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  1. I'm as pro development as anyone, but I also don't see how anyone can be faulted for not wanting a casino in Richmond. Gambling is not inherently immoral. But a casino is also not inherently "progress". It's not a straight-forward proposition, and I find merit in all points of view. I personally don't want a casino anywhere in Richmond, but I'll also respect its development if the citizens approve it in a referendum.
  2. Agree, always nice to see progress, but feels like dirt won't turn on the city-owned parcel until Q3/Q4 of 2022. First pitch at a new squirrels/VCU stadium won't happen before 2024.
  3. Still seems uncertain which side of Hermitage the stadium will go on.
  4. This area is so ripe for development. Navy Hill was a risky attempt to create something massive out of very little, and taking that chance with public funding. By contrast, all the necessary ingredients are already in place here. Notably there is a broad coalition of trusted partners in the mix, led by VCU and the Squirrels. There will be multiple responses to the RFP, and plenty of private investment to make this a reality. We just need strong leadership from the city to guide the process and not screw it up or bog it down. I'm encouraged by the 300 plans. Here's hoping 2021 is the tur
  5. Agreed, what an obvious con. - No cost estimates or funding mechanisms mentioned - Suspect developers without a project remotely close to this in their portfolios - No resident team using the arena or anchor tenants for the office space No shot this happens.
  6. Always encouraged by the news coverage around this project that seems to drip every 3-4 months. But gotta say, I'm ready for the big announcement showing the final plans with a start date.
  7. So much potential in this area, and love the city's vision. Curious how conceptual this is, or rather how committed the city is to seeing this to fruition. For instance, when soliciting proposals, will the city stipulate that developers must include this crescent-shaped park and the new ballpark will go in this location? Or, will developers have a free hand to completely redesign the city's plots?
  8. Thanks for sharing. Looks very ambitious. Not to pick at a fresh wound, but this vision seems exponentially more transformative for RVA than Navy Hill. Sadly, it doesn't seem like the city is capable of bringing this to fruition. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. I like this idea. More space, better infrastructure and less problematic in terms of having "dead" blocks here when events aren't taking place as opposed to downtown.
  10. Any guesses on which season the team would join league play?
  11. Between this and the LU3 crane going up, will we be at peak construction crane count in CLT history?
  12. My uneducated guess is that the Flying Squirrels will land on their feet as long as a new stadium happens. The market here is just too big for MLB to let it go. Seems a near certainty though that we will get contracted by another MLB team that is a better geographical fit than the Giants.
  13. What is going on this spot again?
  14. The Intercontinental as well!
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