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  1. The theater facade is so cool I do hope they preserve it! It's awesome to see, this, Carolina Cash, & Montgomery Ward all being snapped up and hopefully properly redeveloped/reused.
  2. It would be wonderful to see MW, CC and Kress buildings all get a new life! With some great residential up top!
  3. twice and once in the morning. lol. But yes, I thought this thing was going to be smaller also. It's HUGE.
  4. What I was trying to explain, is that it filed for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy is already discharged. The whole process was literally one day. That's because the entire arrangement, all the agreements with lenders and creditors, etc... was done prior to court. The court process was a formality. Yes retail is dying. Belk will likely die as well. Just not today. This "pre packaged" bankruptcy actually added quite a bit of rigor to the company. This article talks about the difference between Belk's Ch.11 bankruptcy process and that of more traditional and common Ch.11 bankruptcies. https
  5. Belk's bankruptcy was a "planned and packaged" process. Filed and emerged out in the same day. No stores are planned to close due to the process itself. Yes I have inside info
  6. Really excited about this project. Just sorry that there is not a commercial component. I know that at the moment, there's not a huge demand on commercial, but looking forward, it would be great if there were shops and cafes etc... there. Really make it a walking area.
  7. That makes all the sense in the world (reason for cancelation). I'll push back on the retail a bit though... yes, at the moment you're 100% right, there's a general lack of demand for commercial space. But thinking forward, I'd rather see some empty retail for a couple of years, that (when demand goes up) fills up, than a box with no retail, which doesn't attract pedestrians. On another note, the Cambria is dead, but a Fairfield is in the works for behind the Montgomery Bld. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2021/01/29/what-we-know-new-hotel-proposed-downtown-spartanburg-fairfiled-in
  8. Royce Camp announced that the Danmor is canceled. He's stated that due to all of the residential construction around downtown, he's lost faith in the need for this project. I hate that it's canceled. But I hated the building design and lack of commercial space on the first level. Maybe he'll bring something better to the site eventually. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2021/01/28/downtown-spartanburg-apartment-project-danmor-has-been-canceled/4261267001/?fbclid=IwAR0neeesPMcwrEP4tPHQH-kOaBS4s1tgbw3ujuPAc_nt7TGFcbw3kDvjx8g
  9. I would love to see a large scale mixed use development rise on the mall property. Something with low and midrise buildings, first floor level retail, large green spaces for cool events and just hanging out and some kind of water feature that ties it all together. Something that really makes a statement that Spartanburg is not a Podunk southern town but rather a City looking to put itself on the map! One can dream.
  10. Does that include the motel and the stip mall behind it?
  11. I'd like to add (though not in city limits)... Movement on Converse Mill project.
  12. We're open Wed-Sat 11a-7p, Sun 10:30a-3p. We'll have some odd hours in the coming two weeks with the holidays so follow us on FB or Insta just to be in the loop on hours. Come check us out! https://www.facebook.com/burgersnbakery
  13. Thanks Burgers & Bakery on the West Side. (where LeSpice used to be).
  14. As a local restaurant owner, I'll put in my 2 cents. I can't speak for downtown rents... but if the landlords are doubling, tripling rents, then yea, that'll hurt. But from what I'm seeing a lot of the restaurants that have shut down or are shutting down... it's less about rent and more about really bad business decisions, lack of marketing, a complete disconnect from the marketplace (what people want) and so on. We opened ours just 3 weeks before covid hit, yes it was hard, yes my rent is high, yes we made it because we ran lean, very conservative with spending and so on. I'm honestly not sur
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