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  1. A cool little market / bistro concept is coming to Wall street! We need more places like this. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20190906/wall-street-gourmet-exchange-to-debut-downtown?fbclid=IwAR3mAFk4ktLhsFH0gDx8A86YXqH-4ZG0xwUprqjCE08blm6eo3YpWLjOPio
  2. The long stalled Converse Mill project seems to have gotten the wind back in its sails and will break ground sometime next month with expected completion by 12/2020. This is a very exciting project that will bring much needed attention to that area! One can hope that maybe this will stimulate some positive development in the Clifton villages which in my opinion have some of the most beautiful topography in Spartanburg. I would love to see this spur some major redevelopment in that area! Good things! https://www.goupstate.com/news/20190806/construction-on-old-converse-mill-set-to-start-late-september
  3. Would love to see this get a reuse plan as a mixed use, Live/Work/Play kind of a project. Couple this with what will hopefully happen at the Coca Cola building and we'll quickly see the empty lots start to fill in between them! Awesome, awesome, awesome!
  4. Love it, and the design. Though I'm an absolutely huge fan of our older architecture, when mixed with a great modern building, it works. Greenville is a prime example.
  5. I wonder if they're going to change out the windows on the Pine /main strip center being renovated? Hmmm.
  6. Is there a rendering anywhere of what it's supposed to look like once finished? Are they keeping an awning?
  7. In the pic above of the back of 142 Social... anyone know what's going on in the building where the dumpster / porta-potty is? I see they've begun some work there, but any idea what business is going in there?
  8. Actually, I think Zion Hill / Sloans Grove is not the round about that got put in at Fernwood Glendale / Clifton Glendale, but rather where the (have no idea of the name) old little white church is on Sloans Grove intersection of Zion Hill. What I don't see here and feel that it's REALLY needed is a light, or better yet a round about at Sloans Grove and Fernwood Glendale. Due to the way the streets are aligned, making the right onto Sloans Grove from FG heading North or making a Left from SG onto FG is absolutely horrible and dangerous.
  9. Sorry for being dense, but where is this?
  10. Market on Main an artisan home decor shop is holding its Grand Opening tomorrow 4/19! Really cool store with products from local artisans! 156 E. Main.
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