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  1. Feels like we're all getting trolled, and a big Joseph A. Bank sign is going to appear on this tower.
  2. Clicked on the thread, saw this and almost fainted thinking this was it.
  3. By comparison, what is the current largest hotel in CLT by rooms?
  4. Come on over Wells... the water is warm!
  5. Any guesses as to how many new jobs this would mean for CLT, and would it really require a large tower? The reporting seems to indicate the banks will keep substantial operations and employees in Atlanta and Winston.
  6. Urbs42

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Guess this post could go here as well as anywhere, but this is on my development wish list... underscore the wish part. - Would open up existing convention center space for much better use and greater connectivity - Optimizes parcels next to 277 by using them for structures with intermittent use and poor street level activity like the stadium and convention center - Supports Tepper's entertainment district by placing convention attendees right next door, adding many more customers
  7. Urbs42

    New Richmond Arena

    Are there successful examples of other arenas around the country that have been built that are not the home for a professional sports team? Just wondering how often this is going to get used for capacity events.
  8. Urbs42

    New Richmond Arena

    I'm not against the use of TIF in principle, but folks do need to understand they are not a magic free-money generator. They can be set up and managed poorly, and are ripe for corruption without significant oversight. We can cheer for growth and revitalization while at the same time applying proper scrutiny here. What concerns me most about this project is the size of the TIF district. It seems to be much too large and will funnel unnecessary tax revenue away from the general fund. Think about it.. if the project is projected to generate an additional $1.1 billion on top of the $600 million needed to pay back the bonds, then the TIF area can obviously be reduced in size. Why such a miss-match? Why not generate the needed revenue to pay off the bonds and then eliminate the TIF? I get anxious about a project that is estimated to siphon ~$1 billion and put into a TIF fund that would be captured anyway through normal taxation.
  9. Any shot this will be ready for the 2020 convention?
  10. Is there another NFL stadium that sits a block away from 600' and 700' towers? BofA's proximity to the urban core is starting to feel pretty unique.
  11. Urbs42

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Power lines... the dead horse that deserves more beatings.
  12. Speaking of optics, are there any good comparisons of existing headquarters for large power companies? Dominion is building a 20-story new headquarters in Richmond, with a decision on whether to build a second tower coming next year. Duke is obviously much larger, but wondering if a 900+ footer would be far beyond any existing HQs in this industry.
  13. Urbs42

    Richmond Developments

    Curious if anyone has an update on the new Whole Foods development. Is it still progressing? I think the last article I read mentioned it was slated to open this fall.
  14. Urbs42

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    This logic is the rot of society. It's the same thinking that justifies wealthy donors buying elections and warping politics. Our civic institutions are meant to advance the public good, not the interests of of those who can buy the most influence. If the new owner(s) threaten to relocate unless the city forks over hundreds of millions in tax dollars for a new stadium , it will not be "capitalism" or "business". It will be extortion.
  15. Can't help but think Crescent Stonewall Station should have looked more like this. Obviously the parcels are different shapes, but the massing and tower height feel so much better.