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  1. Amtrak to add a third departure from Norfolk Amtrak Station at Harbor Park. https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/amtrak-to-boost-service-in-norfolk-roanoke-newport-news/
  2. Great! Great weather and large crowds.
  3. Random pictures of the Downtown Norfolk skyline that I took when we were down for Harborfest.
  4. Very excited about attending Harborfest for the first time in 23 years. This will be my partner's first Harborfest and I hope it lives up to the hype that I have been telling him since we met 7 years ago. In the meantime this photo is from the 1979 Harborfest parade of sail. My Dad who has since passed was with me that afternoon to watch the Parade of Sail. I really only wanted to go to see the Downtown Norfolk buildings. My Dad knew I had very little interest in large sailing ships.
  5. Downtown is much more dense then it was in the late 70s. Where McArthur Center stands today use to be 17 acres of parking lots. The city had many failed plans for that parcel of land before they found success with MacArthur Center in the 90s.
  6. My partner and I will be going to Harborfest next month in Norfolk. This will be his first Harborfest and my first one in about 20 years. Found this photo on the NRHA website of the 1979 Harborfest Parade of Sail. I was in attendance with my parents at the 1979 Harborfest. This was before Town Point Park, Waterside, the USS Wisconsin, Nauticus and Half Moon and Celebration Center. The waterfront was mostly made up of gravel parking lots, abandoned warehouses and a interesting molasses tank which was remade into the Pagoda.
  7. Great to see Norfolk maximizing its great industrial assets. Isn't this part of Norfolk's Innovation Corridor?
  8. Downtown Norfolk Granby St. in the 1930s. Granby St. 1930s
  9. Very disappointing! Somehow some way the city needs to get a handle on crime especially in the Downtown area. My partner and I are starting to have second thoughts about staying Downtown, but my devotion to Norfolk is pretty unshakeable. We will see how things go at the Spring Townpoint wine festival.
  10. Looks like they are going to keep the Mid Century Modern facade from 1961. DC's old greyhound bus station was incorporated into a new office building some years ago. Here is the way it looked many years ago and the facade today.
  11. Downtown Norfolk 1964.
  12. This video is from the WAVY TV 10 Archive. Its talking about redevelopment of the Church St. Brambleton Ave. corridor. I remember when Church St. looked like this. This predates the building of the US Post Office at the corner of Brambleton and Church St.
  13. Also my Daddy's dental practice use to be next door to St. John's at 555 Fenchurch St (torn down in 2003). I have wondered many times what he would think about all of the construction going on in SPQ. Many of his patients lived in Tidewater Gardens.
  14. I'm less excited about the casino every passing day that there is no ground breaking. I guess I'm just preparing for the possibility that it will never really get built.
  15. I grew up in the Church right down Bute St. St. John's AME Church. Real exciting what is happening to this part of Norfolk.
  16. Military Circle Redevelopment status meeting with potential developers delayed due to COVID. This will delay the project as well. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/military-circle-redevelopment-status-update-meeting-delayed-because-of-covid/
  17. Downtown Norfolk 1971.
  18. Christmas Shoppers crowd Granby St. November 30, 1940.
  19. Military Highway and Airport Road May 23, 1953.
  20. Good question! I believe 246,000 residents over 238,000 any day!
  21. I understand that there has been a lot of growth in the Ocean View area. These census numbers seem inaccurate.
  22. I don't believe the census numbers for Norfolk. I would hope the city would appeal the census count. In the 2010 census Norfolk gained population after an appeal. The owner of Hershee's has a new restaurant I thought. I just saw a video on her new restaurant. Can't remember the name.
  23. I know this is only a park, but I'm hoping its construction will spark revitalization of this under utilized part of the city and possibly lead to the construction of Apartments and Condos in the area.
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