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  1. This project is immediately north of Courier Square. Separately I'm hoping that the Church's Chicken place gets bought and also gets demolished.
  2. The DRB nixed (or "deferred") proposed plans for the 1304 Meeting St project. Item #4. Not surprising. http://www.charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_03192018-3633
  3. Charleston files lawsuit against North Charleston concerning its West Ashley annexation. Charleston will finalize its large West Ashley annexations at its next city council meeting. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/charleston-sues-north-charleston-for-claiming-outer-west-ashley-land/article_cffb5f30-2d10-11e8-9812-eb38fdf16014.html
  4. The Old Sarge is slowly coming down. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/taking-down-the-sgt-jasper-apartment-building-in-charleston-a/article_cb55bdc0-2317-11e8-86eb-9b79632c18f7.html
  5. This project received final BAR approval at its 3/14/17 meeting.
  6. Courier Square is ready to start leasing residential units (a/k/a The Guild) with Greystar moving its HQ staff into the building this summer. Will be interesting to see who leases the retail and restaurant space. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/new-mid-rise-charleston-apartment-building-opens-in-first-courier/article_989cd486-2bb4-11e8-a9af-0b90aa7318cf.html
  7. This is a nice looking building.
  8. I wonder if floors have ever had to be removed and rebuilt during a high rise construction project due to poor design or some other SNAFU?
  9. I'm not the construction timeline went any faster as the building has taken a long time to get completed.
  10. Phase 2 of the Evening Post Industries' Courier Square development may be on the horizon as they seek approval at the Feb 21 BAR meeting to demolish 631, 633, 635 and 637 King Street. Feb 21 2018 BAR Agenda (text version): http://www.charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_02212018-3549
  11. The design, at least for the above elevation, is very similar to 800 Semmes Ave (The Links) northern elevation . Is the same developer for both projects?
  12. I didn't see anything on the Virginia War Memorial's website concerning an expansion project but the construction is right there at their site.
  13. No, it's on the roof of the new tower. Saw it again crossing the Lee Bridge yesterday. But yes the current building has a flag too.
  14. BAR rejected plans at its Feb 7 meeting: https://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/TheBattery/archives/2018/02/08/proposed-100-unit-timeshare-on-calhoun-and-east-bay-failed-to-clear-bar
  15. There's an American flag flying on the roof now. I think that means they have reached the top.
  16. Okay, it's not really a hotel, it's a timeshare. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/room-timeshare-on-starbucks-site-gets-green-light-from-charleston/article_293199f6-0b5c-11e8-a03a-df7c0f67ff27.html
  17. The BAR will consider giving conceptual approval for a new 5-floor, 100 room Hilton Club ("Liberty") hotel at 575 East Bay St. This is former location of the old Channel 5 television station and currently a City Flagship Incubator office. Feb 8 BAR Agenda w/Images: http://www.charleston-sc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_02072018-3520
  18. Chas City Council will conduct public hearings on the pending West Ashley annexations at its next council meeting on Jan 23. The annexations consists of approximately 9 tracts of land, and they are grouped into 2 different annexations so there will be 2 public hearings. I imagine the city is doing this for legal reasons in that the first group of land tracts will not be part of the anticipated legal battle with North Chas. The first group of land tracts are smaller and are located on the Ashley River (the Daniel Miller tract and bordering tracts on the map in the P&C article linked below. It's unfortunate Chas can't convince land owners immediately between the Miller tract and the large Millbrook tract to annex so that tract is not contingent on the legal outcome of the Whitfield tract. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/charleston-city-council-to-take-next-move-in-ongoing-west/article_e5d5ce16-fd41-11e7-a003-13646c9ea3bc.html
  19. I doubt the SC annexation laws are ever changed regarding donut holes unless it's pro-donut holes.
  20. If I'm following this saga correctly, N.C. will now have to win 2 legal battles with Charleston. 1) Charleston started the legal annexation process prior to N.C. for the Whitfield Construction tract and; 2) N.C.'s legal continuity to the Whitfield tract. I expect that this will take a couple of years to get resolved in court and expect that lower court's rulings will be appealed to the SC Supreme Court for final resolution. In the meantime, Charleston should try to annex as much property as possible in the area of the Whitfield tract to block further N.C. annexations.
  21. ZUMAN2


    Land acquisition has now been completed by the city of Charleston for the proposed Lowline urban park. http://www.live5news.com/story/37153275/city-of-charleston-splits-46-million-land-purchase-for-planned-urban-park-on-peninsula
  22. I haven't been a big fan of Charleston Mayor Tecklenburg but he's starting to win me over. I'm really surprised how quick Charleston was able to pull this together unless they got a head start.
  23. There is nothing legally binding concerning development outside if the UGB line. It was established and is observed on a volunteer bases. But in the case of N Chas., I don't believe Mayor Summey has intention of honoring the UGB and hence why some land owners in the Hwy 61 corridor are seeking annexation. I hope the annexation is legally challenged and N Chas fails or else Hwy 61 will turn into a traffic nightmare never mind potential flooding issues. The UGB extends across Johns Island. The city of Charleston has historically honored the UGB.
  24. North Charleston is looking to expand again in West Ashley. I doubt Charleston Mayor T-burg takes any legal action against N Chas. He's too soft. I miss former Mayor Joe Riley when it comes to annexation issues. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/north-charleston-proceeding-with-more-annexation-in-west-ashley-likely/article_8b55c084-df5c-11e7-acfe-43a8c94005f7.html
  25. The exterior architecture reminds of the new Bennett Hotel at Marion Square. Must be the southern window shutters. This could easily be a $100M project, and that's excluding the land cost. The losers are the owners of the million dollar condos immediately across the (Concord) street.
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