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  1. That is very disappointing. It seems that Norfolk still has the mentality that since the building is old its better to tear it down and hope to replace it with something.
  2. Not trying to argue with you. I've been on this forum since 2005 and the complaint I hear over and over again is Norfolk loves knocking down buildings. Like I have said I have been down there in the Summer months and observed that there are a lot of open spots at Ocean View. I really think a better use of the land is there. I would rather have a park with a small restaurant to replace Greenies then yet another Norfolk parking lot.
  3. Every time I am down there and drive through Ocean View there might be a handful of cars in the parking lot.
  4. Prior to Macarthur Mall there was 17 acres of parking lots. That was a eyesore in the middle of Downtown Norfolk. I would hope that the city comes up with a solid plan to redevelop the property the mall is on and line up possible developers before tearing it down. I think the last thing we want is a return to the 17 acres of parking lots.
  5. Let me guess they are going to replace the building with a parking lot to expand the underused Ocean View parking lot. I see the city is still teardown crazy.
  6. Some more random Norfolk pictures I took this weekend.
  7. Took this picture of the St. Paul's quadrant from our hotel room at the Hilton on Main! Looks like they are not wasting any time getting these apartments up!
  8. I hope the city is on the losing side of this lawsuit. This may push them to make changes to their heavy handed approach to dealing with noncompliance violations of bars and restaurants Downtown. Did the city talk with the bar and restaurant owners before they shut them down? Did they give them a chance to get back into compliance?
  9. Here is a photo of Union Soldiers marching into Norfolk in 1862. Today this is approximately City Hall Ave.
  10. The AAA minor league baseball team the Memphis Redbirds were playing the Norfolk Tides when the game was halted and the stadium was put on lockdown due to a mass shooting in Memphis.
  11. Looks like the temporary Casino in Danville, Va. has exceeded expectations. https://richmond.com/news/state-and-regional/six-weeks-in-virginias-first-casino-has-exceeded-expectations/article_d444d5d2-6b2b-5b98-bbee-fa4a874e4905.html
  12. Looks nice enough, but would it kill them to hide the parking lot.
  13. The Spirit of Mount Vernon use to be docked right next to where I live here in DC. Its a nice looking ship. I think in time the company will re-christen the ship as the Spirit of Norfolk.
  14. I wish the city would just go ahead and award the redevelopment to Pharrell's group!
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