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  1. 100% correct. Not that I want even more residential development in my backyard, but I'd rather see that site turned into a pocket neighborhood, a shoping plaza, a community park.... anything but yet another storage facility.
  2. Personally I HATE HATE HATE this. That theater / space can be so many great things. To make it an eSports arena is a shame. eSports are better suited for an ugly warehouse. Not a historic theater in downtown.
  3. I've heard Circle K. Sadly. Regardless of brand, I think that putting a gas station/convenience store there is just a waste. That corner (in my opinion) could sustain a more meaningful development.
  4. Bowling Alley is being torn down and a gas station will replace it.
  5. The signs are indeed generic (except for Burrito Hub) The rest is just rendering. I have inside scoop (pun intended) on this one.
  6. Nice. If I had to nitpicking here... but the drop ceiling in the hallways... bleh.
  7. Not happy about this. I mean it was such a cool building and I don't believe for a minute that it was so far gone that it could not be reused.
  8. Damn shame that they're demolishing that building. It could have and should have been resused. Could have been really cool.
  9. Just saw that they've torn down the old laundry/dry cleaner on West Main next door to the former Church's Chicken. Anyone have any idea what's gong on? TIA.
  10. The Hidden Bean is officially open on the West Side, under Burgers & Bakery (shameless plug). Stop by for a authentic Cuban coffee, Gourmet hot teas, pastry and a variety of coffee! https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/local/2022/05/20/burgers-bakery-opens-speakeasy-inspired-coffee-shop-spartanburg-hidden-bean/9792734002/
  11. Don’t know if this is true, someone posted the following in a Facebook group. Can anyone confirm validity? “Wow, wow, wow, wow... wow! FULL-SCALE PLANETARIUM coming to the City of Spartanburg, complete with a dome, screen, and seating for 120! On the corner of S. Church Street and Broad Street, there is a wide grassy area that, while it looks small, could house the Cowpens Library. On that spot will be constructed a planetarium for all to enjoy! Combined with our impressive library already present, it will be one heck of a power house for learning and science. I think the closest planetarium is over at Clemson. So to have this in our own little ol' Burg? Yeah, like I said... WOW! What a statement this will make. “
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