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  1. Slowly but surely making progress. Few more months until complete
  2. Another shot of DuPont without BOA signage. I wonder what’ll be next
  3. I like this but I wish another developer would go in with them to make this project better. Kinda how they changed CSP from a 13 story hotel into a mixed use tower with hotel.
  4. Breaking: WeWork inks big lease in downtown Orlando They’ve officially leased 70k sqft in the SunTrust building. Does anyone know if they’ll also take over naming rights?
  5. X Orlando developer buys downtown site for $17M Looks like this is moving forward. Should break ground this year. https://www.growthspotter.com/news/downtown-orlando-developments/gs-x-orlando-developer-buys-downtown-site-for-17m-20190506-photo.html
  6. How is this only at 6 stories? The photo posted in January showed 4.
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