyone who makes this forum great!
  12. Just having a side view look of the building on Google Maps, it looks like you may be correct. Even so, I really hope they get rid of that facade and replace it with a brick facade that blends better with buildings surrounding it.
  13. I think that blue exterior on the Garth Brooks Bldg is just covering an older facade of a building behind it-I hope he just peels that off and we get to see the actual facade that was originally built. Some owners did that with older buildings in the 50's because they did not like the "old look".
  14. Wow! Cookeville is booming! Far cry from when I was a student at TTU.... We've had Raising Canes up here in Cincy for awhile.....the chicken is awesome along with their sauce! Hope the Monell's-BobbyQ's combo works out well. BobbyQ's just opened up when I was leaving Cookeville....yeah, OK, that was really back in the day!
  15. Google older photos of 4th Street in Louisville-they are incredible! Puts what is there now to shame.....
  16. I've got the day off....do I have time to go to the grocery store?
  17. Northwest Davidson County would be a great location for a boom in affordable housing but the topography is very limiting-unless some enterprising developers could find a way to work the problem to their advantage.
  18. The trees in Memphis are huge compared to trees in Nashville.
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