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  1. This is a link for a "traffic simulation flyover video." I didn't realize Hillsborough St. was in the middle of the desert. http://hillsboroughstreet.org/project_files/HSIP_flyover.wmv
  2. The motor vehicle lot on the corner of Peace/Person is coming down today. Yippee!
  3. I gotta agree with Yoga on that one, why would Peace give up tennis courts that their team uses? They're not going to forfeit their sports teams for the sake of private development. I just wish the courts were open for individuals to use, but I also understand why they're not. I am so excited about Tookies! We're always looking for a casual place to grab dinner. I went there for breakfast today (which I only knew that they offered or even were open thanks to your post, yoga, thanks!) and although, yeah, I probably could've gotten my eggs cheaper at Finch's, it was a TON cleaner and I was happy to support the new neighborhood restaurant.
  4. No, fair enough, I have thought the same thing myself. Maybe I just felt the need to defend my Wolfpack!
  5. Blech, don't blame the university. They should focus on academics/research to attract students, not city streetscapes.
  6. I've been to the new CCG on four separate occasions, at various times of day, and the store is always nearly empty. I hope they make it, but I think it will be just as tough this time around. They are having a Grand Opening this Saturday, August 11 with a lot of food, wine, beer, and coffee tastings--it's from 11 until 4.
  7. Well, I think the state is selling the land to LNR Properties, who will then redevelop a lot of this area then sell the houses "as-is." But according to the Wake Co tax site, they don't even own the car lot on Person/Peace street yet, which is supposed to be "phase 1" of the project. I remember Doug Redford of LNR stating at a Mordecai CAC meeting once that this was supposed to start moving along this past Spring, but it's now August. Regarding this area, along with the Franklin Street Project, I feel more likely to witness the freezing of hell, the glass slipper fitting just right, and pigs flying overhead. Ha!
  8. This is a seemingly endless battle. Below is an e-mail from our Mordecai CAC chair: Following the Public Works Committee recommendation, supported by City Council, to investigate creating more pedestrian-friendly streets in our neighborhoods, many of you have submitted your proposals which include: Roundabouts; Two-way Streets; Delway Access; Caution Signs; Pedestrian Crossings; Stop lights; Parking on both sides of Person; Reduced traffic lanes on Wake Forest; Textured Crosswalks on Blount. We've posted your suggestions with some illustrative diagrams on www.trianglelocations.com/summary.htm. The focus is on the arteries passing through residential areas -- Blount, Person, Delway and Wake Forest, which at present are maintained by State Transportation Dept, but which could, and perhaps should, become a city responsibility. Some of the proposals may require a change in policy and significant city investment, and so I am copying this email to our council representative James West and the council members on the Public Works Committee. If you have any comment on these suggestions, or have any new proposals to add, please go the feedback form at http://www.trianglelocations.com/index.html#feedback. This email list comprises those who earlier expressed support for the Franklin St Plaza, being a cross section of the two CACs involved (Mordecai and North Central), but I will leave future communication to the CACs or the neighborhood groups. Philip is hoping to organize an informal meeting next week for those interested in helping workout a comprehensive proposal -- so please let me (or Philip at [email protected]) know if you'd like to be involved. We will present proposals at the next Mordecai CAC meeting on June 12 (7:30 PM at Hope Elementary Schooll, 1116 N. Blount), prior to submitting to city and council. All are welcome and we've invited a representative from City Transportation Department to be present. We are in this new battle partly because -- despite all our efforts -- we have learned that it is a real possibility that the proposed Franklin Street Plaza may not now come to pass. The struggle has left a hesitant and exhausted developer. Possible solutions are: A. to come up with a few million bucks; or B. re-structure streets and traffic to provide more fertile soil for this or any future development -- as well as improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. (I prefer solution B). Thanks for your past support, and I only regret that the battle continues. Richard Graham-Yooll Mordecai CAC co-chair
  9. Here's a little story about this in today's N & O. I heard there are new owners, but it doesn't give specifics. It sounds like they're trying to do the right things so we'll see.
  10. Today, Capital City Grocery's windows are covered in paper and signs that read, "Closed for Remodeling," and "Re-Opening Soon" or something or other.
  11. Blip in today's N&O confirms that this project is still delayed: http://www.newsobserver.com/722/story/562807.html If you want to respond, here are the e-mail addresses of the members of the Public Works committee: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  12. I WANT to support Capital City Grocery, but I'm down on them lately. I've tried at least 6 times to buy organic whole milk there and they haven't had it in stock (for those of you who are kid-less, this is something parents buy a lot) and the trouble of dragging my kid in and out of the car for a useless trip makes it not worth my time to even stop there. I'm always picking up other things on these trips, too, but if they're not stocking what I need, I'm just going to go elsewhere to get it all in one stop. It sucks. I doubt they're going to make it. And I feel terrible saying this, in a way, 'cause you want to support the indie stores, but that would be a great location for another Trader Joe's.
  13. Our hardworking Mordecai CAC president send out this e-mail today regarding the Franklin Street Plaza. This seems like such a cool project that I'm surprised is facing so many hurdles. Planning Commission Meeting: Place: Council Chambers (Room 201), Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street. Time: Tuesday, March 27, at 9:00 AM. Neighborhood presence at this meeting will again be very welcome since one opponent will almost certainly be attending. It will be the first item on the agenda, which should minimize the need to stay long. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of this but the battle continues. While it had seemed, after a favorable report from the NC Dept of Transport and the subsequent Committee of the Whole meeting on March 6, that all outstanding issues of importance had been resolved, the issues of Franklin Street widening and the Delway egress resurfaced at the March 13 Commission meeting resulting in another deferment. Most commissioners accepted the conclusion that all ingress/egress points have the potential of creating some traffic problem but that the Delway proposal was the least problematic. At the last meeting, however, one commissioner, Betsy Kane, (email: [email protected]) expressed continuing doubts and the opposition may focus on her. City staff are also continuing to press for the widening of Franklin Street which would not only greatly limit the scope of the development but also have a negative impact on the immediate neighborhood. The developers have made changes which should meet the Transitional Protective Yard requirements. I know your time is valuable, but I suspect this last battle could be crucial. The traffic question has now been well aired. I believe that our best focus now should be (A) to preserve the pedestrian character of Franklin Street by opposing the City staff plan for street widening (since the plan provides ample parking within and it has been the architect's intention to avoid on-street parking); and (B) to ask for a speedy decision to proceed without more deferments. If you can't attend the meeting, can you send a pleading email to the planning commission to beg for a positive decision with no more delays? Current membership of the commission: Paul Anderson ([email protected]); Jim Baker ([email protected]); Tom Bartholomew([email protected]); Ms. Maha Chambliss ([email protected]); Dennis O. Davis ([email protected]); Mark Everett ([email protected]); Brad Mullins ([email protected]); Charles R. Walker III ([email protected]; Stephen Smith ([email protected]); Betsy Kane, [email protected]). Thanks to all for your great support which has already changed the odds in the project's favor. Richard Graham-Yooll
  14. Oh geez, I hope people signed that petition at www.trianglelocations.com. I am so tired of looking at that awful block and hearing about this project for three years now. Even weird traffic pattern is A LOT better than what is there now.
  15. Public Hearing on the Person Stret Plaza (now being called Franklin Street Plaza) on Tuesday, Jan 30. A Mordecai resident has sent out this petition to SAVE the development, apparently there is opposition within City planning because of a proposed entry onto Delway. There's a link here to more information about the project. http://www.trianglelocations.com/
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