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  1. If they want to change the names of the streets, then give them their original street names back-Market Street, Vine Street, etc.....

    I don't like using numbers for streets-I particularly don't like the name "12th south neigborhood"....I wish they would call it something like "Sevier Park", after the nearby park.

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  2. 1 hour ago, TNinVB said:

    In the 80’s I went to an international school in Holland when my dad got orders to Germany. We were right on the Dutch border and the closest high school I could attend was in Holland about an hour  and a half bus ride one way.  So with that being said, I picked up on the Dutch language. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij would be pronounced Kōnik-licka Luked-vart Mots-ska-pay.  (Royal Dutch Airlines) I hope that helps :-) 

    Dank je wel! I studied German in college and was going to trade shows in Germany when I was importing chocolate so I would fly into Amsterdam and drive to Cologne. I ended up taking a Dutch class at the Tennessee Foreign Language institute at night and learned a little but when I was in Amsterdam everyone spoke great English so it was almost impossible to practice! If you know German you can maybe read a bit of Dutch but the pronounciation is very different and also much more difficult. Dutch is much more guttural believe it or not.

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  3. 1 hour ago, titanhog said:

    As I’ve mentioned a few times before, it’s not about the record labels, but the publishers and songwriters.  The record labels have already left.  Capitol had actually built a new building for themselves on Music Row in the 90s…but then turned around and sold it and moved.  Sony / RCA had a really cool building on the Row…but sold it and moved closer to downtown.  The true “heart” for the music industry are the songwriters…and their publishers.  Many of the houses along Music Row were publishing companies with writing rooms.  However…they’re being gobbled up and turned into condos and office buildings.

    Music related businesses (songwriters and publishers) do not work well in the same building as any other business.  This is why you won’t see music related businesses filling up these offices on the Row (for he most part).  The campus that was Music Row is pretty much gone, now.  That’s why I say it won’t be long that Music Row will be more about the history of where music was once created…not where it is still created.  Those publishers / songwriters will just be spread out all over town.

    I see what you're saying and sympathize with you when it comes to what's happening and what has happened.

    As Mark says it's the owners who are selling the properties and reaping the rewards-what I hope is that when they do sell it would be to build office space which would have at least a fighting chance of keeping some of the larger businesses on Music Row whereas residential developments just pretty much exclude everyone.

  4. 9 hours ago, titanhog said:

    It doesn’t keep the music industry from migrating out.  It chases them out.

     Please explain.....it was my understanding that Sony Music and Capitol Records along with others moved out of Music Row due to the lack of  office space-now these businesses are in the Gulch, West End, and Downtown.

    I don't want to see it continue......


    4 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

    The truth is other than folks raising hell in NW Davidson County about development there, the land could be developed much the same way it was developed in LA County. The problem is they would end up having the same issues with landslides and homes with foundation problems. It would be costly to do. Not to mention the issues with added runoff and stream buffer issues.

    Another issue with that part of the county is there are no services at such as schools, fire, police, etc. The closest fire station is Station 24 on Clarksville Pike or Station 23 in the Nations which for some people is 20 minutes or more away if you live off of Bull Run Road. At Least Joelton has Station 30 now.

    Northwest Davidson County could possibly be developed but in no way would it be "affordable", and Nashville needs affordable housing now, or like yesterday, or...or...when I left in 2015!

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