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  1. 5 hours ago, mintscraft56 said:

    Im honestly in disappointment. The spirit of Norfolk has been replaced by the Spirit of Mount Vernon. Now, Dont get me wrong, the Spirit of MV is a nice ship but its the fact we lost our own identity (Ship wise)  to a place 200 miles away. Its like having the Spirit of Baltimore being replaced by the Spirit of Chicago.  Its just not the spirit of the city its supposed to represent. 

    Now as far as I know, this is a permanent replacement of the Spirit of Norfolk. Thoughts?


    The Spirit of Mount Vernon use to be docked right next to where I live here in DC.  Its a nice looking ship.  I think in time the company will re-christen the ship as the Spirit of Norfolk.   

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  2. 12 hours ago, BFG said:

    Mayor Alexander, Chip Filer, and council members visited the UT arena in Austin earlier this year. I don’t like that the Pilot is trying to imply something shady. 


    Why not travel together so that the meeting would be open to the public?  Only heightens people's suspicion that something under the table is happening here.  

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  3. I was in Norfolk this weekend to attend a funeral.  I walked around Downtown Norfolk Saturday night in the heat and humidity.  Downtown was hopping Saturday night will plenty of people walking up and down Granby St. , Main St. and Monticello Ave.    Norfolk has never looked better.  Instead of tearing down Scope how about giving the building along with Chrysler Hall a good scrubbing.  Its a shame that the building looks so dirty.   I do agree however that MacArthur was sad with little foot traffic.  The quality of stores has gone way down.  So I guess the glass is half full for Downtown Norfolk.  

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  4. Very excited about attending Harborfest for the first time in 23 years.  This will be my partner's first Harborfest and I hope it lives up to the hype that I have been telling him since we met 7 years ago.  In the meantime this photo is from the 1979 Harborfest parade of sail.  My Dad who has since passed was with me that afternoon to watch the Parade of Sail.  I really only wanted to go to see the Downtown Norfolk buildings.   My Dad knew I had very little interest in large sailing ships.  


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  5. Downtown is much more dense then it was in the late 70s.  Where McArthur Center stands today use to be 17 acres of parking lots.  The city had many failed plans for that parcel of land before they found success with MacArthur Center in the 90s.   

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  6. My partner and I will be going to Harborfest next month in Norfolk.  This will be his first Harborfest and my first one in about 20 years.  Found this photo on the NRHA website of the 1979 Harborfest Parade of Sail.  I was in attendance with my parents at the 1979 Harborfest.  This was before Town Point Park, Waterside,  the USS Wisconsin, Nauticus and Half Moon and Celebration Center.  The waterfront was mostly made up of gravel parking lots, abandoned warehouses and a interesting molasses tank which was remade into the Pagoda.  


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  7. 29 minutes ago, varider said:


    “In a deal predicted to bring more than 500 jobs and over $100 million in capital investment, the Lambert’s Point Docks property in Norfolk will become a maritime operations and logistics center to support local offshore wind, defense and transportation industries.”

    “This innovative redevelopment of Lambert’s Point Docks will make Hampton Roads a significant hub for the offshore wind industry. It will attract new businesses and serve existing ones in the region. We are pleased the facility will support current tenants, rail operations and the needs of industrial shippers,” said Kathleen Smith, vice president of business development and real estate at Norfolk Southern.”

    Great to see Norfolk maximizing its great industrial assets.  Isn't this part of Norfolk's Innovation Corridor?

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  8. Looks like they are going to keep the Mid Century Modern facade from 1961.  DC's old greyhound bus station was incorporated into a new office building some years ago.  Here is the way it looked many years ago and the facade today.  


    Greyhound bus station.jpg

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  9. This video is from the WAVY TV 10 Archive.  Its talking about redevelopment of the Church St. Brambleton Ave. corridor.  I remember when Church St. looked like this.  This predates the building of the US Post Office at the corner of Brambleton and Church St.   


  10. On 2/7/2022 at 1:54 PM, BFG said:

    I grew up in the church at the bottom of that map. The story I was told is that the church sold the lot to the city back in the 70s.

    The only time I remember any parking issues was on Sunday afternoons and maybe during Wednesday or Thursday night events. So for that reason I’m curious as to how this affects parking for two churches, even though it’s a pretty large lot. 

    The design looks pretty solid given the project. 

    I grew up in the Church right down Bute St. St. John's AME Church.  Real exciting what is happening to this part of Norfolk.  

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