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  1. Same neighborhood, same boat. I'm in the county and have two septic systems that work fine. The house across the street from me and to the left of me have both been "connected" and annexed. My house, and the 2 houses to my left are still off the pipeline.
  2. Hey guys, does anyone know why all the trees along the side of Denny's Plaza (sidewalk trees) have been mowed down? What the heck?
  3. Kinda hate the design, but let's see what the final looks like. In any case, it's better than an empty lot and will hopefully help spur more building on that block.
  4. So my wife and I are opening a restaurant! Come check us out. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20200213/burgers--bakery-to-bring-baber-rhyne-burgers-european-desserts-to-west-side
  5. A new concept, "Burgers & Bakery" is coming to the old LeSpice location on the west side. More info to follow.
  6. They're not moving. Mata's is indeed owned by the owner of Nacho Taco and his father, but Nacho Taco will remain open. This will be a different concept entirely.
  7. Really hope the blood bank project happens. It is such a massive improvement over the ugly that is there now. What the heck was it with the 60's and 70's with stucco EVERYTHING? Ughhh.
  8. Dray Bar and Grill at the former "Standard" location at Drayton Mills is absolutely awesome. That is all!
  9. Anything would be better than what is there now. That being said, it needs to be athletically pleasing and commercial on the bottom. Draw more foot traffic to that part of downtown and start pushing the boundary west!!!
  10. Yea, The Standard, well didn't set any standards. It was pretty poor from service to inconsistent food. At least that was my experience. Glad to see something else take over the space, which I do love. As for the name, I agree 100%, it's uninspired.
  11. Yes please, tear that whole thing down and put up something nice!!!
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