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  1. Main St. in 1953. All of the buildings shown were demolished decades ago.
  2. Wow an end to era. My father's dental practice was in the 555 Fenchurch St. Building (torn down in 2003), and he use to send me over to this McDonald's to fetch lunch when I worked in his practice in 1980. Downtown Plaza was a bustling shopping center back then. I am looking forward to when SPQ is complete at this location.
  3. I think this concept would work better at the Military Circle Mall site. I like what they are planning at Pembroke Mall, but again what's with Hampton Roads infatuation with vast parking lots? Hide those things or build parking garages.
  4. I live in DC and my biggest complaint about the modern buildings here is they are all glorified boxes. Not much architecture over the last 60 years has been imaginative or interesting. I hope SPQ uses bold architecture and color to enliven the community.
  5. I guess good thing Norfolk has been conservative about building speculative office towers. Demand outstripping supply is the only way Norfolk seems to add office towers.
  6. The West side of Downtown Norfolk 1970.
  7. Although I am disappointed in the rendering, I am sometimes surprised at the presence that a 8 story building can have especially on a parcel of land with nothing on it. The Norfolk courthouse is a prime example. The building looks good at St. Paul's and Main St. The same maybe true with the hotel portion of the casino.
  8. I like the design of the grounds heck even the Hotel and casino portion. We were kind of promised a tower. This is just like Gateway Tower that was reduced to Gateway midrise. Yes it seem Norfolk hates height and keeps accepting mediocrity.
  9. Why does Norfolk hate highrise towers? I agree the design is decent and incorporates the waterfront surrounding pretty well, but the midrise tower greatly decreases my enthusiasm for this project.
  10. I've seen videos from NRHA from the 1960s and they filmed the neighborhoods and some of the houses looked like they could be blown over in a stiff wind, but there were well built homes and businesses owned by black people that were caught up in the urban "renewal" craze of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Church St. is nothing like it was 40 and 50 years ago. Only remaining structure is the Attucks Theatre. Now the street looks like some suburban hell you would find in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach. Yes I agree that many building demolished in this period were fine.
  11. A lot of the housing was dilapidated and needed to be demolished, but the city went way way too far and demolished buildings that were old but were sturdy. The mindset seemed to be Norfolk has to be remade into a model city and old structures don't fit in the model city mode.
  12. I think throwing dirt could be construed as digging up dirt that the city has tried hard to cover up. The Ghost of East Ghent is there and I think it is very reasonable for residents of Tidewater Park to be wary of this latest "redevelopment". The city has to be ready to respond to the media throwing dirt. They should never institute a media blackout again about a billion dollar redevelopment which is the largest in city history.
  13. This is worth viewing the whole 8 minute clip. This clip is from a program that aired on WTAR TV 3 in the 1950s and 60s. The program aired on 9/7/1956 and its interesting to see them talking about adding a new civic arena to Downtown and developing the riverfront. They also talk about redesigning the traffic patterns around Downtown. You see the beginning planning for Brambleton Ave, St. Paul's Ave and Waterside Dr. Could this be the beginning of planning for what would become Scope and Waterside? https://dc.lib.odu.edu/digital/collection/wtar/id/1925/rec/1
  14. Yes it is, but its a huge part of Norfolk's history. I think the era should be studied to ensure nothing like this happens again.
  15. Found this footage from the Old Dominion University archive of Downtown Norfolk redevelopment in 1963. So much was torn down then. https://dc.lib.odu.edu/digital/collection/wtar/id/1436/rec/15
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