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  1. Spartanburg Dude

    Smith's Drug Store Redevelopment

    I may be the only one, but I don't hate it. I don't love it either, but I'm okay with it. Hopefully, they'll take the feedback and make it a bit more cohesive and "burgish".
  2. Spartanburg Dude

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    Not 100% in love with the text book modern, but anything is better than an empty lot, so I guess... Welcome to Spartanburg Cambria!
  3. Spartanburg Dude

    Hub City Co-op

    It's my understanding that Rome (I had never been) was more of a draw for underage drinking, drugs, and other riffraff. What I'm talking about is upscale, sexy, chic... like something you'd see in Miami or LA but smaller and obviously less pretentious. I feel that there is a market for this kind of venue here. Especially considering there is nothing even remotely similar.
  4. Spartanburg Dude

    Hub City Co-op

    Been in there once and found it to be overpriced for what it is. Maybe it's a bit ahead of it's time for the berg, but in any case, I look forward to seeing what opens in it's place. It's a great location and great building. I'd love to see a sexy entertainment venue (nice lounge with great DJ and live music, craft cocktails and a great vibe). Spartanburg needs a place to go out! I mean bars are great, but they're bars, I want an awesome dance lounge, upper scale that keeps the riffraff out.
  5. Spartanburg Dude

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Stumbled upon this article / video today about the Redevelopment of Converse Mill. They're planning to break ground by year's end.
  6. Spartanburg Dude

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    That would be great. I'd love to see that side of downtown become more "connected" to the square... with people walking back and fourth, some side walk dining etc...
  7. Spartanburg Dude

    Sparkle City Eateries

    The Streatery food truck is opening a brick and mortar location in the former The Farmer's Table location on E. Kennedy.
  8. Spartanburg Dude

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    Super exciting! That corner needs a good sized (height) building. Stoked to hear more!
  9. Spartanburg Dude

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    Where is this?
  10. Spartanburg Dude

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    I like the design, I like that the parking is on the back side of the buildings. I'd hope they'd put some commercial on the ground level, make it truly a walkable area. But oh well I guess.
  11. Spartanburg Dude

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Here's the pic...
  12. Spartanburg Dude

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    As I see it, yes for sure better than what's there now, but it needs to be taller. 3 or 4 stories. With the add-on of just the two, from street level it will look kind of... unfinished I think. I'd also love to see them put a commercial venue on the roof. With our amazing weather here, roof top bars, lounges, music venues, night clubs, restaurants should be the norm!
  13. Spartanburg Dude

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

  14. Spartanburg Dude

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

  15. Spartanburg Dude

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day