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  1. Looks like the ACC has officially confirmed Charlotte as the new HQ location according the CBJ. I dont have a paid account. Otherwise, I'd post the link to the article.
  2. Im neither expert nor insider but I share in the opinion a few others expressed which is im okay if the office loses a few floors. Fingers crossed nothing too drastic aesthetically though.
  3. The north end is getting some love lol. What a time in clt. This is crazy! There are projects all over the city. It'll be nice to see 10 tryon get under way too its been on the radar for quite some time.
  4. Can't say I disagree. Has some nice lines though its nothing fancy for sure. Would have been nice for expanding that area of town.
  5. These are pretty cool. New clt ultra boost https://www.charlottefootballclub.com/news/charlotte-fc-ultraboost-x-copa
  6. Personally, I would think so. This is untapped territory so to speak (for high rise that is) and seems that developers would be vying for the rights to this kind of visibility. Imagine your tower as the lone tower (or towers in this case) that bridges the gap between uptown and south end in the skyline. All that said, the area to my knowledge hasn't been considered for a project of this size up to this point. The next best thing is the 17-story tower planned further up Morehead. So disappointing that the Crown , just across the street, wasn't high-rise residential or mixed-use.
  7. So did plans for this tower get nixed or is there some bureaucracy involvement that has it stalled?
  8. This is giving me 2015 vibes of Tryon Place lol. Before anyone takes this the wrong way, I don't mean that negatively but more so in the aspects of we have a mouth-watering rendering, speculation surrounding floors/height, and it too was to be a "transformative" project. For those who don't know Tryon Place was a office /hotel development that was to be built on what is now ACC (Ally Corp Center). Renderings of the project were a fan fav on UP but the original plans were scrapped ( escapes me what happened). It was practically the same layout but totally different building concepts. In the end, we got the ACC and JW Marriot which worked out fine because the ACC and all of its retail and interactive spaces contribute tremendously to that intersection. photo credit: Axios Charlotte
  9. App state knocks down #6 Texas A&M. Another big win for that program.
  10. Had to go back a few pages to find this but figured here is better than derailing the Legacy page once more. Some have said they'd like to see more mixed use towers in uptown. Im a fan of this idea as well as I believe it would give the CBD and maybe even south end some additional filler in the density department. Visually I think it's the factor that's distancing peer city's like Austin from our skyline. This tower came up a few times and I'm curious to know how things are working out. I searched but could only find there's a few floors of office available. Anyone know how well the leasing is going for the apts?
  11. FNB tower looks lonely especially from that angle. It'll probably have that neck of the woods to itself from some time.
  12. For me, I'd like to see more mid to high rise apartments of this type (brick, steel, glass) in south end as opposed to the 6-8 story units of the past. I think a few other new projects share some similar components but this is definitely in a class of it's own. Mid-town is certainly setting a new bar with the Radius and the other apartment tower.
  13. Nice array of angles, it gives good perspective on the progress. I took a couple this morning while in traffic. Even snagged one from that mirrors your first pic although mines included an BMW X3 lol. Nothing of this quality though hence why I didn't post'em. Let's just say its time for a phone upgrade.
  14. ^I was learning towards that being the case but was also curious, thanks. I did see similar to LAX , San Fran's AirTrain connects to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) but I'm not not certain if it's jointly operated or not.
  15. IMO the one in Tampa is pretty nice. Gresham Smith, the same group who worked on the lobby extension for CLT, helped with the design-build of this one. Are people movers completely owned and operated by the airport or is there some involvement by the local transit authority? https://www.greshamsmith.com/project/tpa-skyconnect-automated-people-mover-and-rental-car-center/
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