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  1. This is exactly how I remembered Downtown Norfolk when I was in College around 1982. The Trailways bus station was in the foreground and Waterside was under construction. This was the dawn of the renaissance of Downtown Norfolk.
  2. Here is a late 19th Century early half of 20th Century Brewery which use to exist in Olde Hunterville. Also Attached is a photo at what stands today on 710 Washington Street Norfolk.
  3. Its worth pointing out that Detroit saw the largest increase in jobs in the whole US. Not sure if the casino had anything to do with it, but the area around the casino in both Detroit and Windsor Ontario is booming. The same could happen to Norfolk a plot of land that is doing nothing for the city right now.

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Wondering if the Hampton Roads chamber of commerce is coalescing around the idea of a new arena in Downtown Norfolk the most urban city in the area? Here is a quote from the Insidebiz article about the Chamber's recent visit to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC: "The attendees liked what they saw when touring the PNC Arena in Raleigh but thought a Hampton Roads version should be closer to an urban center. " https://www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/vp-ib-chamber-meeting-1014-20191010-urykmo5dyje6dpp6ezptj7yf3m-story.html

    Norfolk Pictures

    Not sure when this photo was taken, but it looks like the late 20s.
  6. It just occurred to me that The Railyard development seems very similar to Union Market in DC. Union Market use to be full of industrial businesses, Korean owned mom and pop stores and Union Market. Now its been repurposed with restaurants, a market with restaurants and new condos and apartments.
  7. I think its a good proposal. Only drawback is all the visible parking that gives it the appearance of a suburban shopping center. I would hope a parking garage could be built and the areas where they want parking lots should be little parklets with sidewalks.
  8. I think we should keep our expectations in check. Casinos if done right can be a great economic boom, but if they do nothing to the area around it like bring in tasteful restaurants and condos it will be a failure. I really like the development and I hope Norfolk seizes the opportunity. The social cost have to be understood and mitigations have to be put in place.
  9. Here is the briefing made to the city council: https://www.norfolk.gov/documentcenter/view/48582
  10. Found this on the Architect/designers web page. My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. http://www.hewv.com/projects/norfolk-gateway-office-tower/
  11. True the economy for now is very solid, but we are in the 9th year of a recovery. The typical lifespan of a robust economy is 10 years. I wish Norfolk would get this project moving.
  12. EJ_LEWIS


    757 Start Up Studios will be a great addition to Granby St. growing gig economy! https://www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/vp-ib-757startup-studios-0902-20190828-wl5pl5jmsbanjpn6raebuuzmtq-story.html
  13. Inside Business has article about the small businesses that are slowly but surely moving into Military Circle Mall. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/retail/article_ca97817e-bee9-11e9-a999-6f0bd8a081f2.html This quote is very promising: "On a Thursday afternoon in early August, the mall wasn't completely devoid of life. Customers mosied down to the Cinemark move theater to buy matinee tickets. Others ate in the food court, or got their hair cut at Ashanti’s Hair Studio."
  14. Norfolk's sailor row on Granby Street. The Hilton at Main stands in this location. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/history/back-in-the-day/article_135d5f86-b559-11e9-a376-2febc5c978bc.html
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