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  1. Spartanburg Dude

    Wish List 2019

    THIS would be great!
  2. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Holliday Brewing a new Nano Brewery is slated to open this month at Drayton Mills Marketplace. I had the pleasure of trying a couple of their beers at a private event they had at the location and must say their beers are fantastic! I'm also going to shamelessly plug myself; 22 pieces of my photography will be displayed at the brewery! So yes, I'm bias, but in all honesty, this is a great addition to Spartanburg's East Side!
  3. Spartanburg Dude

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    This ^
  4. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Lemongrass has a larger menu and is delicious. Must try his Pho, Shaking Beef and his egg rolls are insane. Bring it on!
  5. Spartanburg Dude

    Wish List 2019

    That's not necessarily true. I've seen many malls go through redevelopment, even complete redesign and tear down rebuild, but they would keep parts of the old structure open so that stores could remain while new parts were built, then they'd move. It can be done, but need a developer with the right intentions and a brain to take on the project. I'd love to see that whole area redeveloped into something really hip, and walkable.
  6. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    The owners of The Lemon Grass Kitchen have purchased It's Banh Mi Baby in downtown!
  7. Spartanburg Dude

    Wish List 2019

    Well that helps, thanks a million for that!
  8. Spartanburg Dude

    Wish List 2019

    OTO? ESA? GDJ? Help us newer Bergers undertand please
  9. Spartanburg Dude

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    Love this design! Exactly what I'd hoped it would be!!!
  10. Spartanburg Dude

    Wish List 2019

    ALL THIS!!!! We've lived in Spartanburg about 3 years now and the growth has been monumental! I'd love to see more. My big 2019 wishlist item: Announcement of a major corp moving it's headquarters to Downtown (and building a new building for it).
  11. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Too bad, would have liked something, anything other than Wild Wing in that space. Oh well. Such is life.
  12. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Though I'm not a fan of large chains, I think a Buffalo Wild Wings, or something similar is needed in Downtown to just draw in a broader audience. The more people in downtown the more meaningful business we'll see opening and filling the empty buildings/store fronts. As for Wild Wing... even though it would create another empty building... time for them to just fade away.
  13. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Eggs Up Grill coming to Spartanburg:
  14. Spartanburg Dude

    The Montgomery Building

    Aug Smith too!
  15. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Was in Downtown yesterday and saw that Abbott's has closed. Anyone know if they're moving elsewhere in town or did they just pull the plug? On another note, also saw that the "Available" sign has come down off of the former Flying Aces building... so maybe WW is moving there? Hmmm.... and I saw an "Available" sign go up on the Shell that is next door to the Lime Leaf.