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  1. The new building is really meant for upperclassmen, but I totally know what you mean. Having a one bedroom penthouse seems a bit riduclous and can totally cut one off from having a “real” college experience. That being said, I really like what the building adds to the campus with the height and all.
  2. I saw a BA billboard along I65 this weekend. Also, saw a really cool magazine on BA flights in London and Poland showcasing Nashville. We’re really solidifying our brand worldwide and now we have a direct way to get people here. Exciting times!
  3. Got a few shots from the Nash Airport Marriott. Love how much our city is expanding and filling in. Also, stayed in Louisville over the weekend and it’s great they continue to preserve the buildings and facades. Really feels similar to Nashville a decade or so ago.
  4. Found another one of those Bird scooters beside my apartment complex. It’s a unique concept, but I just see this getting out of hand with people riding them all over creation and then leaving them wherever.
  5. Belmont’s new dorm really pops out over the 12 South area:
  6. I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Overall, interesting article! Didn't expect that from Buzzfeed! There was a definite skew, which I expected. As usual, the majority of the comments section was cancerous.
  8. Their website claims that it is opening this year. Not sure on the plausibility of that claim, though. https://augustmoondrivein.com/
  9. It’d be great if something similar to the Signature Tower could be built, even if it was in its shorter form.
  10. The end result should add some color to the exterior.
  11. Looks like there will be 8,000 sq. ft. of total space, which will include the restaurant and two other roughly 800 sq. ft. retail spaces. https://skyrisecities.com/news/2016/01/construction-begins-45-storey-505-project
  12. Always a positive when I see public support of the transit plan.
  13. Being a student at Belmont, that place was my getaway. So sad to see it shuttered.
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