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  1. I did another search this morning and found this: 2023-2024 Bill 3236: Local Government - Annexations - South Carolina Legislature Online (scstatehouse.gov) This bill - Bill 3236 - would allow municipalities to annex an area that is completed surrounded by a municipality. I don't know if this is the same language that the bill has been filed in the past before the SC State legislature or not but it seems like common sense. Maybe that why is won't pass.
  2. Does anyone know about any active legislation to liberalize SC annexation laws? I heard a Charleston city council member say today that there is so trying to confirm/ get specifics.
  3. CHS' final 2022 passenger count was 5.32M. Airport officials are hoping to hit 6M by EOY 2023. (paywall) https://www.postandcourier.com/busin...1abbc5134.html
  4. I went back again yesterday and watched the 12/12/22 YouTube video of the Union Pier information meeting. I didn't know that Lowe Real Estate had hired Jacob Lindsey to be the point man of the project. Lindsey had previously served as the City of Charleston's planning director; left the city about 3 years ago to take a planning position with Boulder, CO; and now back in Charleston. This is a major coup for Lowe as Lindsey knows how to navigate through the review and approval process. This is a very exciting project, a game changer for the Charleston's eastern peninsula. But as it's noted in this informational meeting. it's going to be very expensive to convert the tract from ports use to private/public use. The next project update from Lowe will be this spring.
  5. Here's a news release about the senior living facility being planned for Upper King St and part of the Courier Square redevelopment project. It's still moving through the BAR approval process but I believe it's getting close to final approval. The architectural reminds me of The Charleston Place but it actually borrows its design to Charleston Orphan House. It will be called The Peninsula of Charleston and will have 140 residences and residents will be to purchase. Liberty Senior Living Announces The Peninsula of Charleston - CRBJ Biz Wire
  6. 295 Calhoun in on BAR's 1/11/23 agenda. This is very odd. I'm wondering what backoffice deal was made between the City and developer.
  7. I don't think this is necessarily new as I seem to remember hearing about this earlier this year but a 152 unit "hospitality" project is planned for 200-210 Spring St . It's a hotel but more like an extended-stay hotel with target clients being family/friends of hospital patients in the Medical District. At least that's what I recall hearing earlier this year. Project will be reviewed at this week's BAR meeting. Project starts on page 18 of BAR agenda: PowerPoint Presentation (charleston-sc.gov) Interesting exterior design. Will be shocked if BAR approves but who knows.
  8. As reported in the Post and Courier yesterday the developer is sueing the city for denying approval at 295 Calhoun St. The developer claims the city is not on legal grounds for the denial. At the second project review before the BAR back in the summer the developer had their attorney speak and review the legal grounds in which the BAR must abide by so I'm not surprised the developer filed suit. I predict the developer will prevail but perhaps there will be concessions by both parties.
  9. Thanks for posting. I'm going try to watch via YouTube livestream on Dec 12. Might be interesting.
  10. Roper Hospital in downtown CHS announced yesterday that they will be re-locating to North Charleston, in the area of the old N CHS City Hall and will cost around $1B, Roper St. Francis plans $1B new medical campus in N. Charleston (live5news.com) Permitting and constructing is expected to take up to 5 years. Will be interesting to how the downtown site will be re-purposed.
  11. The 3 apartment buildings in Morrison Yard Phase 3 received conceptual approval at this past week's BAR meeting.
  12. As suspected the BAR denied 295 Calhoun in a 3-2 vote. It was obvious that minds were already made up going into the BAR meeting yesterday. It's unfortunate as the developers have spent significant money on architectural and engineering fees to no avail. If I'm a developer wanting to build something in the city of Charleston I would hire a local architectural firm who has an established relationship with the city building staff and the BAR.
  13. A proposed 7/8 floor apartment building at 295 Calhoun St. goes before the BAR later today for conceptual approval. This is the 3rd or 4th time the project has gone before the BAR There's a lot of controversy around this project with the Charleston Preservation Society leading the resistance. The project is across the street from Roper Hospital with Long Lake immediately south of the project. No, in my opinion and with many others the architecture is not exciting but what I do like is the developer is offering the build a board walk along Long Lake's northern shoreline and pathways around the lake in addition to building a linear park from Calhoun to the boardwalk for public access. I suspect the BAR will again defer the project this afternoon. I have a feeling the developer will be sueing the city as there is no sound reason for denial. Rendering begin at the top of the PDF: PowerPoint Presentation (charleston-sc.gov) There's also another south of Calhoun apartment project under review today on East Bay Street included in the PDF above.
  14. Morrison Yard Phase 3 consisting of 3 apartment buildings come back to the BAR this week (NOV 9 meeting) for conceptual approval. Architectural rendering start on page 89: PowerPoint Presentation (charleston-sc.gov)
  15. Here's the ports authority's website for the Union Pier project. Not much content at this time. The Future of Union Pier (unionpiersc.com)
  16. Proposed 134 unit micro apartment development at 214-216 Spring St received conceptual approval from the BAR at last week's meeting, BAR presentation starts on page 117: https://charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_10262022-7811
  17. The SC Ports Authority decided earlier this year to close the passenger terminal at Union Pier downtown and have announced the entire Union Pier would be re-developed. There's been a series of community meetings the past several weeks. Carnival passenger cruise operations will cease in 2024. Here's a local Chas news media update concerning the project: Proposed future of the Union Pier includes green spaces, waterfronts, and more | WCIV (abcnews4.com)
  18. Here's the latest update on Magnolia: https://charlestondaily.net/new-189-acre-development-will-add-10k-residents-to-the-city-of-charleston/ Essentially the EPA has approved the site for development. Construction still not scheduled until 2024 but I believe infrastructure work has begun.
  19. Bosch today announced an expansion of its production facility in North Charleston to build electric motors. 350 new jobs are expected by 2025. Bosch announces massive investment in Charleston facility | WCIV (abcnews4.com)
  20. This update is a month old but CHS has added 2 gates (A6 & A7) in Concourse A. I was under the impression these would be temporary gates as noted above but it looks to be permanent. Gate A2A was opened in July. https://charlestonbusiness.com/news/aerospace/82602/ Total expansion cost was $11.5MM.
  21. Groundbreaking ceremony has held yesterday for a $300M development at Patriots Point that will include 3 hotels , restuarants, 3 office buildings, parks and amphitheater.. The project will take 15 years to complete. VIDEO: Real estate developer breaks ground on $300 million Patriots Point project (live5news.com)
  22. Charleston airport officials announced yesterday a 20 year expansion plan for CHS. The expansion includes two new concourses, one on each side of the existing terminal building, a new parking garage, and a new surface parking. The expansion will net 11 new gates. Long-term expansion plan revealed for Charleston International Airport (live5news.com) The article states the airport services 2.6M passengers annually but I believe the airport is on track for 5.1M this year.
  23. I just read a Post & Courier article that came out today about the 860 Morrison project. There's the hotel building in addition to 3 apartment buildings behind the hotel that in total will contain between 162 - 169 apartments.
  24. The BAR gave conceptual approval yesterday to the hotel but deferred on the mixed-use/apartment building. I was thinking that maybe these buildings would be attached but I'm not sure. The buildings are being presentef to the BAR as separate projects. The hotel design was well received by the BAR .
  25. Okay per an Aug 2 2022 P&C article the hotel will be 150 rooms the mixed-use component will be 175 apartments.
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