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  1. I doubt this is unique to GR - suburban people who rarely go downtown except for the occasional event. I'm sure one of you could come up with a study for Chicago, for example, of how many suburbanites go downtown 1x/year, 3x/year, monthly, weekly, etc. (Non-work related)
  2. I noticed the new Hudsonville/Jamestown Meijer has a bus shelter (no signage). Is there a bus service that stops there or is it progressive, or wishful, thinking?
  3. The Hudson Center in Hudsonville is taking shape. Interesting comment in the link says "there is outside interest in constructing additional buildings in downtown Hudsonville. That is all we can say at this point!" It would be nice if Hudsonville could develop a downtown on Chicago Drive like Grandville but obviously the train tracks make that difficult, if not impossible. I'm excited to see how it all plays out in the future.
  4. I'm new here. Grew up and lived in the area most of my life. Hudsonville-Standale-GR-Grandville. We moved away for a few years but will be moving back to West Michigan (looks like Zeeland) in October. I've been following this site for the past 2-3 years and have learned a lot. I'll agree that lately a few posts have been a little cringe inducing. But I hope you all keep it going and positive. I hope to have a worthwhile contribution once in a while.
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