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  1. Okay per an Aug 2 2022 P&C article the hotel will be 150 rooms the mixed-use component will be 175 apartments.
  2. The Montford Building is still moving thru the approval process.
  3. Morrison Yard Phase 3 at 860 Morrison Dr. goes before the BAR this week for conceptual approval. A 9 floor hotel and a mixed-use building (attached to hotel I believe) which I'm not sure of the height as I couldn't load the entire BAR PDF with the drawings for the latter building. https://charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_09142022-7707
  4. ^^ I was thinking the same thing. But perhaps the developer , for example. installs an electronic monument sign which is against city code then the developer would have to remove the sign to annex Hotels use alot of water so one would think with lower city water rates it would be a no-brainer to annex regardless. And I believe the property taxes are lower in the city. Will be interesting to see where all this goes as the city is finally trying to put a squeeze on the SAPSD.
  5. Several city council members representing West Ashley are miffed that it's difficult to annex undeveloped commercial properties as developers do not want to deal with going through the city's building approval process, specifically the Design Review Board (DRB). The Charleston County approval process is more developer friendly as they do not have a DRB. As I previously posted above there is a proposed large hotel on a 10 acre tract on Savannah Hwy that is in the county. Apparently the developer has advised these city council members that they do not want to annex into the city and have to deal with the DRB. So at last evening's city council meeting, there was proposal presented to exempt that 10 acre tract from DRB approval. The proposal will have to work its way through appropriate council committees before a full city council vote can be taken.
  6. Hopefully this works okay. The annexation discussion starts around 27:50
  7. It (commerical annexations) was discussed at July 18's city Real Estate Committee meeting that I watched live on youtube. I can't find the video right now but the video is on youtube. Annexation requests are always last on the agenda for the committee to review and approve.
  8. At least some members of city council want to push harder to annex commercial properties in West Ashley but they specifically want to push to annex a 10 acre parcel on Savannah Hwy where a large hotel will be developed.
  9. A couple of notes on CHS: CHS is on pace to pass the 5M passenger count for 2022 the three new temporary gates will be installed by August. At least one gate is now operational (gate A2A)
  10. By Charleston standards this is a really large development and the nearby Morrison Yard office building that is also under construction is quite interesting in design. Still amazed the BAR approved that design.
  11. I should add that the review and approval was for Bldg #1 only. I believe there's a total of 3 buildings that make up Phase II. Phase II Bldg 1 is a mixed-use building at 635 King St. Also wanted to add that the BAR approved demolishing the old Post & Courier main office and printing press at last month's meeting.
  12. Phase II did receive conceptual approval at last week's BAR meeting. I don't think I've ever witnessed such excitement from BAR members over a proposed design.
  13. The new Target store at 211 King St. will open May 15.
  14. Breeze and Avelo have announced today new non-stop flights between CHS and Orlando.
  15. Charleston's new annexation planner started work last week. She has been tasked with closing donut holes. Will be interesting to see what the uptick in annexations will be going forward.
  16. Morrison Ave continues to transform. 7 floor 424 unit apartment building proposed for 1142 Morrison. Up for BAR review on Mar 23. https://charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_03232022-7324
  17. I came across this map yesterday that has the history of all City of Chas annexations. Just click on the a parcel and it will show the year the parcel was annexed in the YEAR field. https://data-charleston-sc.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/513279269199412489fc8a95a3f1463d_0/explore?location=32.736583%2C-79.962368%2C13.00
  18. Two years later and I wonder where this stands.
  19. The Town of James Island is nothing more than a glorified HOA.
  20. Breeze Airways is bringing non-stop service from CHS to San Francisco, Las Vegas and 2 other cities: Breeze Airways announces new nonstop flights from Charleston International Airport | WCIV (abcnews4.com)
  21. A proposed 2 building project at 29-35 George St and 306 King St goes before the BAR this week for conceptual approval. Both buildings are 6 - 7 floors with one being an apartment building and the other a hotel with a restaurant on the top floor. The designs are way too interesting to get conceptual approval this week. edit: Should have included BAR agenda link renderings start on page 72. PowerPoint Presentation (charleston-sc.gov)
  22. Courier Square Phase II again goes before the BAR this coming week for conceptual approval. Phase II is an upscale senior living facility proposed for 609 Ki ng St. I believe this is the 3rd attempt for approval.
  23. I was looking at this map again a few days ago and I wonder if there's another US city that surrounds as many donut holes as Charleston does.
  24. Per an article today in the Post and Courier, plans are underway to add 3 temporary boarding gates this summer at the end of Concourse A.
  25. I should have added the project address is 810 Meeting St where Meeting St and Morrison Drive intersect.
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