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  1. Cincy has a minor league team, the Florence "Y'alls" (don't ask, long story on the nickname) in Florence KY
  2. I read somewhere that Davidson County actually lost population in 2021. Can anyone confirm?
  3. To be honest, I wish this area had been set aside for affordable housing. Keeping corporations downtown allows for one area to reach a critical mass of workers which makes public transit more feasible in terms of ridership and affordability.
  4. Not to mention what appears to be aluminum siding.
  5. There's plenty of room and the track does not need to change. The area between the trestle and the Victory Memorial bridge could be a mixed use development.
  6. If you build the ballpark between Spring Street/Jefferson Street and the railroad trestle and orient it in the same direction as the Great American Ballpark here in Cincinnati then you could get the skyline background in the outfield.
  7. This is my point-the crowds are already there. This is why Universal Studios in Orlando is less than 10 miles from Disney World. When Walt Disney opened Disneyland in the 50's the Disney Company had already built a successful cartoon and movie franchise so it had instant name recognition. Plus the park was built in an LA suburb and not out in the desert. The developers of this project are asking people to travel to one end of Nashville's metropolitan region (and who knows what gas prices will be at that point) and spend money on something they know nothing about. Very iffy proposition in my estimation. Would be happy to be proven wrong of course.
  8. The Fair happens only once a year-Music Valley is constantly busy with the Opryland Hotel, Opry Mills, etc. Again, Storyville Gardens has no name recognition-it will need help.
  9. Not good. This is the type of development that needs to be around other attractions-if this were Disney or something like that it could stand on its own but it is not so it will need some help. People aren't going to go out of their way for this as it has no name recognition. It isn't based on a book or a movie franchise or anything like that. Music Valley is still the best option.
  10. I could possibly believe this if Obie's Pizza was still an ongoing concern but I don't think they are, are they?
  11. Great Pics! I wish the Maxwell House was still there.......
  12. To deal with these issues and make it look more realistic you would pretty much have to dome the whole thing to keep actual tropical plants going.....that of course would blow up costs by several levels. The question is, will this be a year round attraction or just seasonal? Also, is there enough land in the Music Valley area to possibly put it there? It needs to be in an area with other attractions I think to make it viable-don't know that it would work sittin' out in the middle of nowhere.
  13. I don't understand why Paradise Park was ditched in favor of Downtown Sporting Club? Anyone have any ideas? It was my understanding that Paradise Park was doing alright.
  14. Maybe Garth could help save the record shop next door. Just sayin'.
  15. Yes, it must be saved. The problem is the property values on Lower Broadway have skyrocketed -so in order for someone to save it they will need very deep pockets. The next problem is whether it is actually turning a profit now or could in the future-at least to the point where an investor would actually see any measurable return.
  16. I think the current stadium should be renovated and not replaced-Nissan Stadium's location is absolutely perfect. Expand the seating and put a retractable roof on it if you must-but I would prefer a roof like the new soccer stadium- it covers the seating but the players play in the elements as it should be.
  17. It was on Charlotte Ave near I-40 across from Centennial Medical Center-my brother worked there for a while so I had a constant supply of Duck Head jeans and jackets.
  18. A brand new TPAC in the Beaman/Reed properties was what I wanted to see as part of a new Museum/Theater District there. Since that will become an office/residential zone I'm not sure where to put it but I do think it needs to relocate. Then the state can sell the Polk Building to a bank or some other major company and revamp the whole complex to include some retail activation on the Union Street side and maybe even the Deaderick Street side. Just sayin'.
  19. Again, according to Wikipedia, Dallas based JPJ did the exterior design and Esa handled everything else. Of course, Ol' Wiki could be wrong
  20. Just read in the Nashville Post that Earl Swensson died-he was 91. I always thought he was the designer of the Batman (AT&T) Building but it turns out his firm, according to Wikipedia, just did the interior design. Nevertheless, a giant in Nashville's design community has passed. Memory eternal.
  21. I don't understand CSX's reluctance when it comes to commuter rail in Nashville-it would be a win win for everyone and the trains would only travel on CSX's tracks a couple of times a day-Amtrak runs on CSX tracks in other cities at least that much if not more. Frustrating.
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