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  1. Dr. B.

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    I wish this were taller so it would have more visibility; one of the better towers build just because it is not a box/rectangle.
  2. Dr. B.

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The original buildings proposed (and NIMBY-ied) I felt were better looking also. But I guess this one will create something of a mirror with the proposed tower on the opposite side of I-35.
  3. Dr. B.

    Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | Complete 2019

    Good looking building, one of my favs downtown.
  4. Dr. B.

    Visiting Austin for the first time

    Go to the Capital, get BBQ, get Torchy's, go to Barton Springs, take the lake walk along Lady Bird, go to a museum on Campus and walk campus, eat more BBQ.
  5. Dr. B.

    The Republic | 708' | 46-Stories | Proposed

    "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".... there are ways to not make rectangles while being distinctive and stand-out.
  6. Dr. B.

    Block 71 (Indeed Tower) | 542' | 36-Stories | U/C

    Good looking building; nice to see height moving north
  7. Dr. B.

    Hotel ZaZa & Residences | 305' | 24-Stories | U/C

    Seriously; very excited to see the brick.
  8. Dr. B.

    Austin Transportation Issues

    Would be really really really nice if these happened within a generation's timeframe....
  9. I like that they included Block 71 and 600 Guadalupe in this version of DT.
  10. Dr. B.

    Austin Proposed Projects Compilation

    I wish the NIMBY's had stepped up and did something to prevent or force improvement of the atrocities that are "422 on the Lake" and especially the "water marq". Way to have your prime development site build out with crap buildings that are lazy designs copied/cookie-cut from everything going up on South Lamar, South Congress, etc etc. Gross.
  11. Dr. B.

    Austin Proposed Projects Compilation

    holy cow, I hope we get something at least as nice (if not better). These mock-ups are fantastic.
  12. Dr. B.

    Symphony Square | 379'+ | 35-Stories | Proposed

    Better looking project for the area. Looks like they drew inspiration from Bosco Verticale.
  13. View of 3rd and Shoal looking up from Shoal Creek yesterday (9/12). Austin Proper to the right (mind the gap!)