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  1. This is a link for a "traffic simulation flyover video." I didn't realize Hillsborough St. was in the middle of the desert. http://hillsboroughstreet.org/project_files/HSIP_flyover.wmv
  2. I gotta agree with Yoga on that one, why would Peace give up tennis courts that their team uses? They're not going to forfeit their sports teams for the sake of private development. I just wish the courts were open for individuals to use, but I also understand why they're not. I am so excited about Tookies! We're always looking for a casual place to grab dinner. I went there for breakfast today (which I only knew that they offered or even were open thanks to your post, yoga, thanks!) and although, yeah, I probably could've gotten my eggs cheaper at Finch's, it was a TON cleaner and I was ha
  3. No, fair enough, I have thought the same thing myself. Maybe I just felt the need to defend my Wolfpack!
  4. Blech, don't blame the university. They should focus on academics/research to attract students, not city streetscapes.
  5. I've been to the new CCG on four separate occasions, at various times of day, and the store is always nearly empty. I hope they make it, but I think it will be just as tough this time around. They are having a Grand Opening this Saturday, August 11 with a lot of food, wine, beer, and coffee tastings--it's from 11 until 4.
  6. This is a seemingly endless battle. Below is an e-mail from our Mordecai CAC chair: Following the Public Works Committee recommendation, supported by City Council, to investigate creating more pedestrian-friendly streets in our neighborhoods, many of you have submitted your proposals which include: Roundabouts; Two-way Streets; Delway Access; Caution Signs; Pedestrian Crossings; Stop lights; Parking on both sides of Person; Reduced traffic lanes on Wake Forest; Textured Crosswalks on Blount. We've posted your suggestions with some illustrative diagrams on www.trianglelocations
  7. Here's a little story about this in today's N & O. I heard there are new owners, but it doesn't give specifics. It sounds like they're trying to do the right things so we'll see.
  8. Today, Capital City Grocery's windows are covered in paper and signs that read, "Closed for Remodeling," and "Re-Opening Soon" or something or other.
  9. Blip in today's N&O confirms that this project is still delayed: http://www.newsobserver.com/722/story/562807.html If you want to respond, here are the e-mail addresses of the members of the Public Works committee: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  10. I WANT to support Capital City Grocery, but I'm down on them lately. I've tried at least 6 times to buy organic whole milk there and they haven't had it in stock (for those of you who are kid-less, this is something parents buy a lot) and the trouble of dragging my kid in and out of the car for a useless trip makes it not worth my time to even stop there. I'm always picking up other things on these trips, too, but if they're not stocking what I need, I'm just going to go elsewhere to get it all in one stop. It sucks. I doubt they're going to make it. And I feel terrible saying this, in a
  11. Our hardworking Mordecai CAC president send out this e-mail today regarding the Franklin Street Plaza. This seems like such a cool project that I'm surprised is facing so many hurdles. Planning Commission Meeting: Place: Council Chambers (Room 201), Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street. Time: Tuesday, March 27, at 9:00 AM. Neighborhood presence at this meeting will again be very welcome since one opponent will almost certainly be attending. It will be the first item on the agenda, which should minimize the need to stay long. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of t
  12. Oh geez, I hope people signed that petition at www.trianglelocations.com. I am so tired of looking at that awful block and hearing about this project for three years now. Even weird traffic pattern is A LOT better than what is there now.
  13. Public Hearing on the Person Stret Plaza (now being called Franklin Street Plaza) on Tuesday, Jan 30. A Mordecai resident has sent out this petition to SAVE the development, apparently there is opposition within City planning because of a proposed entry onto Delway. There's a link here to more information about the project. http://www.trianglelocations.com/
  14. I go at least once a week and unfortunately it's usually not real busy. The store is changing a lot, though, and continually has a "nicer" feel to it, more organic/natural foods, a nice beer selection, etc. Saturdays seem to be busier when I go on those days. I am just baffled as to why this store wasn't placed on the opposite side of this development, facing Peace Street. Then, traffic coming down Wilmington or Peace would be able to spot the store, people might be more inclined to pop in and pick up things on the way home from work. I can't think of another grocery store that I've even s
  15. I read this from the minutes of the last Mordecai CAC meeting regarding the Person Street Plaza development. I didn't attend, but it sounds like neighbors are really excited about this project--it's been in the works for years. Person Street Plaza: John Holmes of Hobby Properties and John Sibert, who owns the plaza, provided an update on the plans for this project. The development will include 26 apartments, 26 condos and 16,000 square feet of retail space, fronting Franklin and Person streets with an exit on Delway. Condos will be priced at $300,000- $600,000, depending on size. They hope
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