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  1. Photo of pre-redeveloped Church St. 1977.
  2. I think the future of high rises for Norfolk is Fort Norfolk. Somewhere I saw a news story about adding another 20 + story building next to River Tower. The idea is to add new towers to the Waterfront from Fort Norfolk to Harbor Park.
  3. I was born in Norfolk and grew up in Virginia Beach and fighting between the cities goes back to Virginia Beach's founding in 1963. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s Norfolk was losing its white residents to the new city of Virginia Beach mainly because of school integration. In Virginia Beach schools integrated later then Norfolk around 1965. My older sister was part of a group of black students to integrate Bayside Elementary in 1965, The relationship was further exacerbated by Virginia Beach's reliance on Norfolk for water which I believe continues today. I hope with the move to Norfo
  4. Visited Norfolk this weekend and took a few pictures of Downtown and Fort Norfolk.
  5. We were down in Norfolk this weekend and I was most impressed with the presence of the CHKD tower when viewed from Western Branch of the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth. Norfolk skyline as seen from this vantage point is looking quite impressive. Unfortunately we were on the Amtrak bus headed to Newport News and I was unable to take a picture of the skyline.
  6. After reading a lot of the comments about Virginia Beach losing three high profile events this month, I was pleasantly surprised to see the support of moving both the patriotic festival and SITW to Norfolk due to it central location in the region. Pharrell has not said anything about SITW but Norfolk would be most remiss not to try to nab this high profile festival. Norfolk has a long history of efficiently running large festivals like this.
  7. Norfolk is the only city that I know of that tears down buildings that are only a few decades old. This building housed black professionals like the one that was torn down right across the street. My late Father's dental practice use to stand across Bute Street from this building. 555 Fenchurch St. stood for only 38 years when it was torn down in 2002.
  8. I would like to see Norfolk jump in and host SITW! Festevents and Norfolk have plenty of experience holding large events and would be a great location for SITW.
  9. The Chrysler Museum of Art looks at the history of the Norfolk Scope and its Italian Architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Scope remains one of Norfolk's most iconic structures. https://www.pilotonline.com/entertainment/arts/vp-db-scope-anniversary-100321-20211003-tb5smvxlgrh5rnmzbwz2v5nsbi-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~top-headlines~feed-driven flex feature~automated~unnamed-feature~TB5SMVXLGRH5RNMZBWZ2V5NSBI~2~6~2~5~art yes
  10. And here is Downtown Norfolk Today. This is the Downtown Norfolk I remember when I was in High School in Virginia Beach. Our senior prom was at the Omni Waterfront Hotel now the Sheraton Waterside.
  11. The rendering look nice enough. My Dad's Dental Practice use to be in 555 Fenchurch St. and I grew up as a member of St. John's AME Church Bute St. I always hated the vast parking lot for Downtown Plaza and I love seeing new housing much of it affordable being built where the shopping center with the wasteland of a parking lot use to be. As far as height I'm ok with 4 story buildings in the location where they will be built, but it would be nice to have increasingly taller buildings the closer you get to Main and St. Paul's.
  12. When I visited London about 11 years ago I did mention I was born in Norfolk, Virginia. They did know that Norfolk is a large Navy Town and just like you said the Royal Navy visits often. Also helps that Norfolk is home to the only North American headquarters for NATO.
  13. Virginia Beach is getting to be known nationwide if not world wide, because people already know Virginia Beach is in Virginia its in the city's name, secondly most people know Virginia Beach because it is a top tier east coast vacation spot right there with Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Miami. When I mention I was born in Norfolk people from Los Angeles to Houston to New York have at least heard of Norfolk and even know its a Navy Town but it doesn't have the identity Virginia Beach has. I love the Ad that promoted both Norfolk and Virginia Beach. That ad could also include the 7 cities
  14. Its was clear from the day they released the data that the census numbers are way off. This is what I believe: Norfolk grew by 5,000 people since 2010. Population should be around 247,000. Portsmouth remained relatively flat from 2010.
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