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  1. Hope it's at the current Rite Aid location between Elliston and West End...we could use a modern twist on the Flatiron bldg. there.
  2. Does that mean the State is abandoning that bldg? I sure hope so; it is buttugly and I had hoped the State Museum would replace it.
  3. I too am dreaming extravagantly...that the developers will expand their vision and build more office space even over the tracks a la Hudson Yards and CSX somehow will change their minds on commuter rail. End result could almost double the office space in the CBD with what would be in effect transit oriented development. Hello Amazon!
  4. Location, maybe? Since most of the metro population lives east of this, perhaps residential development might be more successful.....
  5. I always thought Centennial Park would be a nice place for a carousel......
  6. How about just enough new office space to get the major companies back without running off the smaller players? I'm thinking when tourists come to Nashville and go to Music Row they want to see the companies that produced their favorite music and not a bunch of apartments and condos, which is the direction it seems to be headed. Speaking of "Music Square", why not call 17th and 16th avenues Music Row West and Music Row East, respectively? If you want a "Music Square" then put a real square in the middle of the district between 17th and 16th avenues and surround it with some restaurants and bars and perhaps even a Music Row Museum. That would appeal to tourists, office workers, and residents and give the area a little more activity not only during the day but particularly in the evening.
  7. We need a lot more office space on Music Row....that would help get music companies back and maybe even relieve downtown congestion a bit. And again, where or what is Music Square?
  8. Nice looking but I'm not a big fan of plopping an office building right in the middle of a booming residential area. Would you want a big office complex in the middle of Germantown or 12th South? The traffic would be ridiculous because while some people that would work there would live nearby others would commute from the suburbs. This neighborhood would be better served with the office building on West End or Music Row. Leave that spot for a really nice condo tower.
  9. OK, just read The Tennessean's correction-apparently they got the story wrong originally. I don't live there anymore so it's hard to keep up!
  10. Don't like this at all-it's a misuse of Broadway. For over a year now, I have been telling anyone and everyone who would listen in the urban design community in Nashville about an idea I had for the four corners of 12th and Broadway. It is a retail fashion district called Fashion Row which would highlight Nashville's burgeoning fashion design scene along with more notable national and international retailers. Along with massive residential development in the Gulch and a Museum/Theater district on Upper Broadway where Beaman and the other car dealer is located the idea was to present the concept to an Amazon sized company as a recruitment tool. Couple that with an expanded Nashville Yards and you would have an entirely new downtown with enough residents to support such a concept on Broadway. Nobody listened. So now we have a suburban style building being built on the heart of Broadway instead of any number of spots in Downtown. Nashville deserves better. Broadway is Broadway and it needs something special.
  11. You take some great pictures, Mark. I really wish this was on Music Row itself instead of adjacent to it, maybe switch places with the new apartment building under construction. That would help bring music companies back on the Row and maybe jumpstart a trend. After all, what tourist wants to come to Nashville and go to Music Row just to look at a bunch of apartments? They should be able to see the companies that bring to market their favorite music-that is what the Row is for. Speaking of which, why are there signs in Downtown and West End that give a direction arrow to Music Row but when you get there all you see are a couple of street signs that say "Music Square"? That is confusing for visitors.
  12. Now all that needs to be done is to tear down the office bldg. at 4th and Church and bring the Maxwell House back where it belongs.......preferably an iconic art deco structure along the lines of the Netherlands Plaza Hotel here in Cincy!
  13. Have not been inside since the renovation but it looks good from the outside. One change I wish they would make is to go back to the original name-Hillsboro Theater-Belcourt to me sounds too generic.
  14. What is going on with this? Everybody and their Grandmother can get financing in Middle Tennessee for anything from a 40 story apartment tower to a dog house except for this....I personally thought and still think it is a good concept. Boggles my feeble mind.......
  15. How about Nashville Metropolitan? Or Metropolitan Nashville? Sounds much more distinct than Nashville SC.........but that's just me. OR....Metropolis Nashville. Pays homage to our Greek influence and our form of Gov't. Short version: the Mets.
  16. It may be some people who are worried about the effects of traffic in the nearby neighborhoods and their quality of life. Something similar happened when the NFL came to town.
  17. They should put the State Library and Archives in the Kefauver building when the Federal courts move to the new Federal Courthouse. Save some money.
  18. What he said....Music Valley is for entertainment and hospitality, not office workers. Is that old Zayre's bldg. across from Genesco still empty? If so, that would be a good spot for some office space on that side of town-not across from Opryland.
  19. If CSX would say yes to commuter rail, the developers of Nashville Yards could build skyscrapers directly over the train tracks, like Hudson Yards in Manhattan. Commuter trains could offload passengers directly beneath where they work or at least right next door. Couple that with massive residential development in the Gulch and companies like Amazon will take Nashville seriously. Until then.....
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