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  1. 17 stories is officially ruled out as I’ve counted 18 completed floors. Looks like they’re getting ready to pour concrete for 19 any day now.
  2. Based on the report, it looks as though the renderings will remain the same, just 2 stories smaller. Just an assumption though.
  3. Updated rendering. Project will go to the MPB for review in September. Plans call for 129 branded residences, a combination of 102 condominiums and 27 penthouse units spread among the 14 upper floors. The building would have its own dog park. Also, a 228-key luxury convention hotel with more than 60,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space on three floors and a Sky Club on the 33rd floor with a pool and outdoor dining.
  4. Not the clearest rendering, but plans call for a 24 story Apartment/Hotel tower. Initial concept allows for up to 380 rental units. hotel could be 130 rooms Up to 200 rooms depending on the hotel.
  5. Has this made any progress over the past month?
  6. Agreed. Fills that lot in well. It’s actually taller than I expected as well.
  7. Glad that this is back on the table. Good catch though, maybe the units will have more square footage?
  8. I don’t know if this constitutes as progress, but, they seem to be covering up the vents and A/C units. Anyone know why they would do this? They’re also only doing it on the ballroom.
  9. If only that fat suntrust parking garage could be demo’d and transformed into a high rise or two. The skyline would look immensely better.
  10. There is no way they meet those numbers. They have to compete against 520 (which is in a much better area), Amelia Court (Same area, much cheaper units) and all the other apartments downtown. I doubt Modera has even filled up and I’d definitely choose them over this.
  11. In those renderings, it really doesn’t seem like tower 2 is much taller which was supposed to be the tallest of them all. Tower 1 is supposed to be the shortest. Is that rendering confirmed?
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